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After the Black-Indian casting director secured the talent for the hit dark comedy series, and season one was nominated for various awards in 2018, she thought people would be knocking down her door for work. Miriam-Teak Lee, & Juliet, The Shaftesbury Theatre, BEST SUPPORTING MALE ACTOR IN A MUSICAL AWARD “It means not having your CV considered if you have a traditionally ‘ethnic’ name…it means having to listen to people discuss diversity in hiring and diversity in casting as if it’s a chore.”. Guest presenters on the night included Dawn Hope (Equity Councillor, Follies), Obioma Ugoala (Hamilton), Jamael Westman (Hamilton) and Danny Sapani (Black Panther). It was one of the first jobs I’ve done where they never queried the amount of non-white actors cast in roles.”, This week, Philippa Childs, head of entertainment union Bectu, said the organization is in “listening and planning mode” and “the onus is on the white majority to educate itself and speak up on behalf of their BAME [Black and Minority Ethnic] colleagues.”. Cultural Consultants Enrich the U.K. Entertainment Industry, So Why Aren’t They Paid Fairly? “I said to my boyfriend, ‘I’m gonna buy a Porsche this year because I’m gonna get so many job offers, it’s gonna be crazy.’ But then I didn’t go into any meetings,” Cochrane says. As a powerful new wave of protests against systemic racism floods the streets of Britain, Black creatives within the TV industry have become increasingly emboldened to speak out and share their experiences of workplace microaggressions, othering and discrimination. “Because no one’s hiring any Black people, there are far less ‘experienced’ Black people seen as ready to do the more senior jobs, and those that are, are busy,” says De-lahay. The winners of the second annual Black British Theatre Awards have been unveiled. “She wanted a mixed-race actress for the lead, so we did, and the character was actually a similar mix to me so we cast one of her parents as Black and the other as Indian,” she says. Ingoma, Ballet Black, Barbican Theatre Tarinn Callender, Hamilton, Victoria Palace Theatre, BEST SUPPORTING FEMALE ACTOR IN A MUSICAL AWARD “That was a weight off my shoulders,” he says. Cherrelle Skeete, The High Table, Bush Theatre

Danielle Fiamanya, Guildford School of Acting “If we responded to these microaggressions in the moment, every single time, it would become a very volatile session,” Buchanan adds.

Join Facebook to connect with Okeoma Ugoala and others you may know. Rikki Beadle-Blair, DISABILITY CHAMPION AWARD De-lahay claims he was promoted because, on paper, he had more experience than the Black writers Lydia Adetunji and Nathaniel Price, who had been hired for the writers’ room. Ian Oakley Recorded at the Young Vic earlier this month and now broadcast live via Sky Arts, the awards recognise arts excellence among the Black British Community. Rachel Nwokoro, BEST TEACHER OF PERFORMING ARTS AS A SUBJECT AWARD “The perpetrator doesn’t notice it’s a microaggression and even when they’re called out on it, they don’t care, so we are burdened with them.

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