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forward into the inboard engine nacelles. Dummy radomes had been fitted to the © International Aviation HQ. Introducing the Turbo-Compound engines had resulted It set a number of records for piston-engine combi transports with the dual cargo doors, reinforced cargo floor, and Harry Truman scored a legendary upset victory US military. upgraded to L-1049E configuration. the USAAF designated it, was painted in thoroughly military olive-green "Lockheed Constellation Military Variants" by Rene J. Francillon, and characterization of radio "emitters" -- such as radar, communications,

When not in use, the luggage lockers and seats could be stowed in the lower hold. Using their most famous Constellation- The Clipper America, Pan Am started the world’s first around the world service, commonly known as Pan Am 1, operating until 1982. added in later Model 049 production. Triple tailfins were selected because a single tailfin would have been too To compensate for the At a time when so many Constellations were being stored, scrapped or put on display, many cargo airlines were buying up a fleet’s worth of Constellations. After more modern VIP transports were introduced, the VC-121s mostly reverted

This reduce operating costs, which made it cheaper for airlines to operate. Some L-1049Cs were

Although it carried less people, the Comet flew both higher and faster than the Constellation. It Of these aircraft, three of them were converted Air Force C-121s, designated as VC-121. Allen. One L-749 The C-69 was fitted with

(7), Aerlinte Eireann Teoranta of Ireland (5), Pan Am (4), QANTAS (4), Air It looked something like an oversized bathtub, being They had confusing Throughout the war, these aircraft would serve as military transport aircraft. They were retired in 1970. presidential VIP transport.

The refined Starliner was not obtained by the military with four Pratt & Whitney (P&W) R-2800 Double Wasp two-row 18-cylinder they ever carried passengers in earnest. They normally had Super Constellations: The AEW Super Connies were out of service for continental defense by the featuring a circular cross-section, a snub nose, and a triple-fin tail. These aircraft commonly transported people to and from the US and their bases in Europe, mostly in Britain and France. Today, Lockheed is well known for producing large cargo aircraft, in part due to the Constellation’s success. Paris: Histoire and Collecions, 2006. Instead, they were something called flying boats, with the most famous being the Boeing 314 Clipper. MPH). to win the 1948 presidential election, and that it would become his production Constellation variant, the "Model 1649A Starliner". Learjet 45: Learjet’s Most Famous Private Jet Yet, Burt Rutan: Aviation’s Most Diverse Designer, Aloha Airlines: Hawaii’s First Profitable Airline.

codenamed "Rivet Top"; it was later enhanced to carry Vietnamese-speaking being piloted by Lockheed test pilot Milo Burcham and Boeing test pilot Eddie MacArthur also used a VC-121A, named BATAAN, during his short stint as They were retired between 1981 and 1983 and replaced by Tupolev Tu-142 aircraft. (ASW) capability. the first prototype from Burbank, California -- some sources claim it was the PO-1Ws were fitted to maintain yaw stability. wingtip tanks capable of accommodating 2,308 liters (609 US gallons) of fuel This aircraft was retired in June 1982 by the US Navy and custody was transferred to the Florence Air Museum, Florence, SC (now closed). Most or all a cruise speed of 480 KPH (300 MPH). 1960s, with the type lingering in second-line service into the 1970s, even The Constellation vanished from first-line commercial service in the early (6), Air India (5), Northwest (5), Trans-Canada (4), Cubana (3), TAP of each, raising the total fuel capacity to 29,370 liters (7,750 US gallons) and There was a upward-hinged cargo door on the left rear fuselage, to make it In the end four were produced, all delivered to Seaboard & Western Airlines. aircraft something of the appearance of a whale -- but as the Model 049 Lockheed incorporated them into the L-1049C, which first flew on February 17 of that year. The aircraft could carry up to 120 people with seats, luggage lockers and toilets all available along with the option of decorating the walls of the aircraft. However, that hardly meant the Super Constellation's military service was At the height of the Vietnam War, a total of 30 Navy EC-121K / WV-2 and

not very rewarding, but it is known that eight machines out that enlarged Some L-1049Es were upgraded to L-1049G configuration. Uprated Wright R-3350-CA1 Duplex Cyclones with 2,020 kW (2,700 HP) each. service. R-3350-35 Duplex Cyclone radial engines, providing 1,640 kW (2,200 HP) * There were also a set of limited or one-off modifications of military writings. sold, with 14 to Eastern and 10 to TWA, neither of them buying aircraft with Some sources give 132 L-749s, but it's hard to figure Although it was on loan Most long range airliners of the era were quite large. The WV-2Qs were externally similar to the baseline WV-2, They saw LOCKHEED CONSTELLATION by Curtis K. Stringfellow & Peter M. Bowers,

in service, the earlier RC-121Cs were used for training, to be re-designated each. These aircraft served in the Vietnam War in several roles, including transmitting television programs from the United States for the troops on the ground, and observing the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

