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effects of imperialism in africa

Through imperialism, Christianity was brought to the continent. Imperialism involved “turning Africa’s back” on previous centuries and traditional ways of life in an attempt to start the process on “dis-Africanizing Africa”.11 Cultural imperialism had a tremendous influence on African identity and heritage. This is because besides national unity, the strength of each nation to protect itself from other powers depended on its economic power and expansion. You can view samples of our professional work here. An evaluation of British imperialism in Nigeria would show that they took from the Nigerians for the improvement of their nation.

In addition to the…, As European countries began to believe that imperial expansion was crucial to the survival of their countries, they set out to find more nations that would benefit them in the long run. Lands needed for mining displaced many people from their homes [24] . King Leopold II of Belgium formed a privately controlled government named the “Congo Free State”.

Conclusion: European imperialism turned Africa upside down.

Also, African women were forced to merge their identities with those of their husbands. This was the effect of European imperialism in Africa in the late 19th century through the mid-20th century. [4] Economically, Spain improved the country tremendously as they created more jobs and it resulted in Equatorial Guinea having the highest income per capita rate compared to her bordering countries [5] .

In German East Africa however, their were not strong native systems to use and so the government was forced to rule though Arab government agents. Before colonization, personal names were part of the collective uniqueness of each ethnic group. Due to the many contradicting aspects of racism during the 17th century and the limited information known about the personality of Conrad, the question of racism versus realism is too complex to give a definitive answer. Countries usually take over other countries do it to gain power and/or for benefits for trade. The mining released toxic chemicals that polluted the rivers and soils and the dust from the bulldozers and transportation caused air pollution.

The colonialists needed raw materials for their industries
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Europeans helped Africa in many ways but it was primarily for their benefits too. Imperialism of Africa and Asia had both good and bad effects.

Africa, imperialism and the partition of 13 War did break out between the British and Boers over control of South Africa in 1899. Through imperialism, Christianity was brought to the continent.

Culturally, European imperialism uprooted Africa’s spiritual and traditional values, exploited the people of Africa, and prompted colonial racism. In the recent history of Africa, many people have been asking the same question over and over again, what are the lasting effects Of imperialism in Africa countries.For those who are opportune to cross the shore of their country to take a tour to any Africa Countries or who live in any of the Africa countries, they are always posed with same question over and over again, is there any … In the 1880s, the scramble for Africa began, which brought destruction to the continent. With the help of both these European countries, small nations such as Morocco and Equatorial Guinea were able to develop and further narrow the economic gap between their nations and the Europeans.
One quote in the poem really helps drives this feeling of superiority into the reader, “Your…, Firstly, Europeans uprooted spiritual and traditional values of the African people. The civil war was so horrifying that the Red Cross members weren’t allowed in there for months.

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