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warsaw pact countries

[143] These buildings, such as the Paneláks of Czechoslovakia and Panelház of Hungary, contained cramped concrete apartments that broadly lined Eastern Bloc streets, leaving the visitor with a "cold and grey" impression. C (The First Shots), paragraphs 56–57 (p. 20)", "Chapter II. Apartment rent on average amounted to only 1 percent of the family budget, a figure which reached 4 percent when municipal services are factored in. [85], Stalin ordered the conversion of the Cominform into an instrument to monitor and control the internal affairs of other Eastern Bloc parties. In 1975, the number of scientific personnel in the USSR amounted to one-fourth of the total number of scientific personnel in the world. Share what’s outside your window and all around you. Soviet authorities attempted to erase Polish history and culture, Trela-Mazur, Elzbieta, Soviet authorities regarded service for the pre-war Polish state as a "crime against revolution", During the initial Soviet invasion of Poland, between.

The Warsaw Pact consisted of Russian and Seven Eastern European countries. Yes but tries it best to account for the definition of an urban area for every single country in the world!

Even before the Eastern Bloc's last years, all of the countries in the Warsaw Pact did not always act as a unified bloc. Ludwig Greven "Und dann ging das Tor auf", in Die Zeit, 19 August 2014. This alliance was established in 1955 and was signed by the Soviet Union and nations in Eastern Europe. In 1980, the Soviet Union took first place in Europe and second worldwide in terms of industrial and agricultural production, respectively. [241] While Soviet housing construction rates were high, quality was poor and demolition rates were high, in part because of an inefficient building industry and lack of both quality and quantity of construction materials. The Warsaw Pact, made up of Central and Eastern European countries, was meant to counter the threat from the NATO countries.

[177], Inefficient bureaucracies were frequently created, with for instance, Bulgarian farms having to meet at least six hundred different plan fulfillment figures. Eventually, seven countries came together to form the Warsaw Pact: Albania (until 1968) Bulgaria Czechoslovakia East Germany (until 1990) Hungary Poland Romania The Soviet Union [176] Albania, which had remained strongly Stalinist in ideology well after de-Stalinisation, was politically and commercially isolated from the other Eastern Bloc countries and the west. [64] As a young communist was told in East Germany, "it's got to look democratic, but we must have everything in our control". [147] Housing size varied considerably across time, especially after the oil crisis in the Eastern Bloc; for instance, 1990-era West German homes had an average floor space of 83 square metres (890 sq ft), compared to an average dwelling size in the GDR of 67 square metres (720 sq ft) in 1967. This included the Political Consultative Committee and the Combined Command of Pact Armed Forces. They are listed here together with the year of their founding and their respective ruling parties. [217] However, Western tourists were generally free to move about in Hungary, Poland and Yugoslavia and go where they wished. [115] In 1922, after the Treaty on the Creation of the USSR, both the Ukrainian SSR and the Russian SFSR issued general rules for travel that foreclosed virtually all departures, making legal emigration impossible.

The two Germanies, divided politically, remained united by language (although with two political systems, some terms had different meanings in East and West). toothbrushes) from which East German citizens again benefited.

[282][283] It was the largest escape movement from East Germany since the Berlin Wall was built in 1961.

[234] However, during that period the total number of dwellings increased. [59] Stalin eventually was convinced by Churchill and Roosevelt not to dismember Germany. [234], The employment of socialist ideology in housing policy declined in the 1980s, which accompanied a shift in authorities looking at the need of residents to an examination of potential residents' ability to pay. [212] The resulting drinking water became so polluted in Hungary that over 700 villages had to be supplied by tanks, bottles and plastic bags. [112] While it did not repudiate Comecon, it took no significant role in its operation, especially after the rise to power of Nicolae Ceauşescu. [193] Hard foreign currencies were highly sought after, while highly valued Western items functioned as a medium of exchange or bribery in Stalinist countries, such as in Romania, where Kent cigarettes served as an unofficial extensively used currency to buy goods and services. Interesting how the largest city on any other list is considerably smaller than the smallest on the Asian list. "[127] About 10% were refugee migrants under the Geneva Convention of 1951.

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