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systematic desensitization psychology definition

This is a form of treatment or therapy for phobias, fears, and aversions that people have. Wolpe's average of success was only ten 45-minute sessions, depending on the client's ability to learn relaxation techniques.
Wolfe started the treatment by asking the man to remain calm while visualizing himself being exposed to a large trough of water and one drop of urine. At the bottom of this hierarchy may be the thought of the phobia. The client reaches a state of deep relaxation, and is then asked to imagine (or is confronted by) the least threatening situation in the anxiety hierarchy. Once the patient knows how to calm themselves down at the thought of the phobia, they can continue up the “hierarchy” of their fears.

These phobias can be simply a nuisance, or they can have a serious impact on our lives. phobias (McGrath et al., 1990) .

Benson (1968) cites a study by Hain, Butcher, and Stevenson of 26 cases of psychoneuroses. Journal of consulting and Clinical Psychology, 68(6), 1020. (It’s a thing!) The progressive structure of systematic desensitization allows the patient to control the steps he/she must Successful studies have been conducted on people with fears such as stage fright, test anxiety, storms, closed places (claustrophobia), flying, and insect, snake, and animal phobias. Systematic desensitization is a slow process, taking on average 6-8 sessions.

As they experience decreased fear, they report that they work better, enjoy their leisure more, and get along better with others.

He concluded that forcing people to face their fears often resulted in frustration, whereas combining relaxation with stepwise exposure to different levels of their fears (called a "hierarchy of anxiety") successfully weaned them from their phobias. Systematic Desensitization (Definition + Examples) Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders. Desensitization, or systematic desensitization is a behavioral therapy that helps people overcome irrational fears through gradual exposure to the fear stimuli. A follow-up 4 years later revealed complete remission of the compulsive behaviors. For example, if a fear of public speaking originates with poor social skills then phobic reduction is more likely to occur in a treatment which includes learning effective social skills than systematic desensitization alone. They could also prevent us from moving forward in our careers or relationships.

In contrast, psychoanalysis to identify and treat the underlying causes of a particular fear or sets of fears, as well as study the entire personality, can take hundreds if not thousands of sessions. No elaborate equipment is required, just a quiet room, and the techniques are easily learned by school counselors and others in counseling roles.

He also figured that no one could feel both anxiety and calm at the same time. The first step in this process is finding the relaxation techniques (maybe a relaxing body scan) that works for you. But there is nothing wrong with starting the systematic desensitization process at home!

Systematic desensitization can be used to “work your way up” to a life that’s phobia-free. It is not necessary to change the person as a whole; desensitization targets specific responses to phobias.
Desensitization does not take into account the underlying causes of the fears it treats. Wolpe found that relaxation in the face of situations that had previously evoked anxiety tended to reduce the fear attached to the stimuli. Your email address will not be published. Again, this can be done on your own if you are patient and abide by the techniques of systematic desensitization. What Is Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)? The risk of dependence upon the therapist Wolpe (1964) successfully used the method to treat an 18 year old male with a severe handwashing compulsion. The results showed all but two those who had systematic desensitization treatment reported lower levels of fear and were seen to have less anxiety, and one member of the control group showed signs of improvement. Gradually, as the man conditioned himself to be less anxious at the thought or sight of the urine, Wolfe moved the bottle closer. var domainroot=""

Treats the symptoms not the cause(s) of the phobia. The success rate is often quite high. The first clinical use of systematic desensitization was described by the pioneer behavioralist Mary Cover Jones (1924), who found that both direct conditioning and social imitation were effective methods for eliminating children's fears. In this video, I’m going to talk about systematic desensitization and why it’s one of the best ways to overcome fears. Successful Treatment of a Noise Phobia in a Nine‐year‐old Girl with Systematic Desensitisation in vivo. Those things which do not respond well to the treatment are nonspecific or widely generalized states of fear or anxiety.

Incorporate the relaxation technique until you feel calm while visualizing the situation.

If the client becomes upset they can return to an earlier stage and regain their relaxed state. So if patients could slowly condition themselves to stay calm at the thought or sight of certain stimuli, they would eventually get over their phobia.

(2000) used systematic desensitization with participants who were afraid of flying.

Wolpe, J. A comparison of in vivo and vicarious exposure in the treatment of childhood water phobia. Since its first practice in the mid-20th century, systematic desensitization has routinized the treatment and management of many phobias. Define systematic desensitization. Compared to regular psychoanalytic therapy, desensitization takes a shorter period of time to achieve results, can be conducted in groups, and requires limited training of counselors. Rothbaum, B. O., Hodges, L., Smith, S., Lee, J. H., & Price, L. (2000). They don't have to be able to verbalize and conceptualize their performance: Three-year-old Peter was able to learn to pet the bunny.

Make a list of all of your fears by ranking.

Acrophobia is the fear of heights.Trypophobia is the fear of patterns of small holes.

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Finally Wolpe could apply drops of diluted urine to the back of the patient’s hand without evoking anxiety. But think of yourself in a crowd at a music festival. While systematic desensitization is a form of exposure therapy, it is known as a “graduated exposure therapy.” Exposure therapy can involve “flooding” patients with their phobia or exposing them to it in big doses. So what do we do about phobias?

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