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red dead online collector map not working

@atniel19 @NeoGameSpark Coz they aren't "just doing their job" properly.

Your launcher is the only one NOT working while using a VPN (error 6000.87). Not to mention RDR2 was announced 3 years before its release and, still, it only hit the headlines about working. I came looking for an answer and I too have collector items on my map so I’ll assume it’s this. My fav game is slowly being ruined. I have a message to the world: @Zatchaway @RockstarSupport Please fix your rdr2 servers.

#RDR2Online #RDR2, RDR Corporate Index provides key data and analysis for investors on tech companies' policies & practices affecting users’ freedom of expression and privacy.

I think it might be because I have a collector map on? I went to three arrowhead locations and nothing.. Once I got the lantern it was easy.. wish I never got the binoculars.. waste of $$ unless you use them for hunting maybe...? Welcome to the unofficial Red Dead Online Collectors Map and official User Guide! @MeiWearehappy2 @opygam3r @IGN No has 0 exclusives 0 AAA games imagine AAAA ? @CyberpunkGame Hell yeah. You can add them back anytime by clicking/tapping it again. “We have gone through comments on the adviser categorisation paper; there are issues that require further qualification; but we will share our views on this shortly,” says Caroline da Silva, during #FPIConvention. GUESS WHAT! Is your email service down?

@RockstarSupport Literally just registered here to reach you.

Buying Cyberpunk means you support crunch. @RockstarSupport Rdr2 Offline again. @RockstarSupport hello i have some problems my social club can always error to login RDR2 or GTA V location Indonesia. I can only join glitch games with broken timers #RedDeadOnline #RDR2 #RockstarGames, @lx_Nymeria_xl

Changes may occur on Collectors Role. @1991ForAiur But in the meantime, I'm having less and less fun each time I play, and I'm feeling more and more frustration. Yet this is the game that brings the console down to 1080p. Do not buy a physical copy of @RockstarGames’s #RedDeadRedemption2 on PS4 in the Uk. You will receive a verification email shortly. Played perfectly.

Still planning on streaming tonight, but I might not stream RDR2 again for another couple of days. @RockstarSupport I'm Having BEX64 error in RDR2 while launching the Rockstar Launcher From Epic Games, I'm Having the Issue since the latest update.


I Overclocked the core clock by 100 and it crashes. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. If I'm just playing for an hour, I don't want to spend half that time just trying to materialize my rickety home base. @RockstarSupport I'm on PS4, and I haven't been able to play RDR2 online.

This game is to grindy to lose those every night, @els1996x

RDR2 runs at 4k30 on the 1X. Every game has glitches, but Red Dead Online has so many, so often, I'm thinking of hanging up my cowboy hat. @XxDragonStoneXX @ASpecii @SuckerPunchProd @Okami13_ he's not wrong. @RockstarSupport ihave a problem error on rdr2 online icant join to my friend and my friend cant join to me, @Pano_077 Please Help. Guys some encoder issues are coming so so stream is not starting , so i guess there will be a bit of delay in today stream Sometimes fast-traveling to it leaves me in infinite loading screen limbo—maybe because it's in the process of trying to spawn.

At least online, @Ashu19992 Either spider man, god of war, or rdr2 Honestly it's caused me to crash more times than not.

Is this the update @RockstarGames for Halloween or did I get stitched up #rdo #rdr2 #rdr #reddeadonline #pixieposseofone #lonewolf #gamer #girlgamer #lvling #ranking #pvp #RedDead #RockstarGames.

Now im having connection issues again for rdr2 Thanks Rockstar.

Looks like Cyberpunk 2077 has a lot of issues with crunch. You can find or buy another map of the same type which may or may not point to the same places, but that particular map you have will be gone. At least online, @JokeBo_ @ssoBciV @itsmeparixit @ClunkSpider So you agree that rdr 2 gunplay does have problems. What should I do? Thanks. Guess no more RDR for me. (And felt pretty terrible about it, too.)

?‍♀️ #RedDeadOnline #RDR2. My RDR2 shows as not purchased when I did and been playing without issues since 27th of September. It sends me to support, i click RDR2 and all i get is pages to problems with their answers.
Only one have problem with RDR2, Via Guys some encoder issues are coming so so stream is not starting , so i guess there will be a bit of delay in today stream Tap/Mouse Over To Open List. @LFavetto

(Great job keeping an eye on the camp, Cripps. @RockstarGames please fix your rdr2 servers I get disconnected after every bounty, every legendary etc. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America),,

@ActuallyMania @Steam Funny how no other game is affected or has issues running, just RDR2.

