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nasa risk matrix template

Key:    - Applicable | - Not Applicable A & B = Always Safety Critical; C & D = Not Safety Critical; CSC & DSC = Safety Critical; E - H = Never Safety Critical. US DoD , NASA , ISO ), [2] [3] [4] individual projects and organizations may need to create their own or tailor an existing risk matrix. The project completes the determination of software classification (see SWE-020 ), which is independently assessed by the software assurance organization (see SWE-132 ).

But first, you need to identify and clearly state a potential risk. However, the NASA Software Lead may rely on the software team (including contractors) to populate the template. For instance, the Eisenhower matrix of prioritisation helps decide what to work on next based on the importance and urgency of an action item.

... Risk Classification for NASA Payloads).

On the x axis, we measure the consequence, which is also rated from 1 on the left to 5 on the right. No lessons learned have currently been identified for this requirement. The matrix typically is filled in with a description or identification of the document and section number or step that defines the method the project is using to comply with the requirement. Requests for software requirements relief (partial or complete relief) at either the Center or Headquarters Technical Authority level may be submitted in the streamlined form of a compliance matrix. The template details the task description, deadline, risk level, and status in the task table, and the statistics …

The software compliance matrix accounts for any approved waivers and deviations, including alternate requirements and exclusions.

Okay, let’s go back to our ebook example: Second, what is the consequence score?

Periodic reviews of achieved project compliance against that planned in the compliance matrix can help identify any needed deviations or waivers against the requirements of the NPR. It may have not seemed obvious from the initial risk statement, but the illustration work being delayed actually constitutes a high risk situation for your ebook launch. h�Ԙmo�6�� A well-formed compliance matrix entry will include: The software development team typically enters into the matrix actual project evidence that demonstrates compliance as the project progresses.

Then, for the consequence score, you use the consequence scorecard: The consequence scorecard is great to understand the principles behind determining a consequence score.

Template Instructions . The NASA Risk Matrix uses these two factors to quantify the level of risk.

The potential negative impact the risk can have on the asset. If you wish to suggest a tool, please leave a comment below. NASA recommends to keep it factual and to stay away from trying to provide a solution. Many projects contain software with requirements to be met by a combination of on-site workforce and external contractors. • The first slide, Project Risk Definitions, is a reference intended to provide instructions and definitions related to risk management.      C       By Anne-Laure Le Cunff • Reading time: 9 minutes.      A       Don’t keep these just to yourself or your immediate team.


Often, this evidence is saved in a web- or server-based file or database in a central location that is available to the entire project team. Compliance is commonly defined as the demonstration of adherence to the standard or the requirement applied to the project.

     G       Departure. Delaying the launch by a week because of the illustration work seems to fit with “Delay on some tasks minimally impacting overall schedule” in our consequence scorecard. For additional guidance associated with waivers and deviations see SWE-121, and SWE-126 . The NASA Software Lead, as defined in LPR 7150.2B Section 2.1.2, is responsible for the content of the compliance matrix and for obtaining signatures.

This provision assures that the ETA is properly informed and takes appropriate action with respect to NASA's system of checks and balances in the areas of dissenting opinion, independent reviews, and compliance assessment. In addition to the risk statement, it is also helpful to include the key circumstances around the risk, the contributing factors, and related information such as what, where, when, how, and why. The Compliance Matrix documents the program's or project's compliance with the requirements of NPR 7120.5 or how the program or project is tailoring the requirements in accordance with paragraph 3.5. The compliance matrix can also be a useful tool during an evaluation of project risk. The software project development team draws the initial list of requirements for the compliance matrix from Appendix C of NPR 7150.2. Low risk. For the likelihood score, you estimate how certain you are the risk will materialise.

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