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insomnia success stories reddit

Use the bed for sleep and sex only. I had to start on my right side, switch to my left, and go back to the right. No reading, no cell phones, no TV, no Reddit. In the third week, I finally stopped waking up at 5 a.m. and slept almost to my alarm. Every work night I couldn't sleep. I was worried I’d never sleep without it again, though knowing there’s something out there that can make me get a good night sleep when nothing else will really does make take a lot of anxiety away. But what type of treatment did you actually get that helped? However, as your insomnia gets better, you may be able to relax on some of the rules. I tried to view my later bedtime as "spare time" and enjoyed spending it with my boyfriend. It still shocks me that even in my most sleep deprived season of having two babies back-to-back I wasn’t able to sleep. ... My therapist told me insomnia is just the symptom, and many of us fall into the mistake of thinking of ourselves as “bad sleepers” when MOST OF THE TIME we’re not, it’s always some underlying issue like anxiety. I was too tired to restrict my sleep more. Repeat this 2-3 times. I thought there was something seriously medically wrong with me. And because you would be sleeping better most other nights of the week, having a night here or there or insomnia isn't such a big deal. But I did it anyway. it. Do you think this would work for someone who has certain high stress things they have to wake for , like exams ? Insomnia profoundly alters our relationship with sleep and we lose all trust in our ability to sleep. I was glad not to have a sleep medication addiction, but frustrated that nothing helped.

The first time I got to sleep without a lunesta for three nights in a row I was over the moon! Chronic insomnia sufferer here. Seriously? I, too, cycled through many insomnia and anxiety meds, including melatonin, 5-HTP, Passion flower, L-theanine, etc. I imagine that if/when I venture into actual THC, I’ll get even better results and probably spend less cheddar. I stopped sleeping in on weekends. Posts and discussion about insomnia and sleep disorders. I know everyone’s different, and for me my long term success has come in the form of knowing the best supplements and meds to take at what frequency so that they remain effective without negatively impacting my health. It made me realize I’m not completely broken and that my body still can figure out how to put itself to sleep. This! I made a commitment to myself that I wouldn't draw conclusions, I wouldn't draw conclusions that a bad night meant I was back, I would bring my mind back into the present and out of the insomnia story whenever it went there, and I would remain open. Trying to force myself to sleep more doesn't work. I was furious with him. But after I had my daughter, things went downhill. Two. The medical condition interrupted my ability to sleep. I'll spare you the details. Would I be allowed to do things in bed like read, outside of bedtime ?
Don't go to bed early, and don't go to bed until sleepy, even if it's past your "bedtime.".

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