I'm not angry about the glitches, really, it's just that I really enjoy my brief little nighttime sessions of puttering around in RDO, and having my fun interrupted so often is really wearing me down. I'm getting close to the point where I'm thinking of quitting altogether. Congrats @RockstarSupport @RockstarGames .

Written by Rakmarok. @atniel19 @NeoGameSpark Coz they aren't "just doing their job" properly. Identical to the in-game map.

I'm having the same problem.. I haven't even mentioned next gen systems yet. Rockstar doesnt care.

Bounty boards are inaccessible at times. Interrupting an active game is kinda bullshit. The best microphone for streaming, gaming, and podcasting, Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part One review, Logitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless RGB gaming headset review. Thank you for signing up to PC Gamer. @Herr_Leo Once I rode all the way up to Adler Ranch, a snowy, desolate spot on the northern fringes of the map, only to discover the treasure icon I was headed for had suddenly moved to the southern area of the map while I was riding. So, that may or may not be why they did what they did.

Then you ruined it with july update. Did you figure it out? @oliani_redfield @soundbolt47

FYI, RDR online and rest of my online games are working perfectly.

Utilities, Search, Settings, Custom Routes & Issues: You guys did sth to the map and not I can't pan it just zooms. @j_parlette

tried all the solutions you guys gave me, it worked for a couple days now it’s not loading at all again.

#Rdr2 not working on Shadow since a mandatory update of @RockstarGames 28th of July. Is this being worked on?

All of which surpass visually. It was working fine last night but not this morning. On the top is the collectible name and next to it the current collection map. I can go 150+ mhz in other games without any issues. FYI I bought the binoculars and as far as I can tell they do not find things that are buried as advertised..

Rockstar error 000.... Rockstar error 000.... Watch Dogs 2. Please help!! EDIT: So I figured it out, I had to discard/disable the treasure map.

It may have something to do with how the collectable items move around every day. i’m so annoyed the xbox app is not working so i cant download my rdr2 screenshots, @joey_greene12 @GTASeries @RockstarGames The only port they need to be working on is RDR2 and GTA-wise we need GTA 6 to come out not more GTA 5 updates and ports, @_theonlyboss_ Controversies don't start by the general public, who may know or not know about the development of a game, they start by the gaming insiders, who know about it.

Christopher Livingston microsoft games are garbage games as service with no content paywalls microtransactions , sony games are AAA+ quality games goty contenders.

Please fix. Remote disabling of legally bought game? Madam Nazar's location changes every day at 06:00 UTC/GMT (the same time as daily challenges), which is: 01:00am EST/02:00am EDT (New York, UTC-4), 10:00pm PT/11:00pm PDT (Los Angeles, UTC-7). #RDR somewhat affected by C19. @ahkaay @AudacityEdits @Yoh7nn lol rdr2 isnt badly optimized nvidia driver updates fixed the fps issues.

Anyone have problems with input lag on consoles for RDR2.

am i holding the focus button for too long or what, @Braxwolf @JustAnLED @Visto_LaK @Xbox I’m aware I’m saying lots and lots of stuff but if you’re saying last of us two is better than rdr2, Witcher: wild hunt or god of war you have got some serious mental problems, @JohnJ20615686 Already on GitHub?

@RiotWolverine I’ve already tried restarting and stuff. I shouldn't have any issues running on my i5-9600k, GTX 1660 6GB, and 16gbs of Ram.

The more times I have to restart, the less chance I'm willing to put up with yet another restart. Baldur's Gate 3. I can go 150+ mhz in other games without any issues.

Is this being worked on? For whatever reason, they wanted to force you to complete a collectors map before using another one rather than letting you switch between them. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products.

© Valve Corporation. @JokeBo_ @ssoBciV @itsmeparixit @ClunkSpider So you agree that rdr 2 gunplay does have problems.

It says due to a fault on rockstar servers.

I am only getting 2x rewards. The value of each set is stated at the top. I had less problems with the horses in RDR 1. But then again, I've been playing gta online since 2013 and it's always fun. Is this the futur?

Assassins Creed II. Then you ruined it with july update. I experienced this as soon as I launched it during the opening credits. @Michael28765748 @PresleyKinchel1 @RockstarGames Nah.

Thanks. Guess no more RDR for me.


Most of these issues are solved by a restart, and a few by sitting there waiting for several minutes.

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