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neptune surface temperature

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The magnetic field of Neptune is about 27 times more powerful than that of Earth.​ Rings Neptune has a faint and fragmented ring system (labelled "arcs"), which was discovered in … Temperatures at the planet's centre are approximately 5,400 K (5,100 °C; 9,300 °F). Ask a short question on any video on my channel. Due to the pressure the ocean may be liquid hydrogen rather than water. For reasons that remain obscure, the planet's thermosphere experiences unusually high temperatures of about 750 K (476.85 °C/890 °F). Scientists have defined the "surface" of Neptune as the region where the surface pressure is equivalent to the pressure on Earth at sea level. At its core, Neptune reaches temperatures of up to 7273 K (7000 °C; 12632 °F), which is comparable to the surface of the Sun. It has an average temperature of -214 degrees Celsius;-353 degrees Fahrenheit, however Uranus is the coldest ice giant, and for that fact the coldest of all planets in the solar system. The huge temperature differences …

The main axis of Neptune's magnetic field is tipped over by about 47 degrees compared with the planet's rotation axis. Like Uranus, whose magnetic axis is tilted about 60 degrees from the axis of rotation, Neptune's magnetosphere undergoes wild variations during each rotation because of this misalignment. Neptune has a surface, depending on the temperature it will be solid or liquid. Neptune is the smallest ice giant with a mass of 1.024 × 10^26 kg but has the greatest density out of all the gas giants, about 1.64 g/cm³.

The surface temperature of Neptune varies from just about -218 C to -200 C, making it the coldest planet within the Solar System. In Neptune (Atlantic Ocean), a water temperature of about 13.80°C | 56.84°F is achieved in the annual average.

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