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sweden temperature in summer

However, there are some climatic differences: the highest temperatures on the southern tip of the archipelago, while the Western region is the most wet due to the wind blowing in this wind direction. What to pack: Nights are quite cold, especially in the northern part of the country and along the coast, so you'll still want to pack warm layers. Family and friends come over for dinner, living rooms are lit by candlelight and most people look forward to holidays like Lucia, Christmas and winter breaks with their children. June – Stockholm Early Music Festival, Smaka på cuisine festival, Stockholm Marathon. In the capital, on the other hand, at this time of year is very comfortable and warm. Otherwise, during the day in Stockholm and other major cities, you'll likely be comfortable in jeans and a long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt. In the northernmost part, north of the Arctic Circle, in the Swedish part of Lapland, the three summer months (June, July and August) are the only ones in which the temperature rises steadily above freezing; daytime temperatures are mild, around 18/21 °C (64/70 °F), and sometimes even hot, while nights remain very cool, around 10 °C (50 °F) or below. The Swedish countryside is dotted with thousands of lakes, freshwater streams, mountains and rolling hills. If you want more information, read about. In malmö, in the far southern region, in February recorded is about -3 degrees, the for the city the "dry" month of the year. In addition to the brilliant architecture, magnificent castles, ancient churches and unusual museums, fascinating beauty of nature is one of the main reasons why the country annually attracts about 5 million people.

In March, daylight hours are gradually increasing. With this right comes the responsibility to tread carefully and to show consideration for landowners and others. Swedish Lapland experiences near-continuous daylight from early June into August.

There is a ban on non-essential travel to Sweden from countries outside the EU until 22 December. October 4 – Day of cinnamon buns (Kanelbullens dag). Ski season starts wrapping up in April, although in the far north reaches, snow and cold are possible well into May. Sweden is located in the Central European Time (CET) zone. Temperatures can vary widely throughout the country; the northern part of the country will already be experiencing frosts regularly and sometimes snowfall, while the south can still be quite pleasant. In the northeast, despite the proximity of the region to the Arctic circle, the weather is mild – not cold, but not enough heat. This is the official site of Sweden, offering you the facts and stories of our country. In whatever part of Sweden you go in the summer season, make sure Your wardrobe is thoroughly warm clothes, since even on the Baltic coast the nights are quite cold, not to mention the North of the country. Sweden is a country with a year-round tourist season. On the way south, you’ll pass by endless numbers of lakes, streams, and pine and birch trees. Because it has existed for generations, allemansrätten is a part of the national identity of Sweden. Though there will be more daylight hours the further south you go, this is the time of year when people either stay indoors or gear up for winter sports. At ski resorts this time from June to the middle of November, and in the historic towns and beach resorts – from October to end of April. No matter where you go, you'll experience long, mostly sunny days that are perfect for being outside. They last through March, and the best place to see this incredible phenomenon is at the Aurora Sky Station in​Abisko National Park. Although landowners can put up signs to exclude visitors from certain private lands, and areas that are particularly vulnerable to damage are always off-limits, the general rule is that visitors are allowed to walk across lands at a reasonable distance from houses, yards, gardens and fenced-in areas. All you need to know about Swedish higher education and scholarships is available at Go to to discover the wealth of tourist attractions that Sweden has to offer. UppsalaUppsala has cold winters and warm summer. Popular Cities in Sweden. It gets dark early here in winter, daylight lasts about 6-7 hours. January, 6 – Epiphany. Swedes love to talk about Swedish weather. Sweden is filled with forests and open landscapes and one of the unique joys of living in Sweden is allemansrätten, or the Right of Public Access. As far south as Malmö, summer daylight outlasts the average person’s waking hours. Most of the rain falls during the fall and winter months. July – Stockholm Music & Art festival. So if there’s one thing Sweden has plenty of, it’s open landscapes. From the first days of September dominated by cloudy weather with frequent fogs. Annual rainfall averages 24 inches and the maximum rainfall occurs in late summer. In a land as varied as Sweden, these seasons can be quite different depending on where you live. In Götaland, where you’ll find the cities Gothenburg and Malmö, winters are shorter and milder, while daytime summer temperatures normally range from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. In the capital, on the other hand, at this time of year is very comfortable and warm. The opposite occurs in the winter when the night is unending for a corresponding period. Follow us on the official Facebook page and YouTube channel. For simplicity’s sake, the country can be divided into three major regions: Götaland in the south, Svealand in the middle and Norrland in the north. After this, you’ll need the landowner’s permission to stay. December, 25 – Christmas; It allows anyone to roam freely in the countryside, swim and travel by boat in someone else’s waters and pick mushrooms and berries in the forest. In Sweden is dominated by a temperate climate, but due to the significant elongation of submeridional climatic conditions within the country vary. Sweden's weather has many faces. By the end of the month, possible sleet, but for a long time on earth he does not linger, preferring to melt quickly. Although the Swedish winters seem cold and dark, the long summer days are well worth the wait. Depending on the time of year and personal preference, the local holiday is able to satisfy the interest of each traveler: skiing, skating, rafting, diving, excursions, revealing priceless cultural and historical heritage of the country. There is an important weather divergence between northern and southern Sweden: The north has a long winter of more than seven months. Daylight hours and temperatures begin to increase in March, but snow is still possible. Seasons of the Year is an educational project about the seasons in the countries of the world. The south, on the other hand, has winter weather for only two months and a summer of more than four.

But because of the warm Gulf Stream, the climate here can be much milder than you might expect. Stockholm's climate is mostly pleasant with more mild winters … Spring, summer, fall and winter each have their own unique personalities. This website is administered by the Swedish Institute. Further south, temperatures can reach up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius), although that's not especially common. In general, you'll still need warm clothes like jeans, sweaters, and in some parts of the country, a heavy jacket and winter accessories like a scarf, gloves, and hat. What to pack: Your winter wardrobe in Sweden will vary in part depending on where you visit. The air is relatively humid here, making warm days feel warmer and cold days colder. Sweden boasts considerable snowfall, and in Sweden's north snow remains on the ground for six months each year. What You Need to Know About Traveling to Scandinavia in September, Scandinavia in January: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See, Scandinavia in May: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See, Weather in Finland: Climate, Seasons, and Average Monthly Temperature, October in Europe: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See, February in Scandinavia: Weather and Event Guide, Weather in Sweden: Climate, Seasons, and Average Monthly Temperature. The landscape is very dramatic, and rolling hills rise into mountains. The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, typically become visible in Swedish Lapland at the beginning of September.

Sometimes the sun just beginning to warm, and the air is heated to 27 degrees, but it happens not so often. In most of the country, people stay outdoors well into the night, chatting in parks and outdoor cafés as the sun barely dips below the horizon. In the northeast, despite the proximity of the region to the Arctic circle, the weather is mild – not cold, but not enough heat. In mid-July in the forests of the cloudberries ripen, the season of gathering lasts till the first decade of August.

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