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female christmas names

It epitimizes the spirit of Christmas for me. The word name Hope denotes the expectations of believers in the eternal life and resurrection. Tiffany derived from the medieval English name Theophania and means ‘appearing from God’ in Greek. Being born in the 1980’s my name was popular and almost never associated with the Holiday. 51 Good Catchy Christmas Business Names Dec 5, 2019 Feb 21, 2015 by Brandon Gaille Each year more than 25 to 30 million real Christmas trees are sold in the United States. Augustus means ‘noble’.

Well, one of the guys in there said his mom had told him never name a child something they would be ashamed of, or something that you wouldn’t like to be called. Happy Holidays to all & Have a lovely New Year! This name means ‘mild or merciful’. Both Claus, and its spelling variant Klaus would make a cool name for your son. Virginia means ‘chaste’. In “The Nutcracker”, Clara is the name of the little girl.

Here are a few ideas that might help broaden the list: Names related to the Holy Family and the birth of Jesus: Casper, Gaspard, Jasper– While he doesn’t appear in the Bible, this is also said to be the name (here in several versions) of one of the three wise men, Christian, Christine, Christina, Christopher, Christabel (girl) and Cristobal (boy) – Followers of Christ, Emmanuel for a boy, or Emmanuelle, for a girl, Epiphany– For the celebration just following that commemorates the visit of the Magi, Estelle, Estella, Esther, Seren, Stella– All have meaning related to “star”, Joseph, Josepha, Josephine (also cognates Giuseppe and Jozef), Maria, Mary– The mother.

It means ‘noble’.

Cat Name Generator. In the Catholic calendar, Epiphany, the season following Christmas, which makes it a potential Christmas name. The film and novel “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” has made it even more popular. Love my new granddaughter’s name – chosen for other reasons than Christmas, but also sounds like an updated Christmas name IMO – Harper Redding. No other name can proclaim your faith more than this moniker. Noelle. This Spanish name means ‘birthday’.

In my humble opinion, Rudolf and Claus would be better suited to German babies.

Looking for Christmas names for your holiday-season babe? This warm and friendly name means ‘free man or Frenchman’. The most famous Nicholas is none other than Saint Nicholas aka Santa Claus. This name featured in the movie “Elf”. Tashia: A wonderful name which means “born at Christmas” Candy: Sweet and lilting to the ear, this means “dazzling white.” It commemorates the season splendidly; Helen: Short and lovely name that means “bright one” Sarah: An ideal name for Christmas time meaning “pure and happy” Noeleen: Of French origin, this name means “Christmas” Angele: Its a Greek name which means “messenger or angel” Rachel is also the name of the first wife of Jacob and Joseph’s mother.

A great name is one of the best gifts you can bestow. Olive means ‘olive tree’. Names inspired by Christmas are also among the most unique name choices two parents can choose for their child. Audrey was the youngest Griswold daughter in the movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. However, it has been lying unused since the year 1915. Jovie means ‘jovial’. There are Christmas dog names that come from holiday movies. We sincerely hope you got some inspiration on choosing a Christmas name for your expecting bundle of joy! Cecil Frances Alexander had written a poem, which inspired the classic carol, “Once in Royal David’s City”. This astronomical name is reckoned to gain extreme popularity in the coming years. The association of this Middle English name with Christmas comes from the practice of calling carolers Waits as the tradition began with a group of watchmen singing tunes. We think it will work best in the middle spot or as a nickname. I was also born over a week late so they never considered having a baby so close to Christmas. Your son will even get to share his name with Christian Bale, one of the most iconic actors of our generation.

It has risen in popularity over the last few years entering the top 50 in the USA in 2016. We think it’s a great option for parents who avoid overtly feminine names. As our world becomes more populated, uniqueness and diversity are becoming more and more appealing. Did we miss your favorite seasonal name? This name will honor Clement Moore, the writer of “’Twas the Night Before Christmas”, who disclosed the names of the eight reindeer. When we consider this feeling of hope that inspires us to think of creative names for our children, it’s only natural that certain times of the year that inspire creativity and hope within us affect our naming choices.

A list of baby names that begin with the letter F, including their meanings, origins and popularity. This musical name was a huge rage at the turn of the last century, reaching the 275th spot in 1884. Name Generator > Fantasy Names > Christmas Elf Names. This name has begun returning to the nurseries of Britain and the United States after years of hiatus. A beautiful Russian version of Natalie, which also means Christmas. Marianne is a British writer and researcher who has always been fascinated by names and where they come from. I would be careful of naming a child Shepherd simply because so many people name their dogs Shep. The origin of the name Yule stems back to Old English and means ‘winter solstice’. Once again, I am running frantically to cross things off the list, get the baking done, trim the tree (first we have to get that tree…), and find the ever elusive Christmas stockings before it’s too late.

Along with Stella, other Christmas names for girls in the US Top 1000 include Eve, … also i love the named their so creative!

If you aren't sure about Nicholas, you might like some of its variants: Lucia is a pretty name meaning light. Merry was in the top 1000 baby girls names in the 1950s, but is now rarely used. If you are a fan of the classic Christmas movie, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, you can consider the name Charlie for your son. Design: Yvonna Groom/SheKnows. Christmas time should be fully of Joy, so this is a fitting name for baby girls born in this season. Rudolf, the name of the Santa’s most favorite reindeer, is one of those vintage names that might be back anytime soon. It means ‘pleasant wood’. Linus means ‘flaxen haired’. If you purchase a product or service linked from this site, we may receive an "affiliate commission". Androgynous names are really popular these days, which may be why I’ve heard it used for either. If you are of Christian faith, you may want to name your baby girl a spiritual or biblical name inspired by Christmas. Check them out to get some inspiration. If you’re new parents of a little one or soon-to-be parents, there are many reasons to give your child a December/Christmas-themed name, especially if they’re born in the month of the December. Male Female Get Sexy Christmas Name. C A Christmas Carol characters‎ (8 P) F Balthazar, also spelled as Balthasar, is the name of one of the Three Wise Men who brought gifts to baby Jesus. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

All rights reserved. One of the least common names in the list, Epifanio is a Hispanic name, meaning ‘bringing lights’. Christmas baby names are also making headlines in the news. If you are religious, Christmas is about faith. This English name refers to the plant with red berries that people use to decorate their house during the holidays. OK, I think Eben is kind of cute, but not Ebenezer simply because of the Dickens’ character named Ebenezer Scrooge in “A Chistmas Carol.” Go with Eben instead (imo). His name means ‘city of the king’. A pretty name for girl's born in the winter, after the lovely fruit. I have a cousin born on Christmas Eve who was given the name Josie Noel. This Latinate name means ‘eager for war’.

Your email address will not be published. It means ‘man’. The French word for Christmas. Christmas seems to arrive sooner every year. Tiffany means ‘epiphany’.

Harper, her fave name conjures up image of Christmas carols and angels, and Redding is a family surname as well as her favorite color ‘red’. There are far more December-themed names out there than many parents think, and many Christmas names are suited for both genders (such as Hope, Joy, Winter, December, Yule and Angel). Caleb means ‘devotion to God’. Names that recall the spirit of the season: (Mistletoe and Poinsettia are other possibilities, though I can’t get behind either one). See a medical professional for personalized consultation. The Name Meaning >> Articles >> Baby articles >> Christmas Names – Baby names Inspired by Christmas. Natalie is a beautiful name that means Christmas day or born at Christmas. Lauren Said on February 23rd, 2010 at 11:42 pm.

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