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vagabond kdrama ending

I dropped Vagabond after episode 4 because I was absorbed with Camellia. Vagabond has official IG account .. @drama_vagabond. Lee Min Ho Rambah Hollywood, Deretan Artis Asia yang akan Bermain di Drama Pachinko, Kapan Tayang? It’s a disgrace to their culture and a false representation. Drama tersebut ditutup dengan Go Hae Ri tidak mengetahui bahwa Cha Dal Gun masih hidup. VB should be put to bed finito done and dusted.

They keep doing it a little more though :'(. I recalled watching this drama when it first came out. TvN statement seemed to indicate they are not keen on AC season 2, is there anything actually confirming it?(. So I don’t think Netflix created the poor plot without an ending! I dont know why but in Suzy’s dramas, I cannot finished watching the entire drama. It has got to do with Netflix for sure. I dropped at certain point.

Drives me crazy! Lee Seung Gi who took the main lead has shown his martial skills and athletic skills in this drama . I am so glad i dropped it after episode 2! So this was the ending??? Why not kill off her character? I hope korean doesnt think western trend is the way.

Ending Drama Korea Vagabond Menggantung Ada Kemungkinan Season 2? Netflix has the most swearing in their subtitles than any other website I’ve watched Korean dramas on. If season 2 really come about, I’ll be really surprise, like really. I love your comment, especially that last line! Instead, i hope koreans set their own standards in their own shows. I don’t know who needs to be informed but for us western fans one of the main reasons we got attracted to kdramas was/is because we are sick of American and for me even Spanish television. Proses produksinya memakan waktu 11 bulan, dan jika Anda menghitung periode perencanaan, itu jauh lebih lama dari itu," sumber dari Celltrion Entertainment melansir OSEN. ' So did he get his revenge/justice or not? ... Will watch Vagabond tonight. Remember how mad we all were at many other dramas with genuinely terrible endings, some ruining otherwise ok fare and others creating a conclusion in line with how bad that drama was already. Don’t have time to read a full recap? Akankah ada kemungkinan drama Korea Vagabond Season 2? The drama is quite good and is almost on par with the above mentioned dramas.

Lee Seung Gi: Saya Tidak Yakin TRIBUNKALTIM.CO - Drama Korea ( drakor ) Vagabond akhirnya tamat, namun penonton drama Korea yang diperankan oleh Lee Seung Gi dan Suzy ini menganggap ending Vagabond … Your email address will not be published. Others may have too. This is awful news. So maybe there’s no happy ending? I will like to know how it ends and not wait for my grandkids to come tell me how the story continues on the nursing home while I wait to die!!! Airing on Netflix does not mean it’s produced by Netflix. We update as the episodes air. I made a promise to myself that I will punish Vagabond part 2 by not watching it….until 5 years later????? But I’m liking CDG already. The production team also shared that a season 2 is not confirmed. No, we don’t want to watch the same story line for years, if so we would’ve stuck to american television. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I thought it was SBS who wants Netflix to acquire VB. It had no closure whatsover. Do not westernized the ending,like GOT. Instead, im immersed in Tale of Nokdu. I have no regrets for Watching this drama. TRIBUNKALTIM.CO - Drama Korea ( drakor ) Vagabond akhirnya tamat, namun penonton drama Korea yang diperankan oleh Lee Seung Gi dan Suzy ini menganggap ending Vagabond menggantung. And the ending also like didn’t left any questions at all. Lol. Um hello. SBS Fri-Sat night drama Vagabond wins the prize and at this point I can’t decide which much anticipated by my drama I hate more – Vagabond or Arthdal Chronicles. He said he doesn’t know whether they continue this journey or not. @candycane I got a headache from episode 16 but as long they shelve any thought of a season 2 we’ll be fine. Oh god, give me back 16 plus hours of my life and also people need to be fired for this one. @Mayra – do you want to try watching Japanese dramas instead? In my experience most kdrama does not have a good ending or even has the worst ending just like vagabond. Please, Netflix, wake up and listen. It wasn’t great but think about it this way: they both wan to go after Edward Park but the path that each took put them against each other. It’s already perfect, not as short as a movie, but I don’t have watch it year after year as they mess up the story line eventually. Viewership ratings and links to full episode recaps are included at the end of each summary. Eventhough, I do like the other actors… I am waiting for the time that a great writer as well as on point acting of her would come soon….

