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everybody's gone to the rapture ending

In the end Kate forgives Stephen and excepts that he was meant for Lizie. Seems pretty cryptic, but the puzzle is more simple than it first appears.

In the camp, there is seemingly a love-triangle between Charlie, Rhys, and Rachel. To me, the start of the End of Days begins with a peculiar aurora that Stephen predicted and Kate elaborated her research on. One by the Tipworth Junction train tracks(west side of map) halfway buried in the ground. In the hours before the Aurora Event, Kate reveals to Stephen that she knows to a certain extent what’s been going on between Lizzie and him.

During this time the town is in silent chaos. Wendy seems to be a sort of busybody around the village.

Quite literally raptured upon death. Throughout the end of days, he’s running through town trying to convince people to huddle in the safety of the church. Archived.

A subreddit for the upcoming game Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. The story is a tale about death; beauty in death, tragedy in death, and transcending death.

TL;DR The last act, titled "Kate", and radio logs before this, tie together the love story. Anyone have a good explanation on what was going on?

Kate did think that perhaps Stephen was her soul mate but as the last chapter reveals this was a wrong assessment and instead it was the creature who was meant for her and now with its purpose found all things come to an end. For even more info on Everybody’s Gone to The Rapture, check out a rundown of an AMA from the game’s creative director. I have a different interpretation.

A friend of mine thought of the light as the Pattern, but I'm not truly convinced yet. She is also extremely smart, genius level. Anyone have a good explanation on what was going on? I will say that perhaps my interpretation is shaped by the Arthur C Clarke book Childhood's End which has a similar concepts about humanity's end and eventual ascension. having time frozen. This includes Stephen's own mother, Wendy. After the singularity occurs, the memories of those we love linger on forever and simultaneously. (The timeline on this confused me a bit because of what happens with her and Charlie.

She is with The Pattern. which would mean that Wendy is also related to Jeremy’s now departed wife, Mary. The event or wave travels through phone lines or other forms of technology searching for something but in it's search it consumes the villagers with light, when consumed by light they are still living in a different type of existence (as learned from the last act) but they no longer are among the living as we know them. If humans hit this point we'd say it was the singularity. Towards the end Stephen sees that the event must be stopped and he believes the only way to stop it is to kill everyone in the village. was terminally ill, and it’s heavily implied that he helped her take her life to end her suffering.

22. This relationships continues as the event begins to take control of the small town.

Now… as I said I think /u/ultrareviews is right on the money with regards to Stephen, Lizzie, and Kate. Didn't see these, where are they located? To be perfectly honest, the relationship between these three was not completely clear to me, but it seemed like Charlie and Rachel have a child together out of wedlock who they are taking care of while working for extra money at the camp.

We are the pattern, experiencing all time at once.

She's remained good friends with Lizzie even after Stephen left home and ended their engagement. I have seen a theory that in the game time is suspended(I think). Reference when Kate talks about how the pattern shows her everyone is together after death.

The end of Lizzy's story in the Main Hall, holy god that was depressing. Following the light takes us through their journey leading up until their deaths. The end represents the end of everything. And the fade to white is the rapture and Kate's going to the rapture. He does so by having the bombs dropped. And maybe he’s lost a little faith in himself and his God. This one was not buried in the ground and you could read the label stating some kind of gas dispersal. Kate understands this and sees it as beautiful and accepts it. The camp is less than two weeks away from their performance of Peter Pan. I'll have to play again to clarify.). Anyway this Pattern begins infecting the livestock and eventually it resides inside people as well. She likes to stick her nose in everyone business, likely because she has little else to do. Further, because of this, the answer to the question of who you play as in the game is "everyone." I just finished up the game tonight and I have no idea what to think!


That or the pattern stopped them from detonating. I kind of thought the planes were dropping gas or something instead of bombs. Stephen doesn’t realize just how entranced though, and he’s locked out by Kate by the time he realizes how much damage has been done to the town. One thing that I have noticed is people are viewing this story more based on mystery. Press J to jump to the feed. I don't think it's that time is suspended exactly, just that whatever the player is, come kind of collective consciousness presumably, possibly even the pattern itself, is a collector of a time as Kate says. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture Ending Discussion (SPOILERS!)

The Entity is alive, traveling through electrical and phone lines… and eventually across the town… perhaps even out of the town (the very last scene suggests that the whole world may have succumbed to the entity.). For Ever Lyrics: 4. The severity of her disability is never made clear (at least I never found out much beyond how it affected her ability to walk) but it definitely was part of the breaking point that caused Stephen to end it and move to the United States. Kate seems to be unable to unwilling to let it effect her to an extreme but she feels betrayed.

The numbers follow a simple substitution cipher, a common way to turn a series of letters into a list of numbers.

Jessica Curry - Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (Original Soundtrack) Album Lyrics; 1.

She is the one who initially encourages Lizzie to go out for that first drink with her son. Although he helps comfort who he can, he draws the ire of just about everyone in the village, one of whom pushes him in the basement down a flight of stairs (technically through the bannister) where he either sprains or breaks his ankle.

Excellent interpretation... also a good answer to the question of who the player is. So my take on it was that there was an entity. This species had long ago died. It begins with Kate and Stephen who are married and met in the United States.

Also TL:DR added as some of the beginning has been said before in this thread, So a user named /u/ultrareviews wrote word for word what /u/TheWatcher0012382 wrote in THIS thread over at r/PS4… At the end of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture lies a perplexing string of numbers.

Wendy, whose husband passed before the events of this game, is actively engaged in many parts of the community. As to why the pattern arrived at Earth (whether directed or by coincidence) we can only speculate. The Pattern has trouble seeing death as an issue because time is arbitrary to them. Take a look. The End of All Things Lyrics: 9. Perhaps they have been made aware of this event via the Number Stations that seem to be airing across the airwaves? I'm still torn on this. I'm not disagreeing with you but up until the end it was my interpretation that it was something left of that person guiding you around. All of My Birds Lyrics: 5. Maybe he was partly responsible?

He fades away. Douglas Hofstadter is a cognitive science professor, and these words come from his book I Am A Strange Loop, a work that theorizes on the metaphysical sense of “I.” In other words, Hofstadter explores how the way in which humans self-perceive and self-reference can illuminate the most intriguing and unique qualities of the human mind.

Charlie, Rachel, and Rhys end up taking care of all the children, taking them all together into the Main Hall (where Peter Pan is nearly set up.) Rhys is warned by several people not to get involved with her due to her dad's wrath but they get involved regardless and meet to fly away to France. Take a look. Now, backing up a bit, we have Father Jeremy. Carry Me Back to Her Arms Lyrics: 7. This is even somewhat referenced by Kate who talks about studying light from long dead stars.

The game was released for Windows on 14 April 2016. There are two that I have found sort of buried in the ground, and they are clearly the type that are dropped from a plane. Kate makes multiple references to the pattern being "lonely" and that it had traveled so far for so long.

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