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space words that start with c

Meteoroid – Small rock that orbits the sun. Evening star – Venus, when it appears in the evening sky. NGC – New General Catalogue, a 19th-century compendium of deep-sky objects such as galaxies, globular clusters, and nebulae. Event horizon – An invisible boundary around a black hole from which nothing can escape the gravitational pull, not even light. Through this mission, the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS) in Japan intends to establish the technology to bring back samples of an asteroid’s surface to Earth. Convection: The transfer of heat by the circulation or movement of heated parts of a liquid or gas. Binary star is a star system composed of two stars that orbit a common center. emailname = "solarspace";   The Moon Open cluster – System containing a few dozen to a few thousand stars that formed from the same stellar nursery. Reflection nebula – Gas and dust clouds made visible due to the dust reflection from the light of nearby star. Photosphere – Visible surface of the sun. Prominence – A massive eruption of gas streaming off the surface of the sun towards the corona. General relativity – Theory of relativity governing accelerated motion that describes gravity as a curvature of space-time. Hypergalaxy – A system consisting of a spiral galaxy surrounded by several dwarf white galaxies, often ellipticals.

Crescent: A lunar or planetary phase wherein less than half the surface is illuminated. Equinox – Two points in which the sun crosses the celestial equator in its yearly path in the sky. Main sequence – The band of stars on a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram stretching from the upper left to the lower right; stars spend most of their lives in the main sequence phase, in which they are fusing hydrogen into helium in their cores.

This is caused by small particles of reflected sunlight. He demonstrated that meteors are cosmic in origin and not an atmospheric phenomenon. Gamma-ray burst – Short and intense burst of high energy radiation emanating from the distant universe. Seeing – State of observing phenomena created by earth’s atmosphere that blurs images of astronomical objects. Thermal radiation – Electromagnetic radiation coming from an object that is not at absolute zero. Trojan – Asteroid lying in or near the Lagrange points 60 degrees for or aft Jupiter along the planet’s orbit. Constellation is any of various groups of stars to which definite names have been given, as Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Boötes, Cancer, Orion. I hope you have found this site to be useful.

Hubble law – the principle that a distant galaxy’s recessional velocity is proportional to its distance from Earth. Minor planet – Rocky body that orbits the sun; also recognized as an asteroid.

Gravitational lensing results in duplicate images of distant objects. Nebula – a cloud of interstellar gas and dust; some nebulae represent stellar nurseries, others represent stellar graveyards.  Uranus Pixel – Short name for “picture element.” Individual light detectors on a CCD chip. Cosmos: The world or universe seen as an orderly, harmonious system.

Such encounters can increase normal meteor rates by more than 1,000 meteors per minute. Gamma rays – the highest energy, shortest wavelength form of electromagnetic radiation. Shock wave – Powerful wave emanating from a sudden change in density, temperature, or pressure traveling through a medium faster than sound travels on that same medium. Messier Catalog – A catalog of 107 bright deep-sky objects that belong to a catalog compiled by French astronomer Charles Messier in the 1700s. The Doppler effect is used to estimate an object’s speed and direction. The molecular structure looks like the geodesic domes designed by Buckminster Fuller. Photometer – An instrument that measures light emitted by an object.

Also try our list of Words that start with c, and words that contain c.. Search for words that end with a letter or word: Our galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy are examples of hypergalaxies.  Mars

Cast new adverbs into your vocabulary today… with one small stipulation.

Tides – Distortion of a body caused by the gravitational influence on another body. Bulge The generally spherical and central region of a spiral galaxy.

Jovian planet – A planet with the same attributes of Jupiter (gas giant). Adverbs Tell When It Happened: Adverbs like "concurrently" describe when something took place. Baryon is a proton, neutron, or any elementary particle that decays into a set of particles that includes a proton. Synonyms for space include room, capacity, area, extent, latitude, margin, scope, clearance, gap and headroom.

Spiral galaxy – Spiral shaped system composed of stars, gas clouds, and dust, numbering in the billions.

Let's take a closer look at what, collectively, they aim to do: Adverbs Tell How It Happened: Adverbs like "cheerfully" describe how something was done.

Radio telescope – Designed to observe radio waves coming from space. Lunar month – the period of one complete revolution of the moon around Earth, 29.5 days.

He showed that other galaxies existed, specifically the Milky Way.

Standard candle – In astronomy, refers to an object known for its brightness and is sometimes used to determine distances.

These have expanded from a hundred to a thousand times the diameter of the sun.

Pulsar – A rotating neutron star that showers earth with regular pulses of electromagnetic radiation. Stellar evolution – Process, that include changes a star goes through during its existence.

All Rights Reserved. Telescope – Instrument used to brighten and magnify the view of astronomical objects. Zenith – Point on the celestial sphere directly above an observer.

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