And the fans have been asking for more of the show, Vagabond Season 2. I’m waiting for second season of MOA.

Very underrated. The ending was such a letdown. But what is more annoying is the uncertainty of a season 2 to explain who is black sun, who is axis and many more questions. Netflix is messing it up! Hahahahahahahaha.

MOA/AC/Vagabond. Ini Bocorannya, • Drama Korea Vagabond Segera Tamat, Stove League jadi Pengganti Drakor Lee Seung Gi dan Suzy. ARE YOU F—KING KIDDING ME? Love alarm had just announced season 2. Vagabond, AC, Nemories of Alhambra etc are productions that were live aired in Korea on an actual tv channel but only simulcast on Netflix, it needs SBS or tvN’s go-ahead to make a season 2 and not Netflix. I stayed to the end more out of curiosity then anything else. I’m in the zone while watching VB, but the conclusion end up nothing..there should be a season 2. It seems a habit of most Korean writers not to have a fabulous or happy ending in there stories.

Done with a)) the sex (almost x rated scenes), drugs, drug lords and prostitutes story lines, the glorification of murderers etc, plus so much political correctness, “let’s make sure every show has one white, one black, one Hispanic and one Asian, oh wait let’s not forget one gay, one lesbian, a transgender and a binary”. I love kdramas cause we have ending, we have closure. AC as well if I’m not mistaken. I waste my money for this drama Well, here is what happened in around 500 words or less in every episode of Vagabond. Your email address will not be published. Those writers for VB need to go on a retreat somewhere far far away to recharge and relearn how to write an engaging script from start to finish and to get smacked with the naughty stick for dragging me through the mud and doing a bash and dash on me with their dumb as lazy written ending. At least I tried to see it through kinda like being on a full roller coaster ride and getting to the end and you’re the only one still seated. I’ll put kdramas on the shelf for now and just watch kpop on YouTube. Vagabond is full of action and has a very unpredictable scenes you will definitely get shocked with it's twists. Sad! That does sound like nuclear bad ending! The actors don’t have much say on the storyline. Omg i see the same thing. And if the truth be known I was keen to follow Tae Yoo who was Jerome on VB OMG that guy is a scene stealer so I wasn’t in pain all the time. Some delusional vagabond fans think there will be season 2 so they’re okay with the ending. Especially in disney shows. I’ve watched tons of dramas and this one HAS to be one of worst, open ended finishes EVER. It absolutely must have been the setup for season two,or the writer must hate drama fans. Just heard Goo Hara has been found dead in breaking news. Vagabond is one of the best action Korean series that I've watched. The ending was the first scene of the drama with Lee Seung Gi in some desert sting operation getting ready to sniper someone who turns out to be Suzy. Lol.

Required fields are marked *. I’m superstitious as well so Lee Seung Gi and Suzy are forbidden from EVER working together again because both times have been bombs and each does much better (for the most part) when not in the same vicinity. Ini Bocorannya, Drama Korea Vagabond Segera Tamat, Stove League jadi Pengganti Drakor Lee Seung Gi dan Suzy, Jam Tayang Start Up, Drakor Suzy dan Nam Joo Hyuk Episode 4 Malam Ini, Ji Pyeong Tetap Bantu Do San, Rambah Hollywood, Lee Min Ho Dapat Peran Utama di Pachinko, Adu Akting dengan Bintang Fast & Furious. It’s the Koreans who do themselves in, not Netflix. But just in case you want to lighten up your mood again, rewatch his beautiful lady transformation (ep 1 to 4) as I always do whenever I feel sad.

The story was so so so interesting. I don’t want to watch a whole other season about the same thing-I just want one more episode showing them catching Samuel and them becoming a couple <3. Unless it’s exclusively produced by Netflix like the kingdom.

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