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jiaolong submersible

When the project is completed, China will become the fifth country, along with Russia, the U.S., France and Japan, to possess a deep-sea technological supporting base. "true" : "false") + "; expires=" + d.toUTCString() + "; path=/"; He went to work on time every day and stayed in the office all day. Mechanic Toys has recreated the famous aquatic vehicle with a twist, the G01 Jiaolong can transform from a deep-sea manned submersible to a battle mech. 05-09-2019 18:50:12 ZULU. Other than the access hatch cover, which China and Russia jointly designed, Chinese scientists were responsible for designing the rest of the capsule, notably the three viewports and penetration equipment.

script.setAttribute("src", "//"); var script = document.createElement("script"); COPYRIGHT BIGBADTOYSTORE, INC. 1999- 2020. The second is the vessel�s advanced high-speed underwater acoustic communication technology. var d = new Date(); �The next task involves a 4,500-meter manned submersible, entailing R&D on such key technologies as a manned ball capsule, high-pressure seawater pump, and lithium battery and thruster. The vessel�s seven thrusters, for example, came from an American company, but were problematic, according to Xu. [2] Previously on June 19, 2012, the Jiaolong reached a depth of 6,965 metres (22,851 feet). script.setAttribute("async", true);
The Jiaolong, the world class deep-sea submersible, has broken the diving record many times over and is the pride of China. Since the experimental application in 2013, China's South China Sea, the Northeast Pacific, the Northwest Pacific, and the Southwest Indian Ocean have remained in their fields. The Jiaolong�s 7,000-meter sea dive is by no means its ultimate goal. In common with a small submarine, it can accommodate 12 people and remain submerged at a 1,500-meter depth for at least 12 days. The first deputy general designer is Mr. Cui Weicheng (崔维成), and the deputy general designer was Mr. Zhu Weiqing (朱维庆). A company representative came over to China but shrugged off any responsibility. The U.S. government, however, withheld the equipment after it had been sent back for repair. Undeterred, Chinese researchers rolled up their sleeves and independently developed the equipment based on that used in submersibles capable of diving 500 meters. �The noise level of the Chinese thrusters is reportedly lower than those from the U.S.�. There are plans afoot for two scientists to dive 4,000 meters in the vessel to the South China Sea Basin seabed for purposes of deep-sea mineral prospecting, high-precision topographic surveys, suspicious object detection and capture, and deep-sea biological investigation.

The country now joins those in the select group, formerly comprising the U.S., Japan, France and Russia, possessing deep-sea manned submergence vessels capable of diving deeper than 3,500 meters. �The Jiaolong was independently and exclusively designed by Chinese engineers and technicians. script.setAttribute("onerror", "setNptTechAdblockerCookie(true);"); Jiaolong is a Chinese manned deep-sea research submersible that can Dive to a depth of over 7,000M. Xu went on to describe the three leading technologies that distinguish the Jiaolong from similar deep-sea manned submersibles of other countries. We did the necessary R&D on key core technologies such as pressure-resistant structure, life support, remote underwater acoustic communication, and system control, and also carried out the final assembly, joint debugging and sea trials,� chief designer Xu Qinan said. �Our R&D base was at that time relatively weak, so we encountered many difficulties, not to mention those posed by a technology-purchase blockade,� Xu said. On June 27, 2012, the Jiaolong with two oceanauts reached a depth of 7,062 metres (23,169 feet) in the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific Ocean. [3][4] It had its first test in South China Sea between May 31 and July 18, 2010, reaching a depth of Script error with three crew. Developed by the Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, it possesses advanced micro-acoustic communication and underwater topography detection capabilities that enable the transfer of voices, images and texts from the submersible to the mother vessel in real time � a rare function among deep-sea submersibles.

Unlike many of the deep submergence vehicles that have come before it, Jiaolong is extremely maneuverable, boasting seven propellers that can move it in any direction.

 (function(src){var a=document.createElement("script");a.type="text/javascript";a.async=true;a.src=src;var b=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];b.parentNode.insertBefore(a,b)})("//"); Jiaolong [Dragon] is the first deep-sea manned submersible designed and independently developed by China. The three oceanauts Ye Cong, Liu Kaizhou and Yang Bo also had a phone conversation with Shenzhou 9 astronauts in outer space while on their mission to carry out China�s first manual space docking. document.cookie = "__adblocker=; expires=Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT; path=/"; The Jiaolong�s successful sea trial has prompted China�s plans to develop a series of manned submersibles. He still served as a technical consultant for 702 Institute. The five-hour mission included chemical, physical and biological research. The whole project is expected to be finished in 2018,� Liu Feng said. Since 2002, Xu Yinan, the chief designer of the 7000-meter manned submersible, has led the research team composed of more than 50 elites from domestic research institutes. Mechanic Toys has recreated the famous aquatic vehicle with a twist, the G01 Jiaolong can transform from a deep-sea manned submersible to a battle mech. Before establishment of the Jiaolong project in 2002, China�s manned submersibles had reached a depth of only 600 meters. The third is the Jiaolong�s independently developed oil-filled silver-zinc battery that can provide over 110 kwh of electricity, that in the Russian Mir submersible its sole equivalent. �We decided to initiate the localization immediately, and in the process solved the remaining problems,� Xu said.

