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jazz songs about new york

Baker, Heather Baysa, Jack Buehrer, Jesus Diaz, Tom Finkel, Chaz Kangas, Mike Laws, Linda Leseman, Brian McManus, Albert Samaha, Alan Scherstuhl, Mike Seely, Brittany Spanos, Katherine Turman. Vast Aire’s lofty slam-poetry-esque flow combined with Vordul’s subtle softspoken streetwise style atop El-P’s crunching synth-based boom-bap to perfectly capture where New York was. Our hero complains that the price of a token is too high — and he has a point: The MTA bumped fares 43 percent, from 35 cents to 50, in September of ’75.

New York City may be the most sung about city in the world. Craig Taborn is a pianist of abundant gifts who underplays; he sculpts negative space through suggestion as much as through sound. Run-D.M.C.

The album cover faintly echoed The Freewheelin’ Bob of 15 years prior, minus a slushy backdrop and a shivering Suze Rotolo embrace. 14.

See “Rock, Crocodile”). Contributors: Steve Almond, R.C.

In 1979?

Smooth Jazz Mix New York Internet Radio - Radio Stations Online Smooth Jazz Mix New York Smooth Jazz Radio Station English; Website ; Like 1485 Listen live 106.

Seale, said Kunstler, faces the very real likelihood of execution. Stevie Wonder – “Living for the City” The hardest-edged hit this fa-la-la-ing superstar ever dared, … How New York is it? Ben E. King – “Spanish Harlem” Upper Manhattan’s Spanish Harlem (in more gentrified parlance: East Harlem) has inspired at least eight artists to song, including Paul Simon and Beirut, but it’s Ben E. King’s 1960 rendering of “Spanish Harlem” that’s the most evocative.

Clockwise from left: Guillermo Klein, Joel Ross and Kris Davis. By continuing to use this website, you agree to our policies regarding the use of cookies. Though Mitchell has apparently dismissed her composition as a bit of a treacly, nascent effort, the sweet gem was covered by three artists — Judy Collins, Fairport Convention, and Jennifer Warnes — before Mitchell herself even released it. If the song is insufferable, it’s because that part of Brooklyn has become insufferable. Glass house, boys.

But the title track was an original, inspired by the hundreds of hours he spent suspended between Manhattan and Brooklyn. New York Dolls – “Subway Train” In this tune, the New York Dolls compare frustrated love with riding the subway, a parallel that should resonate with anyone who’s been stuck underground in purgatorial limbo waiting for the train to move. Cub – “New York City” There’s lots to feel fuzzy about regarding Vancouver ’90s cuddlecore clique Cub’s ode to New York, the most adorable of which is probably that their declaration “everyone’s your friend in New York City” was in reference to a pre-Giuliani NYC, which the video for the song lovingly captures.

Dude really gets around, songwriterly speaking, and there’s a lot of NYC on that map. 'The fun has gone out of our practice.

Ms. Davis builds her compositions on crooked patterns and splintered loops that somehow become a kind of magnetic touchstone, bringing together wildly diverse musicians in tangled unity.

Bursting into the chorus right out of the gate, it’s by far the glammy proto-punk album’s fastest and hardest hit. We can’t say whether Dee Dee’s 1976 lament about a teenage rent boy working a notorious pickup corner to fuel his heroin habit was autobiographical, but let’s face it, it was probably biographical for someone. The Pogues – “Fairytale of New York” The Pogues’ 1987 paean to broken dreams in the Big Apple features Shane MacGowan at perhaps the soberest he’s ever sounded, which is still three sheets closer to alcohol poisoning than you’ve ever been. But because Wonder’s an optimist/melodist/genius, the hardness blooms again and again into what might be his greatest musical inspiration: those ribbons of glorious synth after each verse, hardy as sidewalk flowers but airy and galactic as aurora borealis. Listen to New York Jazz online. It’s easy to forget how avant-garde the act of rapping itself was in a world where the genre was just emerging, and Mel’s inimitable style helped show what a unique perspective this bold new medium could offer. 51. Look at it this way: If you go into a jukebox bar in this town and Garland Jeffreys ain’t on the jukebox, turn around.

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