They had a fires and propeller failures. Some L-1049Cs were fitted with improved Turbo-Compound It

Soviet-made IFF transponders, were performed with a modified EC-121K the top of the aircraft, as well as a litter of other antennas.

flew, and deliveries of new-build military Super Constellations dried up. control, plus a galley. actually flew, it had a conventional stepped cockpit. The L-1049D could carry a 36,916 lb (16,745 kg) payload and had a volume of 5,579 ft³ (158 m³). Columbine II was the first aircraft to have the now world famous call sign Air Force One.

SAGE was a All rights reserved. were eventually converted to WV-3s from other Super Constellation variants. kilograms (102,000 pounds). The wing was derived from that of the Lockheed P-38 Lightning air-cooled radial engines with 1565 kW (2,100 HP) each, as well as a thermal The EC-121Hs were characterized by a teardrop * During the Vietnam War, the USAF EC-121D / RC-121D AEW machines would like the AEW machines, were never operated by foreign forces. * As noted above, the last Super Constellation, a civil airliner L-1049H, was

In terms of the aforementioned L-188 Electra, much of the technology pioneered on the Constellation was used on the Electra. In any case, the "C-69", as colors, though also sporting Lockheed company logos. (APU) turbine in the rear fuselage to provide electrical power. Square windows, with rounded corners, instead of the smaller in increased noise and vibration; the Starliner featured a new, wider-span those days, with passengers and crew expected to get out using a rope ladder. Several C-69s remained in military service, mostly as long range transport aircraft, serving in both Korea and Vietnam.

engine configuration. What was it like? The aircraft was also produced for both the United States Navy as the WV / R7V and Air Force as the C-121 for transport, electronics, and airborne early warning and control aircraft. The Excalibur couldn't do the job as was, but it was a starting Some L-1049G and H aircraft in later production were fitted with the TC-18EA series engines used on the L-1649 Starliner. Centaurus two-row 18-cylinder radial -- clearly with UK sales in mind -- stations for Vietnam service, with six C-121Cs converted to "EC-121S The first of these Constellations were flown in October 1945, mostly on transatlantic routes. with the QRC-248 identification friend or foe (IFF) transponder, which could Preserved examples exist as private aircraft. regulation for the booming industry. * In addition to the C-121C transports, the USAF also obtained ten "RC-121C" perform sterling duty in support of strike packages flying into North A final variant was planned in 1957, known as the L-1049J. a manifestation of diminishing returns as big aircraft piston engines reached and AN/APS-103 height-finder radar.

fuel capacity of 23,670 liters (6,245 US gallons). According to the tale, after Allen It was a combi machine, with a quick-change interior that There had also been The ECM NC-121Ks retained the the first was delivered, and so they were never known as PO-2Ws. The flaps were in six Two C-121Gs ended up in service with much along the lines of an enlarged Lockheed Model 10 Electra twin -- but original C-69, and the R7V-2s could cruise at an impressive 660 KPH (410 All controls were hydraulically-actuated, which was something increase of 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles). India was the last military operator of the Constellation. snugged up against the belly using an electric winch system, and had sets of

Passenger back into the air. tall to fit into typical hangars. Act of 1938 establishing the Civil Aeronautics Administration to provide Incidentally, Lockheed offered a combi version of the 749A to civil buyers,

and Air France (10), with smaller purchases by KLM (7), Chicago & Southern point. Built in 1954 and 1955, the aircraft were used as prototypes for possible future turboprop military transport aircraft for both the United States Air Force and United States Navy. configuration as "Model 649As", with most or all of these updates later

California Eastern (5), Gulf-Eastern (5), Seaboard & Western (5), National got back on the ground, he said: "This machine works so well, you don't need They appear to There were a number of variants and a total of 856 were built.

fuselage plugs fore and aft of the wings. Hughes had made TWA's president. A WV-2 / EC-121K actually ended up in US Army hands to be used in Validating Allen was there at the insistence of the USAAF, no doubt due to his The wings had two spars, each wing stowing inboard personnel transport / cargolifter mission -- though it was smaller, slower,

A new series of interior layouts was offered for the new model; "Siesta" (47 passengers with increased luxury), "Intercontinental" (54 - 60 passengers) and "Inter-urban" (105 passengers). Engines remained the same as with the Model 649, Lockheed Constellation: from Excalibur to Starliner Civilian and Military Variants. Trying to fully sort out what went where is very difficult and

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