In 2013, after winning the title of Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Xu Yinan did not retreat. The project calls for technological breakthroughs in key technologies such as deep submergence structure design, special materials, ship construction, and the sealing of underwater pressure-bearing facilities. The deep-sea workstation system, on which R&D is ongoing, was unveiled at the end of May 2012. > Plastic Models > Ships > Military Ships : Trumpeter Chinese Jiaolong Manned Submersible tsm7303 Chinese Jiaolong Manned Submersible This is the 1/72 Scale Chinese Jiaolong Manned Submersible Plastic Model Military Ship by Trumpeter. Jiaolong (Script error flood dragon) is a Chinese manned deep-sea research submersible that can dive to a depth of over 7,000 m. Armed with a large harpoon gun, Jiaolong can take the fight to land or sea. Have a unique advantage.

Armed with a large harpoon gun, Jiaolong can take the fight to land or sea. They will also carry out detailed investigations on polymetallic nodules in the Eastern Pacific and dive deep to the ocean�s sulfide mine sites. Jiaolong [Dragon] is the first deep-sea manned submersible designed and independently developed by China. The Jiaolong is the first submersible equipped with such functions, according to published data. The operation covers typical areas such as deep sea trenches, basins, and mid-ocean ridges, and is used for manned deep-sea surveys and fine-grain sampling.

Jiaolong is a Chinese manned deep-sea research submersible that can dive to a depth of over 7,000 m. The first is state-of-the-art seabed automatic navigation, featuring a unique hovering and locating ability at a designated diving zone and the capacity to cruise at a constant height above the seabed. As at that time China lacked the technologies for rolling and welding the thick titanium alloy steel plate necessary to manufacture the capsule, it commissioned a Russian shipyard with the task, and tested its pressure resistance with a pressure cylinder belonging to a Russian research institute. General Safety Warning: Products sold by BBTS may be intended for Adult Collectors. Developed by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the 702 Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, the "Jilong" is the world's largest deep-sea carrier.

First, it has advanced near-bottom automatic navigation function and hovering positioning function, which is convenient for target search and positioning, and sails freely before and after the seabed. There it completed the appointed tasks of filming the seabed and using a robotic arm to obtain marine life samples and plant the Chinese flag.

document.cookie = "__adblocker=" + (adblocker ? 17 dives have been completed. In 1960 the Trieste, a Swiss-designed, Italian-built deep-diving research bathyscaphe, reached a record maximum depth of about 10,911 meters in the trench, which has a measured depth of 10,898 meters to 10,916 meters. China's deep-sea manned research submersible, the Jiaolong, dived into the Mariana Trench six times between June 3 and July 16, 2012 to a maximum depth of 7,062 meters. The second is the high-speed underwater acoustic communication function, which can transmit underwater voice, image, text and other information to the mother ship in real time. d.setTime(d.getTime() + 60 * 60 * 24 * 2 * 1000);

The Jiaolong provides valuable experiences for the project. Products may contain sharp points, small parts, choking hazards, and other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old. The main technical indicators of "Zhenlong" include: length, width and height of 8.2 m � 3.0 m � 3.4 m; air weight does not exceed 22 tons; payload of 220 kg (excluding occupant weight); maximum dive depth of 7000 m; Maximum 2.5 knots, cruise 1 knot; 3 members; life support, normal: 3 � 12 people, emergency: 3 � 84 people; normal underwater working hours 12 hours. At that time we hoped to carry out exchanges, but as we were on entirely different levels, theirs being the equivalent of a PhD and ours of a primary school student, there was no basis for communication.�. Photo taken on Oct. 13, 2020 shows the dredging vessel Tian Kun Hao at a port in Shenzhen, south China's Guangdong Province. 1), and dredging vessel Tian Kun Hao will be displayed during the China Marine Economy Expo (CMEE). The Japanese submersible battery provides 86 kwh of electricity, and those in the French and the U.S. submersibles about 50 kwh. [1] The general designer is Mr. Xu Huangnan (徐芑南), a professor of School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering(船舶与海洋工程学院) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SHJTU), who also designed many other Chinese submersibles and unmanned underwater vehicles. (2) @media only screen and (min-device-width : 320px) and (max-device-width : 480px) { [1] On July 22, 2011, Jiaolong reached a depth of Script error in northeastern Pacific. �All these activities aim to better explore deep-sea resources and serve scientific research, the fruits of which will benefit ordinary people and their lives,� Liu Feng said. The initial intention was also to purchase the Jiaolong�s underwater acoustic communication transducer from the U.S. Only two vessels have ever gone deeper than Jiaolong, most recently Canadian filmmaker James Cameron on a solo trip to Challenger Deep, the deepest known point on the Earth's seabed, recording a maximum depth of 10,908 meters. In his 38-year career, from driving command, equipment installation, to experimental testing, to writing analysis reports, he is an expert; no one, manned, cabled, cableless... almost all kinds of submersibles, he participated in design and manufacturing. The Jiaolong successfully reached its designated dive zone at a depth of 7,000 meters, overcoming water pressure of 7,000 tons per square meter. Jiaolong (Script error flood dragon) is a Chinese manned deep-sea research submersible that can dive to a depth of over 7,000 m. It has the greatest depth range of any manned research vehicle in the world, the only manned expeditions to have gone deeper were the dives of the Trieste bathyscaphe in 1960 and the dive of the Deepsea Challenger in 2012, both diving to Challenger Deep.

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