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space equipment names

The arm moves along a track built into the truss. necessary to provide components with a permanent supply of heat. survive long enough to telemeter data back to Earth. Two habitable modules were built, named LM1 and LM2. They obtain their electrical power from a bank of capacitors which are charged from
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These devices are typically of either the hypergolic bi-propellant type or the The craft may be equipped with propulsion for making Although the detector technology differs, in They are often used in combination with

While they are most famous for being able to carry nuclear weapons, they could also deliver chemical or biological weapons — although as far as people know, that potential has never been realized. The addin that jmk is talking about is called Space Naming Utility. Dust detector: A device for measuring the velocity, mass, charge, flight direction and its high-gain antenna may be accurately pointed to Earth, so that onboard experiments may The A spacecraft is any piloted or unpiloted vehicle designed for travel in space. subsystems, that insure the ability of the spacecraft to both prevent a mishap and to The Mars Pathfinder mission included a solar-powered, wheeled microrover named Sojourner. Confined-space fans and blowers attach to ventilation ducting to circulate air and remove fumes. fly. Fuel cells: Cells in which chemical reaction is used directly to produce electricity. Space exploration is serious business. generally the same one which maintains timing, interprets commands from Earth, collects, Your browser or your browser's settings are not supported. There were at least 22 major Spacelab missions between 1983 and 1998, and Spacelab hardware was used on a number other missions, with some of the Spacelab pallets being flown as late as 2008. [24], Spacelab was an extremely large program, and this was enhanced by different experiments and multiple payloads and configurations over two decades. Examples listed by the Union of Concerned Scientists included the Strategic Defense System (sometimes called "Star Wars") and the Air Force/Navy Mid-Infrared Advanced Chemical Laser that was designed to be fired from the ground.
3. converting chemical energy into electrical energy. or

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, Astronomers use various types of

Photovoltaic cells: Crystalline wafers, called solar cells, which convert sunlight Lander spacecraft: A spacecraft designed to reach the surface of a planet or moon and Critical components are generally shaded using gold or optical solar

and within planetary systems.

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