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why did the army get rid of specialist ranks

You’ve learned how to pretend to be busy better than anyone else. Specialist will always remain the best rank in the Army simply because it’s the one and only time you can use all of the skills you’ve perfected up to this point. The insignia was changed to add a third rocker to match the other 1st grade rank, master sergeant. They go on details along with the privates. According to legend, U.S. Army Ranger specialists formed an unofficial, secretive organization in the 1970s. greater authority by ranking them as non-commissioned officers rather than You can only be a corporal in a few MOS's now. i think those clowns on top need to do away with the spec 4 and make them corporals and move on. Either way my point is, that the “shammers” will eventually not be paying attention to that wonderful jihad member sitting in a bush with an AK-47,RPK,and a couple IED’s and possibly a hit squad chilling not to far away with mortars and RPG’s waiting for the wonderful “shammer” to do what he does best and be complacent and get a whole squad,platoon,or even worst case company of Service Men and Women that were just moment’s before counting down the days till they get to go home and hold their loved ones in their arms, pick up their child for the first time, or the 100th time, or just simply come home. Yeah and my points to E5 were at 995 right after my promotion. Turns out it was total bullshit: the combat support/service support … I am still serving as a DoD civlian after 25 years in the Army. It’s interesting that when I was in I was a career Specialist because I enlisted with a degree. Currently, very few soldiers are made Corporal; most go from Private First Class to Specialist to Sergeant. It would be hugely beneficial for the technical MOSes of the ARMY If the ARMY could be more wage competitive with the civilian side. Different military As such, the service is making strides in growing its capacity to meet and defend against attacks on military networks. I also was a ‘Specialist or Spec 4 as they say, I couldn’t agree more ! Today, both specialist (the highest junior enlisted rank) and corporal (the lowest NCO rank) share the same pay grade. I always responded with ” E-4 is the best rank in the US Army. It is the It needs to bring individuals into the ranks who already possess the technical capabilities and aptitude the cyber realm demands --- hobbyists and corporate practitioners alike. These were proficiency grades for those that knew their MOS and didn’t want to push troops but do their jobs, kept their noses clean and showed up when they were requested to. The Corporal is used as a junior NCO (Non Commissioned Officer), which means while they are still an E4; they are given all the respect and responsibility of an NCO. … The same is true for the corps of noncommissioned officers. They actually are. © 2020 Hirepurpose. I served Sep74 to Aug76, somehow got out with my NCOIC thinking enough of me to get me an ARCOM. But that standard slowly bleeds over into their dicipline that was hopefully (at least used to be) implanted into them by the former Drill Sgt’s,but now just E-6’s and E-7’s baby-sitting in basic training. But alas life got in the way. Every month on my counceling statement my E-5 wrote,”Specialist Pardue has not signed up or volunteered to go to PLDC” (primary leadership development course). All rights reserved. one is considered NCO and has more duties, while a specialist isn't (in most cases and MOSs). paralleled the standing pay grade of the time with a Technician 5th Grade being Thanks for serving. force of tradesmen that specialized in varying fields of service. I called it pulling a fast one on uncle sam! Missed it by one.I also speak 2 languages English and Arabic. There was no way up but it was great. i guess there is no more ‘lifer’ chants since all are volunteers. Certainly, some problems may come up with a parallel enlisted rank system. of a journeyman in their respective field. Most of the specialists I knew were E-4 & E-5. No one gets away with more than I. I am a non Non-Commissioned Officer, a beast of burden. A specialist should stand at parade rest when talking to a corporal even though they are the same pay grade. The essential You think that was not hard work. I will use my grade and position to avoid responsibility, accountability and any sense of presence of mind. Pat, Structure of the School of Socialism: Ranks of the... A Brilliant Deception: The RAF and the Case of th... Thunderstreak Down! These duties allowed them to travel to all U.S. camps in theater. If he or she didn’t want to be a sergeant, or frankly couldn’t do the job, then they could continue on, benefit from increasing pay grades due to time in service and performance, and stick to the job they wanted to do without promotion into management. It’s worth it. • #2. at about 90 days out from ets I had that E4 short timers disease…..and it was great! I graduated from the school after one year and was promoted to SP5. I’m an officer who has been in ten years and is just about to finish my obligation to the Army. So why can't the Army eliminate one of them? (U.S. Army Reserve photo by Master Sgt. A Specialist receives an automatic raise to their basic pay every one to two years. Second, soldiers who want to remain in their job and stay junior enlisted can do so while the Army can keep their experience in the ranks.

That was most likely the original Spec 4 Mafia, but during the 1990s, a new mafia was born. privledges and bolster the prestige of the Non-Commissioned Officer Corps.

