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optronics safran

With optical quality, accuracy, reliability and high-performance image processing, Safran Electronics & Defense airborne optronics systems support your surveillance and combat missions . Want more information about our solutions and services? The word “optronics” is a combination of optical and electronics. PASEO: omni-directional optronic acquisition in real time. Furthermore, an optronics engineer has to be in constant contact with team leaders from fields as varied as image processing, mechanics and servocontrols (needed to offset the platform's vibrations, especially for a helicopter), as well as electronics and software of course. These day/night observation systems are used by armed forces of course, but also by homeland security and law enforcement units. It's true that engineering is still rather dominated by men, but that's not at all a problem. PARIS — Safran Electronics & Defense unveiled a new range of Euroflir 410 optronics systems on Monday at the Paris Air Show. The FSO does not emit any radiation and is insensitive to jamming. Safran Electronics & Defense is responsible for the infrared search & track (IRST) and forward-looking infrared (FLIR) part of the FSO, while Thales provides the daytime video channel and laser rangefinder. Subscribe to find out more about Safran's latest news! A specialist in systems that protect surface ships (aircraft carriers, frigates, corvettes, patrol boats, etc. Specially developed for surface vessels, the EOMS NG combines gun fire control with panoramic infrared search. During missions carried out by the armed forces, accurate fire is a major issue for combat helicopters. Safran develops cutting-edge technology, anticipating customer's needs while being mindful about our planet. Safran’s new-generation EuroflirTM 410 observation system chosen for French Navy’s H160 helicopters, Safran Electronics & Defense subsidiaries, IR Search & Track systems for combat aircraft, Actuation systems for cabin and cockpit seats, External lighting solutions for airplanes, External lighting solutions for helicopters, Braking parachutes and evacuation systems, Discover Instrumentation, Test & Missions, Instrumentation and flight test telemetry for aircraft, Launch vehicles, space vehicles and sounding rockets instrumentation and telemetry, Propulsion system solutions for satellites, Discover Air-land battle space digitization, Collaborative combat and autonomous robotics, Airborne optronics for Tactical UAV Systems, Discover Portable optronics for security missions, Handheld and Multifunction binoculars for security missions, Handheld and Multifunction monoculars for security missions, Airborne surveillance for security missions, Discover Airborne surveillance for security missions, Electro-Optical Systems (EOS) for security missions, Helicopter surveillance for security missions, Discover UAV Systems for security missions, Inertial Measurement Units for civil applications. Military Submarine Photonics Mast and Antenna Market is Booming Worldwide By Key Players: Thales, Cassidian Optronics, L3Harris Technologies, Nereides, Safran, Systems Engineering and Assessment Ltd (SEA), Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Panavision Federal Systems . Based on its technological expertise and its operational experience in security applications, Safran Electronics & Defense offers solutions answering all your needs. The company's products ranged from inertial navigation systems to fax machines. You wil create prototypes and tools, participate in the industrialization, and assist to the first step of production.. Optronics system engineer / Sagem "At Safran, a woman clearly has her place in a world of engineers.". Through our extensive distribution network, we export over 99% of our products worldwide.

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