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what has poland contributed to the world

We were the ones that brought the curry to India and we are much older than bloody Spain! Russia contributed to the development of the world's science. To try to achieve economic stability, the postcommunist government introduced an approach known as “shock therapy,” which sought both to control inflation and to expedite Poland’s transition to a market economy. Guess what?

In postcommunist Poland, as private businesses proliferated, a small number of people became wealthy, and a middle class composed of entrepreneurs and urban professionals emerged. The father of Mechanics who inspired Newton.P.S. Today, we celebrate the feast day of Pope St. John Paul II, whose pontificate was the third-longest ever and who was canonized just nine years after … Heck, they even discovered America (Et fin, Leif Erickson)and ruled most of England, Behind Italy, Greece, United Kingdom, United States and all of the above...It's so unfair, we discovered America first, we have a viking culture, we are one of the travelers in Europe. The German government has claimed that its duty to compensate Poland was denounced in the 1950s but insists that it continues to stand by its …
If they haven't won the war 500 years ago, the Portuguese would have never sail south to Africa and begin the slave trade, and, most importantly, the Spanish would have never sail West to the Americas. Crime, drug use, and corruption also increased, but such problems are not uncommon elsewhere in Europe. The king Puru is from India. Once all Mongolians used to be shaman. It was one of the first centralized states as we think of a centralized state today - Egypt, Mesopotamia, Syria and India being the others. As well as this on the subject of the revolution which was British migrants fighting British migrants to disband from their own country and roots which makes no sense to me- the Empire didn't lose a thing to the will be Americans when I look back at history, instead it had other problems like an on going conflict with the French and Spanish ...more, Spain started the slave trade and most of it went to Spanish colonies and Brazil and the Caribbean. The Ancient Chinese managed to unify many lands and people together and as time went on, this got more stable and bigger.It also affected directly most of Asia. The united states of america still treated darker skinned people as slaves until the 1960's onwards and first act of independence was the systematic genocide of the native american people - and they call themselves the home of liberty and freedom - I can't believe they are even in the top 10.Despite the huge influence of the British Empire it would not have come about ...more. The privatization of larger enterprises was more complicated. Without us 900 Million would not be Christians as they are today! If the Europeans and the Americans had not attacked China, and if China was a part of the Industrial Revolution, China would be way stronger than America now. Lol Well, not many people know that Olivetti, an Italian computer company, made it for the Americans.The problem with Italians is that, contrarily to Americans and British, they keep humble and mute when they discover something (actually, they do not care).Despite these facts, my vote goes to England for the contribution given to nowadays' technology, which is my field of expertise. Now, it's looking to rebuild a NEW Ottoman Empire under Erdogan, I don't know if ultra conservative Erdogan will be able to pull it off though. In the Middle Ages, the Holy Roman Emperors moved to Vienna, then Austria became separate. They had the highest percentage of the world's population, and were the first superpower. The German government has claimed that its duty to compensate Poland was denounced in the 1950s but insists that it continues to stand by its moral and financial duties to the victims of the war.
Poland also has important deposits of metallic minerals such as zinc and is a major world producer of copper and silver. Germany is often seen as the defacto head of the EU and its one of Poland's trade partners and NATO allies. Many economic and political historians consider the Dutch East India Company as the most valuable, powerful and influential corporation in the world history. All of East-Asian modern history owes it's roots to Japan. India is a country where there is humanity. Or well, Amsterdam. I am a proud Chinese. This was a huge point in history that literally changed the world and among the most important. A Division of NBCUniversal. England/Britain has invented world-changing things such as: television, trains, discovery of DNA, football, rugby, cricket, tennis, golf, the telephone, the first police force, underground travel system, the internet... We gave the world the English language; America has to contend with just having a bad accent. The UK, United Kingdom, was over a decade the world's most powerful Empire. Not American.So to think some little idiotic retards are that stupid to think America. Unfortunatelly, Spain has contributed scarcely to Science... Maybe in forthcoming centuries! Albert Einstein said: We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made.Mark Twain said: India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. On the other hand, about one-fifteenth of electricity generated in Poland was exported. It is really weird to vote USA on top or England on second. The Turks effectively controlled all of Asia, Northern Africa, and half of Europe. As Poland became increasingly integrated into the global economy during the mid-1990s, about half its agricultural exports went to the EU. Spain influence in America (from North to South), good or bad (probably both) is indubitable. Home of the great people of england, wales, scotland and northern ireland - inventors of the modern world and pretty much our entire way of modern life and everything we take for granted. However terrible deeds which may have been committed during the time of the Empire, their influence on today's society is remarkable. This were the Islam started and there is no were like it in the world. On September 1, 1939, German forces under the control of Adolf Hitler bombard Poland on land and from the air. I am proud of my country for its ancient heritage. Anyone with some knowledge of history and western civilization knows that Spain is in the top 5.

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