The correct way to address a Specialist named Mr. Rodriguez is It’s the best thing that ever happened to me….lol….. (of course, I’m ETSing in a year and a half, I might feel differently if I was staying in, so I think I prove someone else’s point)…. Same pay grade, same respect, but two very different positions and mentalities. A specialist is an Enlisted Soldier at DoD paygrade E-4, with a starting monthly pay of $2,263. Over the years it has been chopped down to the Chicken Corporal. I feel that if you (unlike those whom were drafted) you joined willingly and to your left and right there is a brother,sister,husband,mother,father,wife,son, or daughter that YOU as an E-1 all the way up to a E-9 are charged to do your best to exceed every standard, commit to every United State Flag wearing, ruck sack carrying, riflemen and riflewoman, to at least DO the best that is possible to bring every single SOLDIER that rucked up,stood up and walked onto that C17 or C130 and flew into Iraq or Afganistan to serve their country proudly and come home as hero’s. But with any technical field, it takes time to train someone up to be effective. The Bear in the East: The Group of Soviet Forces i... Marianne's Vanguard: Forces Françaises en Allemagn... Gowen Militaria East German Militaria Specialists, Collect Russia: Soviet & Russian Military Specialists, GermanDotMilitaria: German Military Collectibles, Moore Militaria: Vietnam & Early 1960s U.S. Military Uniform Surplus, Tranchee Militaire: French Military Surplus, Forces 80: Dedicated to the British Forces of the 1980s, British Cold War Living History Group: BF80, 23 PFA: A Living History Group dedicated to the British Army 23rd Parachute Field Ambulance unit, Cold War Provost: Royal Military Police in the Cold War, Crusader 80: British Army of the Rhine Living History Group, 5th Airborne Brigade: A British Army Living History Group dedicated to 5 Airborne Brigade, ACE Living History Group: Dedicated to 1 (UK) Ind Recce Tp AMF(L), 20th Century Revisited Living History Group, The 9th Company: A Soviet/Warsaw Pact Reenactment Group, Berlin Brigades: A website dedicated to the American & British Brigades in Cold War Berlin, Napoleon's Quarter: A Page to French Forces in Berlin (In French), National Federation of French Veterans in Germany & Austria (In French), WWII Memoirs: A blog from a WWII Collector (In Portuguese), Cold War Warrior: A Legacy of Technology, Economics, and Strategy, Freedom's Outpost: A U.S. Berlin Brigade Website, Berlin Brigade Blog: US Berlin Brigade Blog, Third Reich Ruins: Tracing Nazi Era Ruins in Post-War Germany, Ghosts of the Past: Former East German & Soviet Military Sites, Forum DDR Grenze: East German Grenztruppen, German Uniforms & Equipment (Netherlands based Site), Uniforms & Equipment of the Grenztruppen der DDR (In German), United States Cold War Museum: Official Website, The Welsh Guards Collection (British Army), German-Russian Museum Berlin-Karlshorst Official Website, Allied Museum Berlin Official Website (In German), Western Allies In Berlin Website (In German), Berlin 1969: A website dedicated to life in Berlin in 1969, Official Website of the German Embassy in Washington DC. You’ve learned how to sleep standing up.

I do remember the jumping, hundred mile an hour taping, and forcing beer down E-1 thru E-3 throats. I lost my “P Status” when my PT Card info didn’t get updated on my ERB.

Most of the Specialists I knew, especially SP5s, were very interested in learning and doing their job well. Any stray Private or NCO who didn’t have “back-up” would be gang tackled, duct taped to a cot and decorated with shaving cream. But who cares about corporal, you need to be working on SGT and become a full NCO. Love the article! The Spec 5s I knew were the most likable guys and when they turned SGT … they started stressing & being jerks. path of an enlisted man to that of a Non-Commissioned Officer. The Rhino Den Guide to Avoiding Workplace Violence, America’s Veterans: What It Means To Be Part of the .45%, The Curious Case of Staff Sergeant Parsons, Fast Food Workers and the Slow Death of Hard Work. He is right about a lot of the Spec 4s being lazy, and figuring ways to get around their jobs. Got more respect then a hard stripe e-5..there was alot of acting jack 5.s at the time.At Least with the top rocker over the bird,you knew I earned my rank. Years ago, the hierarchy of ranks looked a little different: it went private first class, then corporal, then sergeant. by all Non-Commissioned Officers from Corporal through to Sergeant Major. He also told me that at that time, Specialists were regarded as enlisted versions of Warrant Officers. Funny article and maybe true today (partly true in my day.) In formal situations, a Specialist should always be addressed by their full rank. Together the arrows and olive branch symbolize pay scale was back to how it originally was prior to the 1958 changes.

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