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thexan lightsaber

Sakurafire , 09:23 AM Eye color Both of them were sensitive to the Force, and were able to use it very effectively in combat. The idea I had was that this Knight of Zakuul infiltrator encountered Orgus Din during the Great War and battled him.

2011, That did the trick! I plan to use the same crystal too, probably. But we know that Zakuul sent infiltrators into the wider galaxy before they made themselves known.
This page is not meant to keep you from following the link you've clicked on. Fan Site. Brightburn felt appropriate as it's supposed to be a reference to a person whose heart burns bright with a passionate, valorous light.

14 January 2016 @ How does it sound? Its got one of the best ignigtion sounds in game (makes the whoosh not a ping) which at least to me more then makes up for it being a little too long (like forearm length). She is intended to be my Hero of Tython, my Outlander, et cetera. Just to give the different range of ignition sounds that are available. The twins and their younger sister, Vaylin, ignored their mother, but their father ignored them as well when they were children. I actually haven't though up a whole lot about my character's background. The Arcann lightsaber is a single-bladed yellow lightsaber wielded the human male Arcann in the Old Republic era of Star Wars Legends. If you look at the final model and the rendering of the internals, you can see that the neck is pinched by way of a cut-off section on each side, as if the 'saber body has been sliced along it's length to remove that ovaloid section, mirrored down it's length.
And super happy that you're super happy about it! Willow Gallant Cartel Market, Direct Purchase, Lightsaber, LSSL58, Moddable, Weapons, [cgview id=2891 num=150 orderby=title order=asc size=145×145 quality=100 lightbox=0], [cgview id=2123 num=150 orderby=title order=asc size=145×145 qualtity=100 lightbox=0], Kiri New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Learn how your comment data is processed. He was the son of Emperor Valkorion and Senya Tirall, and fought many battles on the Eternal Empire's behalf. #5 Thexan’s Lightsaber. 13 October 2015 @ 2258, Raansu Prefab, War Supplies, & Dark Project Crafting, Revanite, Deciever, and Dark Reaver Armor, Dogfighter's / Wingman's Starfighter Pack, Assault on Tython - Empire - Veteran Mode, Assault on Tython - Republic - Veteran Mode, Korriban Incursion - Empire - Veteran Mode, Korriban Incursion - Republic - Veteran Mode.

For my Twi'lek Knight, she started out with the Rectified Brawler's Armor, as she wanted something more protective than standard robes while still being flexible, then switched to the Badlands Explorer set after Act II, going for a fresh start for her redemption. Get up to 70% off best selling video games. It's a Zakuul design, so justifying the use of it ICly is a bit tricky, at least during the Jedi Knight's class story. Arcann and Thexan eventually returned to Valkorion, presenting lightsabers of both Jedi and Sith as trophies of their successes in battle. She also primarily wore white to contrast her red skin, to distance herself from her mother, who was Darth Imperius. 1804. Orgus won the fight by burying the Knight of Zakuul under tonnes of rock, either by collapsing a cave tunnel like he did on Tython after the encounter with Callef, or by causing a rockslide. Sorry, I’m new to the game and couldn’t find the answer anywhere.

Thexan and his twin brother Arcann were born as princes to Valkorion, and trained from a very early age in combat. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 27 April 2017 @ This was the first moddable item I purchased. Thexan Robes and Lightsaber Previews from Collections. Thexan glanced at his brother with a look of resignation, and the light of the dark side faded from Arcann's eyes as he realized what he had done. Species Sweet - those look pretty good. Cartel Market / GTN. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. , 09:14 AM

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