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dead rising 4 key

District: West Ridge When you arrive in the first lighted room beyond the blown open gate, move down the steps up ahead then enter the room to the right. Baron Von Brathaus is in the southeast corner of the Medieval Town plaza. Location: Inside the fresh produce stand that’s shuttered, across the street from Kent’s Farm. Location: The key to the bunker is in the Central Plaza, right on Santa’s big chair in North Pole Village. There are plenty of ways to save survivors, but opening Zom-B rooms will find those hidden handful that don’t appear anywhere else. You have install it on your pc/mac firstly and then connect with your other console. Usually, lockers contain a valuable blueprint — and new to Dead Rising 4, you’ll also find safe room bunkers. Location: In the medical room to the right as you enter the Old Town Emergency Shelter. 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Location: In the garage of the North Peak Emergency Shelter. There is no limit to generate serial keys for Dead Rising 4 game and you can use this creator as you want. Location: On the second floor of Cochrane’s Irish Pub, grab this key for the hidden bunker door in the basement. The entrance is on the east side of the building. Store: Cochrane’s Irish Pub While on the second floor, enter Tom’s bedroom and check his closet. Location: Found next to the dumpsters in the back corner of the Christmas Tree lot, near the Maniac battle arena. Store: Speedy Expresso Location: The Zom-B bunker key is in the back corner of Rhiannon Ferosh in the Miami Boardwalk area. District: Willamette Memorial Megaplex – Central Plaza Go through the door to the back of the store and enter the dark shooting range area (turn on night vision). Move the Antique Car to spot it on the ground. Store: N/A Search the maintenance hallway through the doors next to North Pole Town Square Workshop. More Dead Rising 4 guides, secrets, and Easter eggs: Locker keys open locked shelves that usually contain a blueprint or rare items. Once you get inside, climb up the dumpster near the wall to the north then fall to the other side. Location: The key is on the second floor of the facade on the southern-center wall of Caribbean Cove. If you go to the barn, you’ll find the locker beside the doorway inside and the locker contains an Electric Wreath combo weapon. Go there and you’ll find the locker in the garage portion of the building. Willamette Jr High School is in the center of the bottom portion of West Ridge. The locker contains a Dynameat combo weapon. Location: This key is found in the living room filled with props at the Prawp Residence interior. Find Synthetic Cosmetics on the north portion of Miami Boardwalk then enter the store and move toward the back doorway then unlock the panic room via the keypad to the right of the doorway. Location: In the armory room to the left as you enter through the front doors of the West Ridge Emergency Shelter. Dead Rising 4 CD Key Generator Screenshot: When you download this Dead Rising 4 CD Key Generator you have to install it on your laptop, pc or mac. Return to the Pirate’s Catch Restaurant and use this on the locker inside to get the Fish Launcher blueprint. Willamette Memorial Megaplex  – Key Locations. This key will open the locker in the security room further into the dam area. Location: Cochrane’s Irish Pub is on the east portion of Old Town. Store: N/A Open-world zombie carnage with huge hordes of zombies, crafting system, Exo-Suits, new zombies and 4 player co-op mode! Location: Just outside Albert’s Apparel, on the first floor thoroughfare near the west side of Caribbean Cove. Climb the curved stairs to find a body with the keys. District: Old Town Location: Found under the stairs in Cochrane’s Irish Pub. Step inside the open room and you’ll find this key on the table to the left. The locker keys listed below are assorted into each district found in Willamette (including the Willamette Memorial Megaplex). Enter the building and walk over to the counter on the left side of the stairs that lead to the second floor and this will be on that counter. Dead Rising 4 Steam Key GLOBAL. Location: On the tool cabinet inside the garage  of McKenzie Auto. Dead Rising 4 marks the return of photojournalist Frank West in an all-new chapter of one of the most popular zombie game franchises of all time. District: Willamette Memorial Megaplex – Caribbean Cove Location: While at the Hudson’s Dairy Farm on the east side of West Ridge, step into Tom’s house and this will be on the table across from the fireplace. Go to the northeast portion of the building and you’ll find a keypad near the doorway in the northeast room. Location: In the northern Tornado Convenience Stop, in the small area between Old Town and North Peak. Enter the store and these keys will be on the reception desk along the left side of the store. The locker contains a fire grenade. Kevin Thielenhaus / Locker Keys are hidden throughout the environment and sometimes in panic room. Location: Speedy Expresso is to the southwest of the Willamette Jr High School. District: North Peak Go back into the middle room then step into the garage on the other side of the house and you’ll find the locker containing the Gandelf blueprint inside. Location: Found in the military tent outside the front entrance from the Central Plaza. In the middle of the dark tunnel, he will have to go through a doorway and then this will be on the floor before he has to go down some stairs.

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