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programma 101 inventor

For this to be possible it had to be affordable, above all, and be about the same size as the other office products people had grown accustomed to using.". Click to agree to our updated Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies. Programma 101 (també conegut com "Perottina", en honor al seu inventor Pier Giorgio Perotto) fou el primer ordinador personal comercial de la història. Perotto even participated in the live presentation, playing a kind of mathematical dice game in which man and machine were pitted against one another and challenged to reach a specific number without surpassing it. Uniopèdia és un mapa conceptual o xarxa semàntica organitzada com una enciclopèdia o diccionari. Often the engineer lost, and the presenter would exclaim, "The Programma 101 even manages to beat its own inventor!".

Veure més ». In Perotto's words, "Man was expected to adapt to machine and not vice versa.

Recounting the story of one of the most revolutionary inventions of all time fell to its top engineer, Perotto, who in 1995 published a memoir, The Invention of the Personal Computer: A Fascinating Untold Story. In the 1970s, he designed other computers at Olivetti, e.g the Olivetti P6060, the first personal computer with integrated floppy-disk drive, the Olivetti P6040 and the Olivetti P6066.

Back then, the idea of having a computer on your work desk or in your children's room began as a dream, relentlessly pursued by a brilliant team of engineers working for one of the world's most successful companies in the typewriter and calculator sector. The machine was assembled at Olivetti's main Ivrea plant in November 1964, with a young architect, Mario Bellini, handling product design. When the lab director, an engineer named Mario Tchou, died in a car accident in 1961, research operations were shifted from Pisa to the outskirts of Milan, about 170 miles to the north. [...] We would have to run four separate programs on this Programma 101 [...], "Olivetti Programma 101 Electronic Calculator", "2008/107/1 Computer, Programma 101, and documents (3), plastic / metal / paper / electronic components, hardware architect Pier Giorgio Perotto, designed by Mario Bellini, made by Olivetti, Italy, 1965-1971", FINSA, Pier Giorgio Perotto, founder and former president, Obituary: Pier Giorgio Perotto, Independent UK, 5 February 2002, A simulator of the Olivetti Programma 101, A Technical Description of the Olivetti Programma 101 with a picture gallery,, Articles with dead external links from May 2020, Articles with permanently dead external links, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 September 2020, at 02:25. In 1991, he earned the Leonardo da Vinci Award for having developed a ground-breaking machine, the Programma 101, the world’s very first personal computer. Olivetti ended up deciding to invest more in its typewriters and calculators than in computer electronics, which left an open path for competitors (old and new) to follow into what would become a massive global PC market. But the P101's public success would soon prove the marketing experts wrong. One can't help smiling when reading Perotto's descriptions of what the marketing men had to say: "They said it was neither one of the big wall-sized electronic calculators, nor was it a desktop calculator, thus there wasn't a market for it. The press celebrated its small size, the idea of the magnetic card, the programming language and its user-friendliness. The public's first reaction was disbelief. Es dóna una breu definició de cada concepte i les seves relacions. Produced by Italian manufacturer Olivetti , based in Ivrea , Piedmont , and invented by the Italian engineer Pier Giorgio Perotto , the P101 has the main features of large computers of that period. NASA bought ten models and used to plan the Apollo 11 landing on the moon. WORLDCRUNCH, TURIN — "I dreamed of a machine able to learn and then quietly execute, a machine that allows us to store instructions and data, but whose instructions were simple and intuitive; a machine that could be used by everyone, not just a handful of specialists. Working as General Director of projects and research at the Ivrea’s company, he played a major role in the transformation of this multinational company from a mechanical to electronics and systems company. The official presentation in Italy took place on April 7, 1966 and the Italian press also covered it prominently. But the skepticism soon gave way to great enthusiasm. Our expressly international daily newsletter. P. G. Perotto (seated to the left) with the Programma 101 team Pier Giorgio Perotto (December 24, 1930 – January 23, 2002) was an Italian electrical engineer and inventor. Pier Giorgio Perotto (Turin, December 24, 1930 – Genoa, January 23, 2002) was an Italian electrical engineer and inventor.

The calculator, known until then internally as the "Perottina" in homage to its creator, was rebaptized: "Programma" recalled one of the exclusive characteristics of the product, while the number "101" was picked because it sounded good in English. Disponible en català, anglès, espanyol, portuguès, japonès, xinès, francès, alemany, italià, polonès, holandès, rus, àrab, hindi, suec, ucraïnesa, hongaresa, txec, hebreu, danès, finlandès, indonesi, noruec, romanès, turc, vietnamita, coreana, tailandesa, grega, búlgara, croata, eslovaca, lituània, filipina, letònia, estònia і eslovè. Olivetti's adventure into the world of electronics started in an experimental laboratory in the Tuscan city of Pisa — where the Elea 9003, Italy's first commercial transistorized mainframe computer, and one of the first in the world, was created in 1958. The Olivetti Programma 101, also known as Perottina or P101, is one of the first all in one commercial desktop programmable calculators, although not the first. It was probably a foot and a half square, and about maybe eight inches tall. "It turned out to be very simple, extremely intuitive, with just sixteen instructions that could be used to compile the mathematical formula of the operations to carry out. So you could write a sequence, a programming sequence, and load it in there, and the if you would — the Lunar Module high-gain antenna was not very smart, it didn't know where Earth was. Subscribe to our newsletter for more great reads. It would add, subtract, multiply, and divide, but it would remember a sequence of these things, and it would record that sequence on a magnetic card, a magnetic strip that was about a foot long and two inches wide. per al món acadèmic: per a l'escola, primària, secundària, batxillerat, secundària, universitat, grau tècnic, escola, universitat, de llicenciatura, mestratge o doctorat; In short, in those days it was all about developing memory and computing power, but no one seemed interested in making these calculators more user-friendly: no one was working on simplifying their use for the general public. Between the end of 1962 and the beginning of 1964, it wasn't a solution that began to take shape in my mind so much as a dream: the dream of a machine which prioritized not just power and speed, but rather functional autonomy. Hundreds of articles reported the news over the following days of the "first desktop computer of the world."

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