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shenzhou rocket

Height: 2.50 m (8.20 ft). The re-entry module is fitted with five parachutes: a pilot chute (4.25 m2 surface area), a second pilot chute (surface area: 0.7 m2), a drogue chute (surface area: 24 m2), a main parachute (surface area: 1,200 m2), and a backup parachute (surface area: 760 m2). It is capable of carrying up to three astronauts to fly in low Earth orbit (LEO) for up to 7 days in a solo flight mission. Indeed China might even invite international contempt by flying a 1960's-type design.

Shenzhou consists of the following modules: It was the same form as that of Soyuz, but longer, fatter, and the flared base was less pronounced. In addition, a subsatellite, weighing 40 kg, and with diameter of 40 cm, was mounted at the top of the orbital module. Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology (SAST) began to develop an androgynous docking mechanism in the mid-1990s, but the system was not ready until 2010 due to technical obstacles. These consisted of four axial vernier motors, a low altitude separation motor with eight nozzles, and a medium altitude escape motor with four nozzles. Span: 17.00 m (55.00 ft). At an altitude of 10 km the parachute hatch was jettisoned, and two pilot parachutes deployed. The Chinese space tracking ship "Yuanwang 3" has returned to the Jiangnan Port of Nanjing in East China's Jiangsu Province after successfully completing its mission with China's first experimental spacecraft "Shenzhou."

At about 14:40 GMT on June 17 the ship maneuvered from 261 x 315 km to 315 x 326 km. A food heater can provide the crew with hot meals during the flight. Arranged on the exterior of the capsule were six antenna mounts, the exhaust nozzles of the attitude control system used during re-entry, and a Soyuz-like patch panel for connection of gas, liquid, electrical, and electronic services from the service module. However this was regained after venting of the atmosphere from the module ended. Return to Earth came on June 29 with orbital module seperation at about 01:16 GMT, retrofire at 01:17 GMT, service module sep at 01:38 GMT and landing at 02:02 GMT in Siziwangqi, a district in Ulanqab prefecture in Inner Mongolia. Lack of post-recovery photographs led to speculation that the recovery may not have been completely successful. On Sep 16 at about 0904 UTC the lab raised its orbit from an initial 197 x 373 km to 369 x 378 km x 42.8 deg; on Sep 26 the lab moved to a 381 x 389 km orbit. Early models were equipped with their own solar panels and propulsion for autonomous flight after separation.

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