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zelda 2 palace 7 map

The toughest enemies around (Mostly from Palaces 3-4) appear here, there are multiple dead ends, and supplies are extraordinarily limited. Head in a northerly direction following the shallows of the river. Keep it up, you are getting closer to the Great Palace! Within you’ll find a single red Bari, a Stalfos, and a Trap trapped in a narrow space. The curtains will then lower on the two, showing only their legs. Jump up the stairs and kill the Bots.

The major difference this time around is that there are skulls that you can use to destroy some of the enemies without invoking the Yomo Medusa’s wrath, which is useful given the close quarters of this room. Just beyond there’ll be a single Anti-fairy floating along and two Pull Lever on the far wall. Slash at them once to defeat them and continue to the left. This will completely replenish your magic. The next two rooms comprise a large circle, but you can only head through it in a clockwise fashion. Just below the statues protecting the Magical Warp Tile is a purple and orange flower called the Pikit; the Pikit hops around innocently enough, but it can unfurl a rather long tongue at you should you get too close to it. Watch out for the Pikit once you spawn; it can steal your Shield! So head south, hop into the water, and pull yourself back up the ladder so you can move west into a rather large room. Basically, I have everything in the game, save for the Cross and two obtainable Link Dolls (which I find in this very palace). Zelda II The Adventure of Link - Maze Palace (Level 4) [29] Home | Zelda II Palace Map Select | Prev Map | Next Map | Zelda II Palace Map Select | Prev Map | Next Map The cost is certainly steep—500 Rupees—but you absolutely need to have them. The Dark World swamp is not exactly a nice place to live, so do your best to hurry past to the Swamp Palace below. With the channel flooded, you can swim over the four unmovable blocks that used to block your path. Leap into the water and swim over to the small ladder leading out of the water on the left.

The credits will then begin to roll. Step onto the statue and Link will place the Crystal in its proper slot. At the far right end of this floor, you’ll find a Fairy, so jump into it to restore your health.

From the Witch’s Hut, you’ll want to head east. Grab the key he leaves behind and exit to the right. Follow the pathway to the right, defeating a number of enemies before reaching the palace boss, Horsehead. Lift up the giant rock and get rid of it.

There are two new ones to deal with though, both of them undefeatable.

Turn an immediate west, and after passing a Moblin and a few Taros, you’ll see a gap through the trees to the north with a blockade of bushes in front of it. This large room is essentially the center of the dungeon. It is possible to replace the four forced sequences with regular enemy encounters if you time your map movements properly.

You’ll pass by what would be Link’s House in the Light World; this is the Bomb Shop here. Battle through the enemies here and you’ll find a Point Bag worth 50 experience points, allowing you to level up and upgrade your health. It’s not necessary, but it’s a clever hack. Once you get to the northeast corner, bear east. Unfortunately, there’s an item that you will need before you can even successfully navigate the first room of the next dungeon. It is okay if you don’t get to the palace with maximum health and such. Again, head north through the door and you’ll find a solitary skull hiding a Small Key. Zelda II The Adventure of Link Map Select Palace Maps Home | Palace Maps | Town Maps | … But he’ll ask you to play it again for him. You’ll need to head back east, south, and then west to return back to the room with the Winder and Yomo Medusa. King Zora will pop out, and he’ll ask if you would like to buy the Zora’s Flippers. Set one against the wall, the explosion will create a new doorway. Without them, you won’t be able to swim in the deeper blue water. That item is the Flute.

Back in the Big Chest Room, you’ll want to jump off back into the water and then head upward, skirting the left side of the raised platform containing the Big Chest. Getting into the dungeon will be a bit tricky as just brashly entering the dungeon without a little prep work isn’t going to get you very far. Walk to the right of the elevator and through the locked door. The first Magic Container is located at the end of a cave southeast of North Castle.No items are required, but the Candle makes it much easier.. Magic container #2. Step Six With the water drained, leave the room and then head north. You’ll encounter some Tinsuits, who steal some of your experience points upon hitting you.

Follow the path northward to the lone forest square.

Step Nine Jump into the pool and swim to the left. Here in the Dark World, however, there is no bridge but instead a narrow strip of land blocking the flow of the river; this narrow isthmus is covered with a 3×3 square of posts blocking the way, and you can now use the Magic Hammer to squash these. Here you will find an enemy Goriya. Congratulations, you just beat one of the hardest Zelda titles to date, The Adventure of Link!

Green Zirro will also drop explosive seeds from on high, making them especially treacherous. While this one isn’t overly complicated, some of the later ones could leave you feeling disoriented, so check the map frequently to remind yourself of your location. The Hookshot will be extremely useful both here and beyond as you’ll not only be able to stun and deal damage to enemies from a distance (without the use of Arrows!) Provided you placed all six crystals in the palace statues, the force field will be lifted for the hero who accomplished such a monumental task. It’s time to go open that Big Chest, so it’s back to the Big Chest Room. 7.6 Enter the Swamp Palace; 7.7 Obtain the Map; 7.8 Retrieve the Compass; 7.9 Get the Big Key; 7.10 Grab the Hookshot; 7.11 Descend to the boss; 7.12 Defeat Arrghus; 7.1 Dig up the Flute. When you arrive, you will find a force field that will prevent anyone from entering. A Pikit will guard the northern sliver of land next to the Swamp Palace, so give it a decent berth as you head to the entrance.

