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daisy johnson interview

I must wholeheartedly agree.
DJ: I came to the US this year and this happened to me a couple of times in bookshops. For this I read a lot, but Iris Murdoch’s husband’s account of her dementia was most helpful. On the other hand, my novel also is really a story about mistaken identity and it became very clear as I was writing it: the need to create a degree of difference between the characters.

It is also something in the water and all the characters are afraid of it. Margot/Marcus decided to change gender as a protection, they feel so very endangered. She has lived in Oxford – by the river, of course – for eight years, but no longer has to work as a bookseller at Blackwells, or to teach, having the financial stability to write full time, a situation that is “sort of bizarre, but also really wonderful”. Their father is dead – he is a mysterious, often malign absence in the novel, like, says Johnson, a monster in the corner – and the move has precipitated a depression in their mother so severe that she, too, becomes absent, leaving them to forage tinned food and roam about the place while she remains shut up in a bedroom. I thought something awful had happened and then she told me I’d been longlisted.

DJ: No that was a thought that came later, perhaps about half way through writing the stories. A. Poythress: I’ve been reading Peter Orner’s Am I Alone Here? Considering it now, it’s interesting to think about every book and film that portrays an older man having a relationship with a younger woman. I’m a messy drafter and my editing is often more like rewriting. The Rumpus NewsletterGet Our Overly PersonalEmail Newsletter, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window). AP: Would you consider FEN a horror collection? A Line Made by Walking by Sara Baume got me because it has a fox on the front and I can never resist foxes, I really enjoyed that. Yes of course. We strive to be a platform for marginalized voices and writing that might not find a home elsewhere, and to lift up new voices alongside those of more established writers we love. Gradually, though, something came together. Her first novel, Everything Under, has been longlisted for the 2018 Man Booker Prize. It has also meant that I’ll be able to live off my writing, which I haven’t really gotten my head around yet!

“I was always very good. The novel Everything Under is a retelling of Oedipus Rex, but it is about so much more than that. DJ: Good question. The East Anglia native currently lives and writes in Oxford, England, after earning her Master’s in Creative Writing at Oxford University. Yours are not the lengthy short stories of yesteryear. My second book, Everything Under, which is out next year, has been the bane of my life.

AP: You say writing “seemed accidental” in American Short Fiction. I wanted a hard word, almost a sound rather than an actual description of something. Except that the next book I’m working on is a horror novel set in Yorkshire and writing the scary bits disrupts my sleep, makes me sleep walk. The most FEN-like thing? She recalls reading one in which a gold cloud attacks a woman, but also that the word rape is never used: “That must have really changed the way we thought about our bodies and our boundaries and our sexualities and what it means, what other people can do to your body and what you can do to your own body. The fen becomes a character in its own. A good short story can, I think, change the world in the way a novel can. Rumpus: One more mother question: I felt the book positioned the mother/daughter relationship as a primary (as in primal) story, because of the “I” perspective of the daughter to the “you” of the mother. Daisy Johnson is the author of debut short story collection FEN as well as her first novel, Everything Under. AP: I found FEN because I was wandering around a bookstore café and the cover design called out to me as being stark and creepy — just the mood I was in for reading. DJ: I am a child of the creative writing workshop so my first encounter with writing was the short story.

Gretel was not there in the earlier drafts of the book. AP: Place plays such a pivotal role in FEN. I’ve been obsessed by myth for as long as I can remember. AP: “Daisy Johnson was born in 1990.” Every time I see that, I feel both hopeful and despondent. Rumpus: Oedipus is very, very old, one of the oldest stories still circulating in Western culture. I loved the novels by American authors which were on the list this year—I think they were doing really interesting things. What I love about myths is their timelessness, how applicable they can be to us even now. The 2020 Booker Prize winner will be announced on Thursday 19 November However I am always, I think, a little flinty when the comparison comes up. DJ: It is probably both just the way I write and also a consequence of the sort of short story writer’s I was reading. I was born in 1991 and all I can hope is to one day have a collection half as good as yours out. I haven’t read much sci-fi but V.E. I spend a lot of time jumping at noises in the house or writing by the back door so I have a good exit strategy. Johnson likes that idea, and firmly says she’s not the kind of writer that turns away from reading fiction when she’s working on her own books, or steers clear of anything that feels too similar. What did you think of when writing about “the river”? Charon the dead ferryman and the idea of guides in fiction. Peanuts Fans Petition to Bring Charlie Brown Specials Back to Broadcast TV. I don’t believe in faith, but I think, I do, believe that the things happened to you will cause other things that will happen in the future. However: my third book is a novel and so far it’s a joy. The book is a retelling but is also an exploration of a lot of things which the myth has nothing to do with. It’s not something I ever even considered for Everything Under but it is, of course, what every writer writing in English aims for and to have it for my first novel is just overwhelmingly wonderful. Of the recent manifestations of the Black Lives Matter movement, Johnson says: “I think we should feel both as writers and as readers and people that we have to do better”, and while “it’s not an easy time to be looking at yourself or looking at other people, I think that books seem to be at the front of that.”, Gender is another matter, and again she cites the Greek myths, and how exciting it was for a 13-year-old to read about Tiresias changing gender, “and it didn’t mean anything, it wasn’t a complicated thing to do, of course you can be different genders, it was just taken for granted”. If I could have one wish for my writing, it would be for it to feel timeless, for it to mean something to a reader in fifty years. It’s easy to get caught up in the ritual of writing and then not to write anything. We strive to be a platform for marginalized voices and writing that might not find a home elsewhere, and to lift up new voices alongside those of more established writers we love. They need to be harder. It’s so quiet until it’s not! Everything Under was a slog to write, often wonderful, mostly a little torturous. What I really wanted to explore was the process of repeated memories that come back again and again, especially Gretel’s memories of what happened on the rivers that night.

Some of the river-related things I thought about or read while writing were: The fact that anything could be beneath the surface and we wouldn’t know. I had inklings. Which do you prefer? I’m hoping that is a good sign. It has changed my life.

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