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how to play sequence game

The game board depicts the 104 playing cards.
Once you have taken your turn and placed your marker chip on the game board, you must take a card from the draw deck. Game in play. You may play either one of the Jacks whenever they work best for your strategy, during your turn. Un jugador puede ocupar uno de los espacios de naipes con la condición que no esté cubierto con otra ficha. PROPÓSITO DEL JUEGO For 12 players 3 cards each (@fehrmeister) Playing the game involves players selecting a card from their hand.

Sequence is a great combination of games that will have surely become a favorite for you and your family. Once a player lays down a card, they draw another. The red chips are brought into play only when there is a third team playing. Hablar durante el juego: No se permite conversar o aconsejar a los miembros del equipo. All Rights Reserved. For 2 players or 2 teams: One player or team must score TWO SEQUENCES before their opponents. Play continues in a clockwise direction until someone gets the required number of sequences and wins the game. At the same time, players must try to keep the other team from achieving a sequence.

Para 2 jugadores o 2 equipos: Los jugadores deben dividirse en dos equipos iguales. Place the game board on a flat surface with enough room around the game board for placement of the draw deck of cards, chips and discards for each player. A connected series of five of the same colored chip either up or down, across or diagonally on the playing surface. The Joker cards are not used during the game, so these should be set aside.

To play a two-eyed Jack, place it on your discard pile and place one of your marker chips on any open space on the game board. The Sequence board game is the commercial version of an old card game called Jack Foolery. The two-eyed Jacks allow a player to place a chip anywhere on the game board except the wilds. No more than 3 teams can play.

Para 2 jugadores o 2 equipos: Un jugador o un equipo debe obtener DOS SECUENCIAS antes que sus rivales. More than 3 must be in teams. Please help us improve. Si uno de ellos dice algo que alerta a otro que está a punto de hacer algo que no debieran, cada miembro de ese equipo debe renunciar a un naipe de su elección que tenga en sus manos colocándolo en la pila de descarte de naipes. Si no retira un naipe antes de que el siguiente jugador se mueva y retire su naipe, usted pierde el derecho a retirar el naipe y debe terminar el juego con menos naipes que los demás jugadores, lo que es una desventaja. All players must use them as though their color marker chip is in the corner. Una vez que jugó la ficha, un jugador rival no puede quitarla, excepto cuando use un naipe Jota como se explica a continuación. Para 3 jugadores o 3 equipos: Los jugadores deben dividirse en tres equipos iguales. The Sequence Board game is simple to set up and consists of 1 board, 2 decks of Sequence playing cards and 135 playing chips.

NOTE: There are printed chips in the four corners of the game board. Cuando sea su turno, coloque el naipe muerto en la pila de descarte, anuncie que está devolviendo un Naipe Muerto y tome uno de reemplazo (un naipe por turno). 4 jugadores — 6 naipes c/u. Setup. EQUIPMENT: Cada jugador descarta un naipe con la cara hacia arriba en una pila de descarte de naipes (los jugadores deben comenzar su pila de descarte frente a ellos, visible a los otros jugadores), y luego coloca una de sus fichas en el naipe correspondiente en el tablero. More than one player may use the same corner as part of a Sequence. SECUENCIA: Una serie conectada de cinco fichas del mismo color en línea recta, hacia arriba o hacia abajo, cruzada o en diagonal en la superficie de juego. Each player is dealt a certain number of cards, depending on the number of players. Each card, except for the Jacks, is represented on the playing board twice. No puede colocar una de sus fichas en el mismo espacio durante su turno. Play continues in a clockwise direction until one player or team scores the required number of SEQUENCES, at which point that player or team wins the game. TABLA DE CANTIDAD DE NAIPES PARA CADA JUGADOR Asegúrese de que los miembros de un equipo usan fichas del mismo color. Red chips are used only when there is a third player or third team. When using a corner, only four of your marker chips are needed to complete a Sequence. If only two players or teams are playing, then use only the blue and green chips. Preparacion: El jugador a la izquierda del que reparte los naipes comienza a jugar y sigue hacia la derecha. TABLE FOR NUMBER OF CARDS DEALT EACH PLAYER: For 2 players 7 cards each For one player or team to score ONE SEQUENCE before their opponents. Una vez que un jugador o equipo logre una SECUENCIA , no puede separarse. Pérdida de un naipe: Después de usar su turno y colocar su ficha en el tablero de juego, debe retirar un naipe de la pila de naipes. No more than 3 teams can play. El juego continua hacia la derecha hasta que un jugador o equipo logre la cantidad requerida de SECUENCIAS; en ese momento el jugador o equipo gana el juego. For 2 teams(4 players): Team members must be evenly divided into two teams. If you are playing the game which requires two SEQUENCES to win, you may use any one of the spaces from your first SEQUENCE as part of your second. The red chips are brought into play only when there is a third team playing.

Luego siga con su turno normal. Joker cards are not used in the play of the Sequence game.

The number of sequences required to win is one or two depending on the number of players, or teams, involved in the game.

PLAYERS: Any number from 2 to 12 that is divisible by 2 or 3 can play (2,3,4,6,8,9,10, or 12). Up to 3 may play individually. Your goal in the game of Sequence is to get 5 chips in a row on the game board.

Game Board 50 Green Marker Chips 35 Red Marker Chips. The 4 jacks with ONE EYE are anti-wild. If the game is being played with teams, the team members cannot alert another player to a bad move or coach him in any way. For 10 players 3 cards each Naipe Jota: Hay 8 naipes Jota en el montón.

Either way, Sequence is a great choice for the entire family and will have you plotting to figure out the best method to outsmart your opponents.

Los 4 naipes Jota con DOS OJOS son comodines. If only two players or teams are playing, then use only the blue and green chips. Game continues as players attempt to place their chips in a sequence of five, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. 9 Printable and DIY Matching Games for Kids ; How to Play Sequence. Sequence is a great combination of games that will have surely become a favorite for you and your family. When board games are your Friday night out! Plus, it won't take all day to finish; a typical game only takes about 30 minutes. Besides having a great time with friends, the object of the game is to get the correct number of five chip sequences, in your color, on the board.

3 jugadores — 6 naipes c/u. 10 jugadores — 3 naipes c/u. Team members must alternate their physical positions with opponents around the playing surface. For 3 players or 3 teams: One player or team must score ONE SEQUENCE before their opponents.

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