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massad boulos father

George developed good relationships with his clients which proved to benefit the business as it matured. He was born as the son of rich Lebanese father Massad Boulos and mother Sarah, the founder of the Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria. His father is Lebanese business tycoon Massad Boulos and his mother is the daughter of Lebanese businessman Zouhair Faddoul, with whom his father worked before establishing his own company. The heir to Boulos Enterprise was born on 27 August 1997 in Houston, Texas to a wealthy family. Michael Boulos is the child of Massad Boulos, a Lebanese corporate tycoon, and successor to Boulos Enterprises, a leading dealer and trading firm in Nigeria for commercial motorcycles, power bikes, tricycles, and outboard engines, as well as the multi-billion – dollar publicly listed conglomerate SCOA Nigeria, which deals in cars, building and distribution. Massad Boulos, the company's CEO, is the father of Michael Boulos, who is Tiffany Trump 's current partner since 2018 and heir of the company's fortune.

He has a mixed ethnicity of Lebanese and French descent. Furthermore, his granddad “Zouhair Faddoul” is a Business Executive and he also has a brother named Fares Boulos. The Boulos' history began in Lagos, at a store that sold jewelry and other small articles to the upper-middle class. Michael is a son of Nigerian Businessman “Massad Boulos” and he runs a Boulos Enterprise where this company manufactures motorcycle & Tricycle.

Michael Boulos was born and raised in Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria. The jewelry business was managed by their father, George Boulos, a Lebanese goldsmith who immigrated to Nigeria in 1936. His father is Lebanese business tycoon Massad Boulos and his mother is the daughter of Lebanese businessman Zouhair Faddoul, with whom his father worked before establishing his own company. Summary: Massad Boulos is 49 years old and was born on 01/03/1971. Oyibo Rebel Father: Massad Fares Boulos is Group Managing Director & Director at SCOA Nigeria Plc. Micheal Boulos parents from Nigeria, Massad and Sarah Boulos pose by a White House Christmas tree Michael Boulos and Tiffany Trump, middle, with friends at the home of Kuwaiti ambassador to US on 5 December Oyibo Rebel's dad is Dr Massad Boulos, a Lawyer - Entrepreneur - CEO MAGA, KAG Meet Oyibo Rebel father, Dr Massad Boulos (Photos)

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