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the sisters summary

My reading mountain is alarmingly huge!! August 13th 2015

It quickly becomes apparent that the all main characters are hiding dark secrets. When she meets Bea, who looks like Abi's sister, and Bea is also a twin, they strike up a friendship that at first is magical. [ “The Sisters” is part of Joyce’s canonical short story collection, Dubliners. This is an utterly gripping psychological thriller. Father Flynn suffers from paralyzing strokes and eventually dies, but his deterioration, epitomized by his laughing frenzy in a confessional box, also hints that he was mentally unstable. I am going to be truthful, I selected ‘The Sisters’ purely due to its great jacket and a tagline ‘One Lied One Died’ that I thought was really good in its simplicity and I believed promised thrills and perhaps, I hoped, psychological suspense. Things take a turn for the worse. It is told from the viewpoints of two characters: Abi, struggling to comes to terms with the death of her twin sister, and Bea, glamorous and wealthy, but troubled. Before Lucy died, Abi was fun and hard-working,and popular within her group of friends. This book tested my nerves and patience all day! and the other left me feeling confused. Did anybody understand what the ending meant? Very quickly, through what appears coincidence, she becomes friends with Bea, a vivacious character who bears a strong resemblance to her dead sister Lucy. And Abi dear, did you really need 300 pages to get the idea of leaving the house (where, btw, you live rent free) when suspecting that someone there is trying to harm you and drive you mad?! The sisters are simple, good, poor, and humble, but their explanation for their brother's illness is self-deluding and irrational. Beatrice who hands out a flyer to Abi offers Abi Cavendish to come and make new friends at her house. Douglas cleverly manipulates our sympathies, so we are never sure who to identify with. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published In them and the impressionable young narrator, Joyce depicts an Ireland in the yoke of a tyranny that is mental rather than political. You meet Abi who is reeling from the death of her beloved twin sister. “He's the anchor to my boat and I worry that I will float out to sea, directionless, without him.”, “but in spite of all that we still loved each other. The tension just kept building and just when I thought it was going one way, it would veer off into different territory. The two men share the opinion that spending time with Father Flynn was unhealthy for the boy, who should have been playing "with young lads of his own age." 4.5 stars. So many twists and turns hard to see where it would go. Claire Douglas always wanted to write novels and, after many years of trying to get published, her dream came true when she won the Marie Claire Debut Novel Award in 2013 with THE SISTERS. Where Abi keeps being haunted by her twin Lucy she thinks she has seen her sister but it is someone handing out flyers who makes and sells jewellery at her house. I picked up The Sisters by Claire Douglas based on the cover and tag line. It is there she stills sees her twin sister everywhere. Need another excuse to treat yourself to a new book this week? by HarperCollins. Bea shares a luxurious 5 storey house with her twin brother Ben and Abi, flattered to be noticed by someone so glamorous as Bea, moves in with them, becoming part of their artistic, albeit offhand and transient, group of lodgers and friends. Welcome back.

It is 1895 in Dublin, Ireland when an unnamed boy comes down to supper one evening.

“The Sisters” by Claire Douglas was an entertaining read, I enjoyed the story as a whole but from a critical point of view, all of the characters were false and unlikeable and the denouement rather suspect.

Having pre-ordered this book a couple of months ago, I was anxious to sit down and get stuck in, and I wasn't disappointed. When Abi moves into the house that Bea owns and shares with her twin brother, Ben, and a collection of artistic lodgers, strange things begin to happen: treasured letters go missing and menacing messages are left in Abi’s room.

Abi has moved to Bath to try and come to terms with the death of her twin sister Lucy. Unlike the other stories in the collection, it is told in the first person, by a young man recalling his friendship, as a boy, with a Catholic priest. By Dr Oliver Tearle.

It was set in Britain so I was eagerly awaiting to read this book in one shot.

She is alone in a new city and grieving despite her attempts to try and make a fresh start. Bea shares a luxurious 5 storey house with her twin brother Ben and Abi, flattered to be noticed by someone so glamorous as Bea, moves in with them, becoming part of. Sooooo, here is my confession: I judge books by their covers. The story is fast paced and you are not sure who is telling the truth and who is telling lies which keeps the suspense level high. I had seen The Sisters around a lot and knew it was a book I wanted to get to though it took me a fair while. Father Flynn, a local priest with whom the narrator has a close relationship, has suffered several strokes and is likely to pass away soon. ‘The Sisters’ is the opening story in James Joyce’s 1914 collection, Dubliners. Compulsively readable and highly recommended!
Abi has moved to Bath to try & make a fresh start in life after the devastating death of her identical twin sister Lucy. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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