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gamekeeper radar

United Kingdom. By putting knowledge to work in the field, you’ll experience more satisfaction and a deeper connection to nature. Join Defence IQ today and interact with a vibrant network of professionals, keeping up to date with the industry by accessing our wealth of articles, videos, live conferences and more.

online learning opportunities and agree to our User Agreement. According to Aveillant’s website, Singapore is the “second installation in (a) major urban environment”, after Monaco. Defence IQ, a division of IQPC
The company’s unique technology has also been used to monitor the 3D paths of fast jets performing at air displays and to track commercial aircraft passing over wind farms . Data output as standard Asterix Cat 48 for integration with other sensors and C2.

With no moving parts, it continuously "floodlights" the entire field of view providing location and velocity of every object detected. 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM GMT. Aveillant’s CEO, David Crisp, said “All too often in aviation, adoption of new technology only comes after there has been a serious accident of some sort. The sheer volume of fast jet movements and the complex nature of their aerobatic displays at the annual Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) at RAF Fairford in the UK means that the necessity to detect, track and monitor airborne ‘targets of interest’ is paramount from both an organisational perspective and a safety imperative. Working with DSNA Services, a subsidiary of the French Civil Aviation Authority, and Groupe ADP, operator of the three international airports in Paris, Gamekeeper will be the key component of DSNA Service’s Hologarde, a comprehensive counter-drone solution. additional terms may apply. Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation Post Event Report, Hypersonics Weapon Systems Online Conference Case Study.

Applications Unlike other radars, Holographic Radar™ can intelligently characterise the returns it gets from targets, therefore “understanding” the picture it is seeing. Unique Holographic Radar designed specifically for detection of small UAS

“The big problem most customers have is finding radar that can actually see these drones, particularly at distance, and then have the ability to discriminate on whether it's looking at birds or drones,” says David Crisp, Aveillant's CEO. Online - 9 - 1330 EST, November 16 - 17, 2020 Jump to main content | . This allows small, slow targets (such as drones) that would otherwise not be detected to be accurately tracked in real time at an update …

The Gamekeeper radar is able to detect, track and classify small Unmanned Air Systems (sUAS) in full 3 dimensions to a range of 5km., 18-21 Evolution Business Park However, the system is sufficiently flexible to be able to track the aerobatic performance of fast jets, providing the RAF Charitable Trust Enterprises (organisers of RIAT) with full 3D location, speed and headings. It has been deployed standalone as well as integrated with other sensors (EO camera, RF Scanner) and C2 systems. If you require any further information, then get in touch. In the last decade, the availability of low-cost, high-power computing enabled what we're doing.”. CB24 9NG unsubscribe at any time. (Photo: Thales Group), Mönch Verlagsgesellschaft mbH Christine-Demmer-Straße 753474 Bad Neuenahr – Ahrweiler Phone: +49 2641 3703 – 0 Fax: +49 2641 3703 - 199, Thales Demonstrates GAMEKEEPER Technology at RIAT.

As a result, counter-drone systems are a growing market. Key markets are in security, aviation and defence. In March, Aveillant announced a formal partnership with DSNA Services, the consultancy army of the French civil aviation authority, to integrate the Gamekeeper system into a wider counter-drone system that will include long-range, high-definition optical and infra-red cameras as well as radio-frequency detectors. SEE ALSO: A timeline of the rising small UAS threat. 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM GMT, 2020-09-29 News With these technologies, clients can detect, analyze and respond to safety and security threats anytime. Site Map: News: Organization: Search . Both our Theia (windfarm tolerant radar) and Gamekeeper (drone detection) product lines are based on this unique Holographic Radar™ technology. Aveillant’s radar solution, Gamekeeper, which is based on the staring array concept, uses a broad beam antenna to illuminate the whole of the desired search volume, with a static multi-element 2D receiver array digitised at element level. Aveillant’s Gamekeeper radar is the only technology to have proven effective in detecting small commercial drones at a range of 5km, and is already operational in Monaco and Singapore.

United Kingdom. Such aircraft have already been used in Syria and Iraq by Daesh to drop bombs on opposition forces; the idea that adherents to their cause who presently are planning or carrying out more ‘conventional’ terrorist acts in western countries may adopt unmanned aircraft for future attacks is by no means unimaginable. The potential for commercial or hand-build small unmanned aircraft to be used by terrorists to deliver explosive, chemical, biological or radioactive payloads is a growing concern.
Discover how our technology allows you to obtain a complete digital picture of the sky.

The additional data our Hololgraphic Radar technology is able to obtain, including micro-doppler measurements, supports target classification so that drones can be distinguished from other small targets such as birds. Latest weather radar images from the National Weather Service. The current state of AI in Defence and Security, Scary is Good: Thoughts from an SME on Engineering & Defence Innovation, Defence Innovators' Q&A: Rowden Technologies, Addressing the Innovation Adoption Problem in Defence, Hacking for MoD: Throwing Down the Gauntlet, Building a European UAS Ecosystem for Defence & Innovation, Bridging the Valley of Death: High Value Manufacturing & UK Defence Innovation.

With our Holographic Radar, we don't have a beam: we light up the entire sky in all directions, and we have a separate staring array – an eye, if you like - that's watching everything in all directions, at all heights, all the time.”.

This changes how radars can be used and will benefit a whole range of surveillance communities. United Kingdom, Paris Charles de Gaulle airport installs Aveillant Gamekeeper radar for drone detection, New Aveillant White Paper Published: Best Practice in Counter-Drone Systems, Aveillant’s bespoke anti-drone system at Heathrow to protect the UK’s busiest airfield, SAFIR Open Day proves ability of drones to safeguard critical areas. The idea of a constantly staring radar array, capable of tracking targets in three dimensions, is new: but in some key respects, Aveillant's trademarked Holographic Radar system echoes the original concept of radar. Before action can be taken, a threat aircraft has to be identified and tracked. Milton Road Aveillant, the Cambridge based radar technology company, has announced its first airport installation of the Gamekeeper drone detection radar. L-Band Publisher: Christian Wolff As a software defined radar, the Gamekeeper can be continuously updated as UAS and customer needs change. Established – Independent – Trusted – Since 1956. Get the actionable data you need to prevent serious incidents. The Gamekeeper radar is designed to detect targets down to 0.01m2 cross section and has a range of up to 5km. On or about December 8, 2020, the web pages here at … Gamekeeper 16U, based on our unique Holographic Radar technology, is optimised for the detection of small Unmanned Air Systems (sUAS) in 3 dimensions at a range of up to 7.5 km. “The computers in one of these radars operate at 10,000 times the speed of a Cray 1 and consume a few hundred Watts," says Gordon Oswald, Aveillant's chief scientific officer. Applications Contact us to discuss multi-radar deployments. Milton Road, Impington For further information on how we process and monitor A Gatekeeper system will have up to 4 sensor units, each comprising non-cooled IR and three TV cameras with a combined view of 120° in azimuth. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. It uses an array of fixed, staring receivers to form a digital 3D image of the sky in computer memory, providing 3D location and velocity of every object detected. It also means that there are no moving parts making it extremely low maintenance.

*Azimuth with a single radar. Careers, +44 (0)1223 455555

Online Event, October 29 - 30, 2020 During the 2018 iteration of the event – coincident with the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force – Thales deployed a GAMEKEEPER holographic radar to help with this demanding task.

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