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swedish medtech companies

Together with representatives from our member companies, Swedish Medtech also regularly visits with the Regions’ procurement managers. The Swedish company Biovica has developed a blood test (DiviTum™) that provides accurate measures of cell-division rates in blood. Swedish Medtech also arranges seminars on regulatory issues and the Environmental laws.

To strengthen the premises of the medical technology field in order to attain the best possible climate for research, innovation, investment, production and enhanced know-how in Sweden. Swedish Medtech is Sweden’s largest medical technology industry organization, representing more than 180 companies. The Swedish government has made major investments in the country’s life sciences research infrastructure; the latest research bill setting new record levels. One example is The Innovation Centre at Karolinska University Hospital that enables companies, researchers and clinicians to co-create the best possible care. With the accurate focus, Sweden can re-possess its position as a leading nation of medical technology innovation and advancement. Filling a void among today’s diagnostic tool kits, a new, sophisticated method to assess blood flow dynamics in cardiovascular diagnosis is under development. CEO Anna Lefevre Skjöldebrand explains how patient needs are driving today’s medical device industry, analyzes Sweden’s unique assets and explains the importance of having a social mission.

ESS, The European Spallation Source, which is intended to become a resource for European scientists, is under development. Our member companies consist of both manufacturers and distributors.Swedish Medtech’s goals are. Over 80% of all drug prescriptions are performed electronically.

As an association we strive to see to that the medical technology industry has the best possible opportunities to bring new innovations into healthcare use, to develop available products and services in use and to expand on the Swedish market. Today, this legacy manifests itself through the presence of a strong, life science eco-system with a pool of competent professionals all across the value chain from world-leading academic pre-clinical and clinical research to manufacturing.

We see Sweden as the best place for conducting such studies thanks to access to national patient registries and the opportunity to collaborate with a world leading team mastering this complex field.”. To achieve these goals, Swedish Medtech continually communicates with our collaborators, such as county councils, the Government offices and other authorities in matters concerning medical technology. Included among its members are both large and small companies, manufacturers and importers, international subsidiaries, public and private corporations, agencies, development companies and logistics providers. It is also important to be able to present and discuss problems and questions, which arise during public procurement processes directly with those with whom the procurement is made. We also work towards creating awareness of the medical technology field among the Swedish public. Sveavägen 63,

Swedish medtech companies are represented across the whole spectrum of the industry including two areas where Sweden rightfully can claim a world leading position - radiotherapy and imaging. This is not only because it enables the development of new and better monitoring and other devices; digitalised add-on services are also becoming essential to stay competitive. Swedish Medtech is the Association for Medical Technology in Sweden. 103 59

MedTech Europe sector groups bring together company experts to drive forward key healthcare domains, helping to address issues facing these sectors and shaping their future. World Trade Center, Klarabergsviadukten 70, 11164 Stockholm. Sweden has already made major progress in digitalising healthcare and has ambitious programs to advance this position even further.

Sweden has been in the forefront of drug development for decades, not least due to the heritage from Pharmacia and Astra. No less than 7,244 patients were included in the study with minimal extra work since patient data was easily accessible. After 23 years on the list, the firm has dropped from a high of 133 in 2001. To achieve this, we focus on engaging with healthcare stakeholders on key issues from regulations and market access to digital health and Brexit, among others. Today we can identify a number of obstacles for an innovation-friendly climate in Sweden. Publiceringsverktyg: Easyweb. Är ditt företag medlem i Swedish Medtech har du möjlighet att ta del av vårt medlemsbrev, som skickas ut 11 gånger per år. All Swedes can make doctor’s appointments and renew prescriptions online. Currently, this has been implemented in a third of the counties, with the rest soon to follow. Multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company in Stockholm. These include x-ray equipment, orthodontic implants, stents, minimal invasive surgery products, pacemakers, equipment for physically disabled, haemodialysis as well as disposables. “We are now collaborating with Karolinska Institutet in order to explore how real world data can be used to provide meaningful insights from ongoing patient care into research and development. “It is as cool as it sounds to be named Cool Vendor,” says… Elekta wins the Technology Services Industry Association STAR award. We initiate, coordinate and update the industry on questions concerning medical technology regulations, quality and standardization. Stockholm, Postadress SciLifeLab and Max IV are both national resources.

Today we have approximately 180 member companies. These had been collected during a clinical study including 287 women with breast cancer undergoing two different kinds of chemotherapy. Two major concerns the past couple of years have been the evident decrease of clinical research along with the fact that it often takes a very long time for new techniques and innovations to be brought into use in healthcare. To change and improve business conditions for our member companies is therefore one of Swedish Medtech’s primary areas of activity. To improve business conditions for the medical technology field on the global market. This is achieved through a structured collaboration with healthcare and other institutions.

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Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIS). We have dedicated groups focused on cardiovascular health, ophthalmology, diabetes, orthopaedics, and AMR/HAI.

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