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slingshot rally

Send it back overhead and sheet in; you don’t have to be really precise and there’s decent lift and steady hangtime.

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As soon as you go out on your first run the GT feels very easy and intuitive to ride. The Rally has all the user-friendly characteristics of an all-around freeride kite that makes progression, general boosting and cruisey riding easy and fun. SLINGSHOT RALLY. This design yields more depower and a wider wind range than more traditional shapes and makes relaunching as easy as a gently pull on one end of the bar.

Because the Rally has little in the way of wingtips, it does like to slide down the side of the window, so it does require a bit more input to maintain its position at the edge of either side of the window, this being a characteristic of delta designs. We are explorers.

This design yields more depower and a wider wind range than more traditional shapes and makes relaunching as easy as a gently pull on one end of the bar.

The Rally offers riders the ‘sheet and go’ feel on the bar with progressive power delivery that doesn’t require aggressive kite flying to find the power. The Rally can be used with either the Compstick Guardian or Compstick Sentinel control bars. The Rally uses a large diameter bayonet style inflation valve that requires no nozzle on the end of your standard pump hose for a quick and easy pump up. V. Form is being submitted, please wait a bit. Great for heavier riders, so much power smaller riders could size down.” // Dray Murray, “Solid kite that goes upwind well with lots of grunt, great for those that don’t want to actively steer fly the kite. When it comes time to deflate, there’s a standard dump valve that allows you to quickly deflate the kite without unthreading the bayonet valve. On the water the Rally GT is eager and quick, combined with plenty of power.

It may not quite have the upper range of the Rally and also doesn’t depower to zero, but it has superior turning, manoeuvrability and is a more modern version of an intermediate’s kite. Get all the reviews in convenient digital guide here:, 2019AnalysisequipmentFeedbackFreeride Gear Reviewgear reviewGear Testkitekite reviewrallyreviewslingshotthe kiteboarder magazinetkbtkb test week. A super-accessible sheet-and-go kite with a very swept, bow- shape, it relaunched like a dream but was also very easy to jump with and, in the smaller sizes, was often used as a wave kite. The Slingshot Rally had a long and successful life and has been such an important part of Slingshot’s success over the years.

This could be easily fixed by sanding off the pointy ends on the red and white handle.

Sizes Available: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14m

The bar ends offer bungees for keeping lines clean and the floats are separate from the bar ends. The Rally will take you where you want to go. This bar uses Slingshot’s existing Guardian quick release system which puts the kite’s tuning below the bar, which allows surfers to increase the amount of throw/sheeting while still being able to reach the tuning of the kite. Testers did note that when you release the gate, there is a sharp edge on the handle that tends to pinch the finger on the tab. The Compstick features bomber construction and tons of features which makes this one of the heavier bars in our test and as a result comes with bulkier foam floats as a result.The Compstick Guardian features a single center-line safety depower, spectra sheeting/throw line, a low V, a sliding stopper andbelow the bar cleat tuning integrated into the push away quick release.
Bar ergonomics are comfortable but grip is aggressive.” // Joe Chehock, “If this were a rally car it would be a diesel truck; lots of torque, just sheet in and stomp on the throttle and prepare for lift off.

Read detailed and objective reviews on the 30 kite models and 33 board models that Tkb and freeride testers reviewed for the 2018 Freeride Gear Review Guide.    More at: It has also dropped from five struts to three, but of course is still obviously recognisable as a Slingshot, designed with the unmistakeable strength adding features, such as Split-Strut technology alongside the new ‘4×4’ canopy tech material.

It would be hard to replace., On the water the Rally GT is eager and quick, combined with plenty of power. Experienced and advancing freeriders will probably be looking for something that reaches into that extra 20% of performance in areas like boosting height or shut-off drift for wave riding, but the GT will easily deal with what 80% of the kitesurfing market will ever achieve. Upwind, downwind, back rolls, front rolls, mega boosts, waves or flat water, the Rally has done it all. Hailing from the Netherlands, Willem is one of the elite few Adaptive Kitesurfers and foilers in the world.

The Rally has a solid sheet in and go feel that makes for user-friendly boosting that is capable of offering explosive lift and mind blowing hangtime. Tkb Magazine is your go-to resource for everything from the latest gear to the best travel spots and so much more. The Rally features a Delta C-shape, tapered wingtips and a fine-tuned three-point bridle system. Medium bar pressure, good relaunch, solid pull that will take you upwind without any thought.” // Marko Bartscherer. Wanna take your friends and family kiting? To improve the Rally GT V2’s turning speed, we tapered the diameter of the leading edge to be smaller and more efficient, which allows the kite to move quicker through the wind window, as well as providing upwind reach.

As soon as you go out on your first run the GT feels very easy and intuitive to ride. The GT will then even stay with you in its smaller sizes when you want to try wave riding or foiling.

The Compstick Sentinel features above the bar power tuning with single center-line safety depower, spectra sheeting/throw line with sliding stopper, adjustable length throw, tuning cleat power system with a toggle that uses a magnet to control excess tuning slack and a low V. The inside lines end in knots and the outside lines end in loops.

Sam’s idea may help! Being lower in aspect than both its predecessor and the new Raptor, the GT sits further back in the window, so is a bit more physical on the legs once the wind picks up and you move into the upper third of the kite’s wind range. The Rally can be a great option for foilboarding with a bit more pull but generally will take a rider from zero to hero while traversing the worlds of freeride, surf and foilboarding.Our Slingshot kites came with both the Compstick Guardian or Compstick Sentinel control bars.

Ri, A good reason to do your hotdogging on the way out, Featured in our fall 2020 issue, @matthias_larsen, Fins loose and funny faces with @matchu_lopes.
This design yields more depower and a wider wind range than more traditional shapes and makes relaunching as easy as a gentle pull on one end of the bar. Great range and depower, easy relaunch, solid upwind ability, predictable performance in gusty wind, lofty hang-time and solid crossover surf performance.

A three-strut canopy design, lower aspect ratio and stubby, swept wingtips give it playfully quick steering and response with

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