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roxana summary

Once Roxana manages to reach a level of economic independence, she nevertheless continues to pursue ever more financial success to the point where it becomes less a need to stave off predation by others than to become a predator herself.

"Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress Themes".

Roxana finally relents on her wish to remain independent and they marry. Her reputation as a mistress and a whore tires her, and she wishes to lead a more simple life.

Mr. —— takes Roxana with him to Paris on business. During this time she is gifted a Turkish slave who teaches her the Turkish language and Turkish customs, and a Turkish dress which will become central to her later character development. After you claim a section you’ll have 24 hours to send in a draft. Her name, or names, are not mentioned until the end of the novel, so even the most basic aspect of her identity—her name—is a mystery for the majority of the novel.

Roxana manages to retain the gentleman's wealth and secure it against the possible claims of his wife or any of his living relatives. She appeals for aid to her husband's relatives, all of whom refuse her except one old aunt, who is in no position to help her materially. Together they have five children, whom Roxana struggles to raise whilst her husband blows through their fortune. Interestingly, as the novel proceeds, Defoe also seems to foretell Marx’s theories of the fetishism of commodities. The novel concerns the story of an unnamed "fallen woman", the second time Defoe created such a character (the first was a similar female character in Moll Flanders). An editor Roxana only laments the crime that has tainted her life, strongly suggesting Susan was murdered for Roxana to retain her status and reputation.

[3], The character of Roxana can be described as a proto-feminist because she carries out her actions of prostitution for her own ends of freedom but before a feminist ideology was fully formed, (though Defoe also works to undercut the radicalism of her position). Roxana wishes to sell the jewels in the case the jeweler had left her the day he died, and the Dutch merchant arranges for them to be appraised by a Jew.

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After carrying on the affair for some time, she becomes pregnant with his child, so he sets her up in a country house just outside of Paris where she can give birth to the child without bringing any scandal down upon the Prince.

Amy does bear a child, which Roxana takes as her own to save the maid embarrassment. Another poor old woman whom Roxana had aided during her former prosperity adds her efforts to those of the old aunt and Amy.
Roxana moves up and down through the social spectrum several times, by contracting an ersatz marriage to a jeweler, secretly courting a prince, being offered marriage by a Dutch merchant, and is finally able to afford her own freedom by accumulating wealth from these men. The novel concerns the story of an unnamed "fallen woman", the second time Defoe created such a character (the first was a similar female character in Moll Flanders). Roxana also discusses the issues of truth and deceit. Upon their return to Paris, the Prince's wife (the Princess) become ill and dies. [1] The novel further draws attention to the incompatibility between sexual freedom and freedom from motherhood: Roxana becomes pregnant many times due to her sexual exploits, and it is one of her children, Susan, who come back to expose her, years later, near the novel's close,[2] helping to precipitate her flight abroad, subsequent loss of wealth, and (ambiguous) repentance. Hoping to avoid the children from her first marriage should they come looking for her, she moves to Holland with the Dutch merchant where she becomes a countess to her great pleasure. Roxana, however, clings to her virtuous independence.

A year later, she pleases her lover with a son. She appeals for aid to her husband's relatives, all of whom refuse her except one old aunt, who is in no position to help her materially.


Susan's motives to have her mother recognize her as her daughter are unclear.

Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress essays are academic essays for citation. Later, Roxana and the Prince travel to Italy where he has business to attend to, and there they live together for two years. Gerald J. Butler. Upon arriving in England Amy sets Roxana's estate up in London as Roxana returns to get the other half of her money in Holland. Feeling that Mr. —— is not her true husband, Roxana sends Amy to him to beget a child.

After a year and a half has passed and Roxana has not conceived a child, Amy chides her mistress for her barrenness. At the age of fifteen, she married a handsome but conceited man. "Defoe and the End of Epic Adventure: The Example of Roxana". this section.

Roxana's maid Amy also sticks by her, and offers to remain in her service even though there is no money to pay her. To show his good faith, he offers to share his wealth with her, bequeathing her five hundred pounds in his will and promising seven thousand pounds if he leaves her.

Born in France, from which her parents fled because of religious persecution, Roxana grew to adolescence in England.

The merchant courts her and manages to bed her, hoping she would then agree to marry him. And yet, without the early aching to attain independence due to financial setbacks, Roxana could never have reached this status of traditional immorality. This exotic display earns her the name of Roxana (prior to this moment, Roxana is never named, we only know she is called Roxana through this incident, but that her true name is Susan, according to a comment she makes later about her daughter.)
The cruel sister-in-law will raise the five children, with the help of her kinder husband. The two women talk much about the merits of the landlord, his motive in befriending Roxana, and the moral implications of his attentions.

The Dutch merchant alerts Roxana of the Jew's scheme and they devise a plan to get her out of France and secure her passage to England through Holland.

Roxana is the first-person testament of a “Beautiful Lady” who goes from being a virtuous woman to the deceptive mistress of a sequence of wealthy men. Plot Summary. Read more about this topic:  Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress, “If you need a certain vitality you can only supply it yourself, or there comes a point, anyway, when no one’s actions but your own seem dramatically convincing and justifiable in the plot that the number of your days concocts.”—John Ashbery (b.

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