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catharsis freud

In spite of this, healthier than performing an emotional catharsis is to avoid reaching the point where we need it. This means that we often make efforts to hide our emotional responses and we can even fall into the dynamics of repressing them and living with the automatic pilot, trying to avoid the feelings we have on a daily basis. Catharsis Definition. New York: Academic Press. Psychology EncyclopediaPsychological Dictionary: Abacus to Courage, Copyright © 2020 Web Solutions LLC. That is why it does not make sense to fear our own emotions, as these are part of our life and our way of being, and if we ignore them, we may overload our mind with repressed sensations too much. In fact, Freud thought that the psychological alterations occurred when we did not overcome some traumatic event of our lives and this was integrated into our subconscious in the form of miserable emotions and feelings. This was the name given to a religious group of the middle age dissident of the  Catholic Church, which reached its greatest diffusion in the south of France. This current, explains that the exposure of violence and aggressiveness in the media works as catharsis for people who consume or visualize these media. If we look at this “emotional explosion”, it is given by an accumulation of experiences and periods of our life in which we have not made all the emotional expressions that we needed. The goal was “purification” or emotional catharsis to release the shock or trauma. In other schools of psychotherapy, catharsis refers to the therapeutic release of emotions and tensions, although not necessarily unconscious ones such as Freud emphasized. In psychology, the term was first employed by Sigmund Freud's colleague Josef Breuer (1842-1925), who developed a "cathartic" treatment for persons suffering from hysterical symptoms through the use of hypnosis. The term catharsis originated from the Greek word katharsis, meaning to purge, or purgation.
Terms of Use. So, having a place in the world where you can free yourself of all your emotions without any prejudice or fear is a highly effective therapeutic tool. In fact, the content that is exposed in the media participates in the internalization of values ​​and norms, so it acquires a lot of relevance when it comes to predicting certain behaviors in the people who make the society. A curse is sealed, and all must face their worst fears as the darkness closes in. In fact, the well-known Greek philosopher linked this term to the literary tragedy, arguing that when a spectator saw a tragic play, he visualized his own weaknesses of spirit and positions of conscience in the actors. The cathartic theory from the point of view of social psychology is based on the function performed by aggressive scenes and violent contents in the media. However, there is a current that defends the opposite and postulates that the dissemination of violence in the media has a high psychological value for society.
In this way, he began using catharsis independently of hypnosis and consisted of talking about the traumatic events of a person’s life so that he could release his innermost emotions. The catharsis of aggression: An evaluation of a hypothesis. In L. Berkowitz (Ed. Catharsis in modern psychology. In fact, in the society in which we live, the uncontrolled expression of emotions is not well seen, since at the same time they fulfill a communicative role. However, contrary to what may seem, this emotional catharsis is not harmful but is that it is very beneficial for our mental health, as it allows us to release feelings through our emotional expressions. However, this term has not only been used by psychoanalysis and is used to define the therapeutic effect of emotion expression, as well as psychological therapies that use the emotional release in times of blockage. Hypnosis, which many understand as a magical technique in which the therapist manages to control the patient’s mind when looking at a pendulum,  is not really such an extravagant technique as this description shows. Bushman, B. J. Have you read Martin Seligman Ted Talk & Martin Seligman: Biography and Major Theories. How to Stop Biting Your Nails in 10 Steps, 10 Keys How to Convince Someone of Anything, List of Sleep Disorders Treatment and Symptoms.

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