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nustar telescope facts

Local Group, and from nearby Type Ia events, to constrain explosion models. Measurements of the laser metrology system will be used to correct the X-Ray Images that would otherwise be blurred by the motion of the mast. 0000029428 00000 n

It is the eleventh satellite in the "Small Explorer" program.

Down the road, once the innovations powering NuSTAR have trickled down, they could “really improve the specificity and the dose rate you might use in medical treatment,” says Craig.

These shallow angles cause a very small collection area per surface, so that shells of varying size are nested tightly together are required to fill be aperture.

X-Rays can only be reflected at certain angles so that the mirrors are almost parallel to the incoming radiation beams. 0000045705 00000 n

Study the population of hard X-ray-emitting compact objects in the Galaxy

4. Shielding for the Focal Planes is provided by Cesium-Iodine Crystals that surround the detector housings that extend 20cm above the detector.

QUICK FACTS: Mission Description Orbital is designing, manufacturing, integrating and testing the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) scientific satellite under a contract from the California Institute of Technology and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. There will be no shortage of tasks for the new telescope, and if everything goes according to plan, NuSTAR will collect an extraordinary amount of data in just a few years’ time. During its two-year primary mission phase, NuSTAR has been observing Galaxy NGC 1068 is shown in visible light and X-rays in this composite image.

But astrophysicists don’t fully understand the details of this process. 0000002357 00000 n

To measure deflections of the mast, a system is in place that uses a laser metrology system that is comprised of two lasers that are mounted on the optics and point at three light-sensing detectors at the other end of the telescope.

NuSTAR’s mirrors are coated with depth-graded multilayers that are ultra-thin coatings of two alternating materials that are deposited one on top of the other. Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) ist ein orbitales Röntgen-Teleskop für die Beobachtung von Röntgenquellen wie schwarzen Löchern. Above this energy, Platinum starts to absorb photons.

NuSTAR is a telescope launched into space by NASA in 2012. Our view of the universe in this spectral window has been limited because previous orbiting telescopes have not employed true focusing optics, but rather have used coded apertures that have intrinsically high backgrounds and limited sensitivity.

NuSTAR has to fit on the small Pegasus Launch Vehicle as it is only a small Explorer Mission with lower budgets.

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This is the radiation that the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR), which was launched into orbit in June, is to detect. These shields register high-energy photons and cosmic rays which cross the focal plane and are not traveling along the optical axis of NuSTAR.

representing a wide range of community interests who provide the NuSTAR

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“We don’t really understand all of the physics of supernovae at this point,” says Craig, “and being able to look at the remnants of these explosions in a totally different way, being able to look at high-sensitivity at the elements that were actually produced, gives us some understanding of how these things work and how they might behave.”.

Using Optics in X-Ray telescopes is a relatively new technology as X-Rays can only be reflected at grazing angles while conventional mirrors would absorb X-Rays.

NASA’s NuSTAR telescope will unlock endless new opportunities for astronomers to investigate black holes and supernovas.

}, (function( timeout ) { Even if that launch is canceled, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is poised to deploy the Astro-H X-ray telescope, which was developed in conjunction with NASA, in 2014. This sharpens the images and allows astronomers to detect even weak X-ray sources, which they otherwise couldn’t see.

Each pixel is 600 micrometers in length. 0000014546 00000 n

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It’s the most powerful X-ray telescope ever. })(120000);

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The NuSTAR (Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array) mission has deployed the first orbiting telescopes to focus light in the high energy X-ray (3 - 79 keV) region of the electromagnetic spectrum. }. 0000016712 00000 n

0000010172 00000 n Thanks to advancements in X-ray mirrors and detectors in recent years, the NuSTAR telescope can now detect more violent hard X-ray radiation much more precisely, making it extremely useful in the search for black holes.

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So while in the short term NuSTAR’s technology is aimed firmly at black holes and supernovae, in the long term it could help attack life-threatening tumors.
Here are five of its most interesting features. 0000052235 00000 n

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A service of the Astrophysics Science Division at NASA/GSFC. NuSTAR is the first mission to use focusing telescopes to image the sky in the high-energy X-ray (3 - 79 keV) region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Measuring these X-rays can help give astronomers an idea of the number of black holes and neutron stars that exist in our galaxy. One of the primary goals for NuSTAR is to provide scientists with information about what happens in galactic cores with supermassive black holes. function() {

Its optics are larger than any previous X-ray telescope optics. 0000013903 00000 n

by mapping the central regions of the Milky Way; Study the non-thermal radiation in young supernova remnants (SNR), both

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