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viili yogurt nutrition

As with Fil Mjölk, no special incubators or sterile jars are needed. We have still been buying some natural yogurt through Azure that most of us eat. Viili’s characteristic texture is the result of naturally present, beneficial yeasts and lactic-acid producing bacteria - it’s also what makes long viili amongst the most famous of mesophilic yogurts! This Viili starter came from Finland and is almost a century old and is still going strong! Instructions Combine the viili … Ingredients 1 pint whole milk, non-homogenized 1 teaspoon of dehydrated Finnish viili starter culture (mine is from Yemoos, love it!) HOW TO MAKE FINNISH VIILI YOGURT. I would have to make a lot of jars of the viili to have enough for the whole family! Mostly David eats it, though. A Traditional Cultured Milk Product From Finland Viili is a cultured milk product with origins from Finland. Viili Yogurt Starter Culture. The box of Viili Yogurt Culture came with two culture packets which put my mind at ease a bit, knowing that if I botched something somewhere there was a backup at the ready. The viili yogurt is a bit different than bulgarian, which is a more traditional yogurt. or 1-2 tablespoons of previously made viili yogurt.

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