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wedgemount falls

})(document, 'script', '//'); We rent complete hiking, snowshoeing and camping kits. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); One of the defining features of Garibaldi Park, and Wedgemount Lake in particular, is the staggering number of branching hikes from the main destination of the lake itself.

Located just 20 minutes south of Whistler, Brandywine Falls is just off of the Sea to Sky Highway.

Structure: Telephoto views are easily obtained, while some partially obscured trailside views can be had from the Wedgemount Lake Trail.

Garibaldi Park now allows wilderness camping! Perfect for ... We rent Osprey Atmos & Aura AG 65 backpacks.


It then flows out of Joffre Lakes Provincial Park and runs along parallel to the Sea to Sky Highway for several kilometres to Lillooet Lake.

At the fork, go right and follow the dirt road for a couple of kilometers to the parking lot. Vancouver Trails about local hiking information, events, deals on By ... Such a perfect way to enjoy the sun rising over the not-so-distant glacier across the lake.

Note that the parking is not located at the... Finding the trail was a bit of a challenge.

[4] Most weather fronts originate in the Pacific Ocean, and travel east toward the Coast Mountains where they are forced upward by the range (Orographic lift), causing them to drop their moisture in the form of rain or snowfall.

In all Wedgemount Lake has 20 of these tent areas.

The Trash Trail runs along the other side of Cheakamus River and runs along the edge of the top of the falls and quite a nice view of them.

Wedgemount Lake is one of the most spectacular hikes in Garibaldi Park.

Gallery   Contact The steepness of the trail doesn't require any technical skill, however that last kilometre before the lake you will be scrambling on all fours quite a bit.

The trailhead is along Alta Lake Road on the far side of Alta Lake, just down and across from Rainbow Park. Despite the distance, you will hear it loud and clear and occasionally get a great, though distant, view of it. Hiking in Whistler in October is often unexpectedly stunning.

Located between Middle Joffre Lake and Upper Joffre Lake, Holloway Falls is a wide, crashing torrent of white water emerging from the forest and rushing past the trail. Wedgemount Lake is one of the most spectacular hikes in Garibaldi Park.

Alexander Falls is certainly one of the nicest spots for a picnic in Whistler. Keeping to the trail and even finding the trailhead would be nearly impossible without the help of Cirque Falls and Cirque Creek. We have the best quality and highest rated hiking gear on the market, and bring it to you at unbeatable prices. There are multiple ways of approaching the summit.

BC , All Gear Rentals

[3] Wedgemount Falls seen from the hike to Wedgemount Lake

The beautiful, green water rushes through the deep and angular channels of rock. The left side and middle, you rule out quickly as they are both too steep and the impenetrable wall of the rainforest looks uninviting. }); $item.removeClass('straightDown'); Wedgemount Falls below Rethel Mountain; Looking back during the final climb

This part can be seen from the valley, appearing to be a steep rock-covered slope... which it is, or is it.

Though it is a relentlessly exhausting, steep hike, it is mercifully short at only 7 kilometres (one way).

The distance between the roadside vantage points and the falls will make haze an issue, so you'll want a polarizer and a tripod. This is approximately the halfway point and perhaps the perfect opportunity for a break.

If close views were available, this waterfall would prove to be VERY interesting.
Another route that can be taken without such tools is the South face. $item.outerWidth(Math.floor($container.width() / $cols)); The first 15 minutes takes you into the deep forest and then across Wedgemount Creek. There are pit toilets at the parking lot and near the BCMC Hut next to Wedgemount Lake. Joffre Lakes Provincial Park is a beautiful and popular park, well known for its brilliantly, glacier coloured lakes.

Keep in mind that it is a day-use only parking area and camping or campfires are prohibited. The Train Wreck side of the river has multiple viewpoints of Train Wreck Falls that are considerably more beautiful.

The cabin, located at the North end of the lake, is at approximately 1,920 m (6,299 ft) feet. The more direct way is a knife-edge ridge called the Northeast Arete, which leads more or less directly to the summit, requiring a full complement of winter mountaineering equipment. Located between Middle Joffre Lake and Upper Joffre Lake, Holloway Falls is a wide, crashing torrent of white water emerging from the forest and rushing past the trail.

Solidly built, wooden tent platforms are everywhere you look at Wedgemount Lake.. It costs the same as it does to camp at Garibaldi Lake, Taylor Meadows, Helm Creek, Cheakamus Lake, Singing Creek, Russet Lake, Wedgemount Lake, Elfin Lakes & Rampart Ponds. Read more

You will be able to see Wedgemount Falls around the 5 kilometre mark along the trail.

Our complete kits for one or two people consist of everything you need to hike in Whistler except clothes, food and water! Turn left and drive for a few hundred meters to a fork in the road. Compared with other Whistler hikes, Wedgemount Lake is half the roundtrip distance of either Black Tusk or Panorama Ridge, for example, at 13.5 kilometres and 15 kilometres respectively (one way).

This part can be seen from the valley, appearing to be a steep rock-covered slope... which it is, or is it.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); At a fast hiking pace you can reach Wedgemount Lake from the trailhead in just an hour and a half but at a leisurely or backpack laden pace you will likely take over two hours. The sheltered valley, beautiful turquoise lake, wonderfully huge glacier across the valley and brutally jagged mountains all around all contribute to making Wedgemount Lake something special. Each lake gets progressively more beautiful and impossibly turquoise from one to the next. The elevation gain in that short distance is over 1200 metres which makes it a much steeper hike than most other Whistler hiking trails.

The wonderful, though very short trail winds through a beautiful old growth forest to get to the base of the falls.

The picnic areas are numerous, the surrounding forest is gorgeous and wild and Alexander Falls crashes loud and beautiful in the background. I

Read more Mount Meager erupted 2400 years ago and filled the valley with debris that cemented into rock that blocked Lillooet River. if($container.width() <= '480'){ $item = $('.isotope-item') The first 15 minutes takes you into the deep forest as you run along Wedgemount Creek. $container.isotope({

The falls will be visible across the valley approximately 10 km beyond Alpine Meadows as you are heading towards Green River on Highway 99. s.async = true; var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; (function($){


Across Wedgemount Lake from the cabin is the glacier, and above that the summit.

Nearing the final section, you’ll make your way through winter avalanche paths that usually show evidence of a lively season. More hiking information for Wedgemount Lake click here.. Buying hiking gear is expensive, time consuming and confusing. All content, photos and gps data are © 2007 - 2020

The days are much shorter and colder but the mountains are alive with colour from the fall ... November in Whistler is when the temperatures plummet and the first heavy snow falls in the alpine and often in Whistler Village.

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