Walk back to the elevator and ride it back down just one floor. However, you’ll be able to outrun both their fire and their stalking tendencies if you stay on the move.

Use the Magic Mirror to head back to the Light World and then bear south.

For some reason, the hit detection doesn’t work quite in your favor, and you might take damage if the game deposits the Arrgi slightly too close to you. Cross the gap to the north to the northern section of the dungeon. Use the Hammer again to pound the stakes down, and give that enemy some good clearance.

Afterward, open the locked door and get the palace item, the Candle. Red Zol will start to hop after you in a few seconds. You might be tempted to think that there’ll be some further connection running between the Light World and the Dark World here, but there isn’t. You’ll need to get the final Small Key from under the skull at the far right of the room. Follow the pathway eastward to the ocean and then head south down a narrow pathway. You’ll enter Zora’s Waterfall, and here you’ll just have to explore the world without a map. Jump off the platform you’re on into the water, head right and then up the staircase to open the chest. If you do so, Horsehead will back you into a corner. Home | Zelda II Palace Map Select | Prev Map | Next Map | Zelda II Palace Map Select | Prev Map | Next Map

You’ll want to continue heading north as far as you can, and eventually you’ll find a way that will allow you to head north off the screen  through the river. The island palace can be found here. ... Zelda 2 No Game Over Run - Episode 07 - The Hidden Palace of Three-Eyed Rock Jaimas. Locations:Parapa Palace, (Click image below to view a full-sized map of the Palace). Use the Shield spell if you are feeling cautious, and take on the Goriya before you grab your first Heart Container!

Head back east into the flooded room. Spells:Shield Spell.

With that performed, it’s time to exit the building. 1.1 Journey to Parapa PalaceProgress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Containers0/4Magic Containers 0/4Link Dolls 0/6Spells 0/8New in this section That will dump you off at the Witch’s Hut. If you kill it, it will drop the last item it swallowed up, but if you lose your shield and it consumes something else first, it’s gone, and you’ll have to go buy (and possibly upgrade) another one. This page has been accessed 98,480 times.

This item is used automatically, so don’t worry about having to select it. Map location key A: Great Palace a: Mountain Tunnel 1 b: Mountain Tunnel 2 1: Point Bag Changing fate. King Zora certainly does know how to make an entrance. Continue south, up the stairs, and then proceed east.

Zelda II The Adventure of Link - Overworld Labeled Map (Order Poster). So you can go forward knowing you just have the one world to focus on. This room has another Mace Thrower, as well as an Iron Knuckle, so it would be smart to use your Shield spell. Don't count on the journey to the Great Palace to be uneventful. Worst of all, you move about half as fast in swamp areas, making it even harder to reach the palace.

Head south through the door and continue all the way around, heading back north through the next door. Continue to the right and you’ll encounter a Mace Thrower.

Moreover, no keys appear in it normally; if you want to unlock the doors, you must either bypass them (with Fairy) or obtain the Magic Key from New Kasuto. You’re going to need those Rupees for a big upcoming purchase. Underneath the sole skull in this narrow channel is a Small Key. Equip the Flute and give it a whirl. There are three types of sequences that are very similar to one another. You’ll eventually encounter an enemy Stalfos, so simply crouch stab at its legs to defeat it. You can tell that there’s some sort of magic in it as, after you finish playing it, the energy will dissipate from the dog and will cause him to become an inanimate tree. This last part is actually to your benefit; without needing to hunt down keys, you can make excellent time - provided you don't fall into the series of traps that Palace 6 has in store.\r\rAnd the traps here are absolutely diabolical. Scroll to see map. Need to cross Hyrule in a hurry? “Wah ha ha! These are the more threatening of the enemies because they’re difficult to fully destroy; to kill them you need to hit them with a beam from the Ice Rod. The first room has a treasure chest containing Bombs just beyond three moveable blocks. These eight points are the specific drop-off points that the duck can take you. If you pause a moment in this room, you will notice that eel-like creatures called Pirogusu will be crawling out of the holes in the walls at the side of the room, descending and then swimming through the shallows just below you. To throw this Mechanical Lever, you’ll need to stand down and to the right of it and then push the lever to the left. Use the Magic Mirror, and you’ll land straight within the flock of animals surrounding the ghost of a boy playing a flute. The doorway you can see leads to a dead end, but there’s also a secret door beneath the waterfall that provides the way forward. This will drop you right outside of the building within the Great Swamp. You may have to deal with the enemies you’ve defeated again here and there, but likely as not you haven’t wandered too far away from these rooms to cause an enemy respawn. All of these can just generally be entirely avoided unless they get in the way. The flute is just to the north of the tree directly west of the dog. Link will return to the North Palace and use the power of all three Triforces to awaken Zelda from her deep slumber. What do you want, little man? We’re coming close to a good training area anyway, so don’t sweat it if you don’t.

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