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lost in yonkers setting

Lost in Yonkers is a 1993 American comedy-drama film adaptation of Neil Simon's 1991 Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same name, directed by Martha Coolidge. Worth and Ruehl reprised their stage roles, and Richard Dreyfuss was cast as Louie. GradeSaver "Lost in Yonkers Summary". The death of his mother forces him to be more mature than he is ready to be when his father leaves him and his younger brother with his family so he can sell scrap iron during World War Two. After a few months of living at Grandma's, Louie—Arty and Jay'—mobster uncle arrives, on the run from some menacing-looking men in a black Studebaker. He works as a "bag-man" for the mob. Originally played on Broadway by Danny Gerard. And Louie's mission is to survive the next couple of days. She is a very interesting addition to the family. She refuses. Yonkers, NY. Louie has escaped the thugs by joining the army. Eddie: Jay's middle-aged father. Her most noticeable issue is that when she breathes she has a tendency to suck in while still speaking, as a result of trauma instilled in her by Grandma from a young age. Despite their Grandma owning and operating a candy store, Jay and Arty don't like their new living situation as they're afraid of their Grandma, and find it difficult to relate to their crazy Aunt Bella, whose slow mental state is manifested by perpetual excitability and a short attention span, which outwardly comes across as a childlike demeanor. The year is 1942. Bella tells the boys that she intends to marry an illiterate usher from the local cinema she frequents, with whom she wants to have kids and open a restaurant. After the death of his wife, he is forced to send his two sons to live with their grandmother, while he repays his large financial debts. It is 1942 in Brooklyn. Jay and Arty's mission becomes how to make money fast so that they can help their father and move back in together, which may entail stealing the $15,000 their Grandma has hidden somewhere. Eddie travels to the Southern United States to collect scrap iron for the war … GradeSaver, Read the Study Guide for Lost in Yonkers…, View the lesson plan for Lost in Yonkers…, View Wikipedia Entries for Lost in Yonkers…. Into their collective lives returns one of Eddie and Bella's other siblings, Louie Kurnitz, a henchman for some gangsters. The boys agree to a $5-a-week salary from him for keeping quiet about his whereabouts. In one of them, he tells the boys he has developed an irregular heartbeat. At 6:30 PM on an August night, we meet Arty and Jay, brothers who are at their grandmother's apartment in Yonkers, New York. After Jay and Arty's mother passed away from cancer, Eddie owes a debt to a local loanshark on money borrowed to help pay off the medical bills. Jay, the older... What is the main conflict in this installments “Lost In Yonkers”. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. Summaries. Plot Keywords In 1942 in the Bronx, Evelyn Kurnitz has just passed away following a lengthy illness. It premiered in 1991 and won the Tony Award for Best Play, Best Leading Actress, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Supporting Actor. She reluctantly agrees after a threat by Bella. Her husband, Eddie Kurnitz, needs to take a job as a traveling salesman to pay off the medical bills incurred, and decides to ask his stern and straight talking mother, from whom he is slightly estranged, if his two early-teen sons, Jay and Arty (who their Grandma insists on calling by their full given names, Jacob and Arthur, which she pronounces "Yakob" and "Artur"), can live with her and their Aunt Bella Kurnitz in Yonkers. Gert: Jay's aunt, and Grandma's daughter. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Louie: Jay's flamboyant, jovial uncle, in his late 30s, who comes to live with the family when he is hiding from the local mob. Bella also admits that Louie gave her the $5,000 for the restaurant, but that she’s not going to use it and she has decided she cannot marry Johnny.

Bella, meanwhile, takes some guff from Grandma about going to the movies so often.

Eddie has a plan to head south to look for work in the metal scrapyards. Not affiliated with Harvard College. Jay and Arty's mission becomes how to make money fast so that they can help their father and move back in together, that money which may entail stealing the $15,000 their Grandma has hidden somewhere. He has a strong, mercurial nature, and a certain underlying dark side, which the kids uncover in the second act of the play.

Eddie's mother, the boys' grandmother, is heartless and cold..... and during... Lost in Yonkers study guide contains a biography of Neil Simon, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Produced by Emanuel Azenberg and directed by Gene Saks, the cast included Jamie Marsh as Jay, Irene Worth as Grandma, Mercedes Ruehl as Bella, Kevin Spacey as Louie, Lauren Klein as Gert, Danny Gerard as Arty, and Mark Blum as Eddie. Good dependable work during wartime is rare, and he must convince the cantankerous and grim Grandma to take the two teenagers in.

Eventually, Bella comes home and Grandma tells her that she is just a child and cannot take care of herself. Mercedes Ruehl and Irene Worth reprise their roles in the movie with Richard Dreyfuss as Louie, Susan Merson as Gert, Mike Damus as Arty, Brad Stoll as Jay, and Jack Laufer as Eddie.

After Eddie and the boys leave, Bella begins cooking dinner for Grandma Kurnitz, telling her she has a new female friend, who has a brother, and that she wants to invite the two of them over for dinner sometime. Arty is sick, and the boys learn that Louie is in trouble. Lost in Yonkers is a play by Neil Simon.

Taglines The main conflct in Lost in Yonkers revolves around Eddie's debt, and the necessity of leaving his boys with his mother in order to earn the money to pay the debt back. Arty: Jay's younger brother, he is 13 "and a half" years old. Simon adapted his play for a 1993 feature film directed by Martha Coolidge, and starring Brad Stoll as Jay. Bella's mission is to find a way to tell the family that she wants to marry Johnny, her equally slow movie theater usher boyfriend; the two could also use $5,000 of Grandma's hidden money to open their dream restaurant.

| Louie tells the boys he is going to leave town that night, and Jay asks if he can go with him. He is hiding out from Hollywood Harry, who wants what Louie stole and is hiding in his small black bag. He is considered by Grandma Kurnitz to be the "survivor" of the family. A letter from Eddie indicates he has been hospitalized for exhaustion. They complain about how they are afraid of their grandmother and how it is very hot. Meanwhile, Bella prepares to announce her engagement to Johnny the usher at a family dinner that night. The boys stay at Grandma's and Eddie sends them letters periodically. Be the first to contribute!

Bella's beau Johnny, an unseen character in the play, was portrayed by David Strathairn. Her husband, Eddie Kurnitz, needs to take a job as a traveling salesman to pay off the medical bills incurred, and decides to ask his stern and straight talking mother, from who he is … Much of the second half of the play focuses on her attempts at independence from her stern mother. Bella: Jay's thirty-five-year-old aunt. Grandma Kurnitz: Jay's grandmother.

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