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doubtful sound overnight camping

Staff 'n' crew cheerful, helpful skipper and nature guide absolutely superb. If you feel so inclined, Real Journeys also offers a kayaking experience for those willing. I needn't have worried, Doubtful Sound offers numerous sheltered coves and no rolling swells. Our tour and overnight stay was on board the boat Southern Secret. Fiordland Cruises is a local family-owned business who have had four generations of family offering hospitality in Te Anau and Fiordland for over 60 years. Don’t miss these awesome things to do in Queenstown. Of course, the views were not dissimilar from those you get on the boat. Charters can be arranged on demand (subject to availability) for small groups, friends, family, or for couples seeking a private Doubtful Sound experience.

Overall a far better day trip than I was expecting. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

We shot until our memory cards were full, then went inside for a highly anticipated gourmet dinner! Then spend the night in a comfortable cabin, including a 3-course buffet dinner and breakfast. A Doubtful Sounds overnight cruise provides an unforgettable experience. Southern Secret is a wonderful way to see the fabulous scenery and miss the crowds. What seemed odd at first now made sense, and with everybody having their own choice in food and quantities to eat for the night, nobody complained at all. Love rainforests? Before I went on this cruise, i had read so many wonderful reviews and was getting worried about how these great reviews would set my expectations too high. The heavy rain can actually bring the landscape to life with hundreds or even thousands of temporary waterfalls spilling from the cliffs to the sea. Aidan found a clearing in the forest and we came ashore to have lunch. You can select up to 9 travellers in total. With around 5 hours of kayaking each day, you’ll get to truly appreciate the expanse and primordial beauty … Omg, this place would be amazing to visit. Beautiful views, the crew were great, food excellent. Prices charged will be the valid rate at time of travel. It was here we did the proper introductions to our small group of overnighter kayakers, who were now beginning to properly wake up after the early start. On our cruise, we only saw bottlenose dolphins and fur seals the first night, but that was pretty exciting. Check out the photos below of what our previous guests have enjoyed on-board with us.

All have private bathroom with toilet and shower facilities. Viator uses cookies to improve your experience on our website. Magically the sun broke out completely, illuminating all of Doubtful Sound. Manapouri was busier than usual despite the obvious effect of “corvid19” due to the closure of Milford Sound. From Doubtful Sound to Lake Te Anau, direct 20 minutes flight is $1100 for 2 or 3 passengers. If you find value in our guides & would like to thank the artists, please click the logo below to show your support.

We ate past the point of comfort. A bit further on was the elevated long-drop toilet, with everything contained to remove any chance of leakage in the forest.

Then descend to Deep Cove in Doubtful Sound to meet the crew and board the Fiordland Navigator. We thought it was incredible that he went through such an effort due to the vocal interest of so many of the passengers. Walls in cabins are very thin could hear snorers on either side which did not allow for much sleep but the experience out weight it, highly recommend this as a MUST DO.

Of course, the value of a dollar is different for all of our readers! These “bonus” features took it from “fun day out” to “an unforgettable experience”. The dinner we had on the Real Journeys overnight cruise was the best we can remember having in all of New Zealand, throughout all of our trips. Our goal is to create helpful & inspiring travel guides that combine our passion for photography with our insatiable desire to explore.

Our small ship allows visitors to take part in a personalised, authentic experience which they will remember for a lifetime. You will not be disappointed! The only thing that shone brighter was the smiles on all of our faces. The sky was dark but the clouds were high, meaning we were granted splendid views of the towering mountains around us. The level of experience they had and the amount of effort they put in to ensure that everyone had a great time is unparalleled. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. A must do when in the area! An overnight cruise is an incredible way to enjoy the spectacular scenery and array of wildlife including penguins, seals and dolphins. With a reputation that spread to intrepid travellers all across the country, we knew that we may have found our perfect adventure destination in Doubtful Sound. And I don't normally give reviews as I'm told I'm difficult to please. The review and information that follows is unsolicited and unsullied by sponsorship. It is very pretty, but we felt that too much of the time on the Milford Sound overnight cruise was spent finding ways to keep us entertained.

You are in for a bit of a journey just getting to Doubtful Sound. The company we went with (Real Journeys) arranges pick up in Queenstown, Manapouri, and Te Anau. Access to the sound is by sea or air only – very few people get to experience the beauty of this magical place. We set the alarm early so we could eat breakfast and get on the water as soon as possible.

Lunch, dinner was excellent. Experience the natural beauty of Doubtful Sound on an overnight cruise departing from Manapouri on New Zealand’s South Island. However, even he never had an issue on our cruise. Just you, your small group and your kayaks.

Additionally, the terrain itself seems to form weather patterns and microclimates that change by the second! Budget and time are really the only two reasons we cannot recommend the Doubtful Sounds overnight cruise for everyone. The harsh and rugged beauty of it is what makes spots like Milford Sound such an attraction, and it’s little wonder that nearly a million people flock there every single year.

The forest was peaceful, and other than the birds waking there wasn’t another sound to be heard. Well worth the trip and my, Hotels near Fiordland National Park (Te Wahipounamu), Fiordland i-SITE Visitor Information Centre, Your ship’s come in for waterside trips and more, From snorkel to surfing—no expertise necessary, Take to the skies for one-of-a-kind views, Flexible itineraries and personal experiences. If he entered he felt it was doubtful they could leave again. The only sound was of our paddles breaking the surface of the water and our good-natured chatter. Click here.

Jason thank you for going the extra mile to ensure this was indeed the trip of a lifetime. Real Journies looked after us royally from start to finish. All I can say is if you get the chance, do it. Early transfer coach from Queenstown departs at 6:55am; Departing from Te Anau at 9:00am or meet us in Manapouri for a 10:00am departure.

All purchases or bookings you make through We Dream of Travel come at no extra cost to you.

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