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The heal is small, but is persistent, and helps Io create more space for herself where her team isn't. She can heal any teammate with her Moonlight, and with the Life Link talent, she can also provide AOE heals with the Guardian Spirit ability. Reduce the Damage you take from Direct attacks by 7%. This skin lacking Io's headpiece could be a reference to her now appearing slightly wilder. A practice to have with Io is learning to use the leap backwards, so you can use this ability for forward momentum as well. This is a list with all cards available to Io: All of the following cards are in Io's pre-built loadouts: These are the Cosmetic Items currently available for Io:,,, Paladins Release Version 3.3.3657.3 (April 29th, 2020), Paladins Release Version 3.1.3487.7 (January 8, 2020), Paladins Release Version 2.11.3416.8 (November 6, 2019), Paladins Release Version 2.10.3351.2 (September 11, 2019), Paladins Release Version 2.8.3275.5 (July 17, 2019), A celestial bow that fires godly energy, dealing 400 damage every 0.6s. (, One of these skins' jokes are a reference to a popular phrase amongst the "weeb" culture; "Your waifu is trash!" It's essential to run a choice of cards that grant more Moonlight, this or that way, tailored to fit your playstyle. -To aim Begone!, don't aim at the character - aim towards the skies / slightly up from the edge you want them off from, and Luna will pick them up on her way. In most 1v1 scenarios, Zhin wins, even if Io player tries to dance around Luna and pump her bow. For when your team went triple support and both of the other guys went for healing talents. -Switching places for Luna immediately creates her collision at cast point, even before she arrives. Luna is best used to capture enemy target points or break flanks. You can place Luna on a suspicious flank as a warning to whoever might be coming. Fixed an issue where the wing visual effects from Furia’s ultimate display on Io’s back instead of her front. Additionally, because Luna is able to contest objectives, this can be very useful for all five members of a team to push forward. Luna is immensely important as Io. Gain a 500-Health Shield for 3s after activating Lunar Leap. They kept vigil for the shattered goddess, praying that one day she would return to guide them.

You can get new cards by making them with essence. At the urging of her celestial contemporary, Jenos, Io revealed her … The newest Paladins update features a Battle Pass powered by the energy of the cosmos itself!

Luna is a nice companion that, while very often used as "What you leave on point so your team can push and zone enemies back", it can double as huge turret or meat shield when needed. 1 Point Maps (Hell no) : Timber Mills (has only one clear off-map shot next to spawn, very little to no hiding spots), Bazaar (no environmental hazards, very awkward height difference with an absurd amount of pillars, ledges and walls to block your heal sightlines), Shattered Desert (incredibly clear and long sightlines, very open space, and, very limited ultimate plays options). If you target an ally and press the left mouse button, heal them for 0.15 HP every 0.15 seconds. Io has low air control during Lunar Leap. You can also use the position to attack the opposing tank with your arc in between. However, if you want to master the game, you have to deal with the cards. Or that one when you've almost got a triple kill but your jump got stopped on an environmental rock, size of Barik? Summon Luna to your side to unleash your wrath against enemies hit by your bow, dealing twice 180 damage and a third time 350 damage. It covers every aspect of her gameplay and kit, and aims to teach both new and veteran players some niche tips. Fixed a text error with Io’s Guardian Spirit ability description.

Lower your gravity and increase your air control by 10% while firing your Light Bow. vicky135246. Thanks to the arc and various card combinations with this skill, you can easily break through weak flanks to push.

This also procs per healing TICK, not per second channeled. Situational use of the ult, but it has it's uses. Allies being Healed by Moonlight take 15% reduced damage. Ios health should not be neglected.

Paladins Io can have the arc is activated with the left mouse button and deals 400 damage every 0.6 seconds. Regenerate 6% Moonlight every 1s while within 30 units of Luna. Really helps with keeping her alive, if she’s low, deploy her behind somewhere where enemies can’t see, heal her, and deploy her back into the fight. She is a well-rounded support, bringing a little bit of everything to the table. Broken, is for, obviously more range on Luna’s deploy, since it’s awful at base.

Quickly leap backwards and upwards through the air.

Therefore, Io's positioning should be as central while as safe as possible. Fixed an issue where Moonlight would sometimes not target a teammate when Io’s cursor passed over them. You can also finish it before round 1 ends.

Fixed an issue where Io could no longer heal allies through Inara’s Impasse. It is certainly possible to learn Paladins Io and the mechanics needed and to become a good player. You should build a deck for every conceivable situation, which you select before the respective matches. Then, Sky walker because it helps with the movement ability. Reduce the Damage you take from Area of Effect attacks by 21%. Paladins Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. You can almost instantly react to allies needing help around you and quickly swap in between them, effectively being in two or three fights at once. For when you don't want the speed card - better Moonwalk and a more reliable reset on your escape. Fixed an issue where Luna could get stuck inside the Payload. -You can utilize tapping Goddess' damage reduction on full hp targets to block a large chunk of damage against snipers. She can heal any player she wants to full health with moonlight, and summon her lunar guardian to heal her and her allies in the fight (with her Life Link talent). im-tonydark-bitch. Io has been around for a while, and has already captured hearts of many. Oh well, time to give Sacrifice a try.

Fixed an issue with Io bot where it would not summon Luna or heal for a significant length of time without stopping with Moonlight. This is similar to Barik with his deployable and Inara with warder's field. Reduce the Cooldown of Luna's redeploy by 0.30000000000000004s after healing with Moonlight. Increase allies' Movement Speed by 24% while they are being Healed by Moonlight. Sacrifice : If you die while Luna is active, she is sacrificed, you take her place and heal.

The moon goddess is best used in the support role. Doesn´t end until a wall or the world border is reached. If an area is over run with enemies or enemies gang up on her Paladins Io can push them out of the way with her ultimate (Begone). Crescent Lunar Leap. Generate 8% Moonlight for each enemy hit with Light Bow. Last but not least, there's a lot of obstacles all around the map which you can use to safely peek with heals and shots. Add our Discord bot to your communities' server to get the power of PaladinsGuru right in Discord.

Wrecker is very often overlooked with Io - but with Io's very fast attack speed, you can quickly eat shields to land a stun with Luna if necessary. It was the mysterious force known as darkness that shattered the moon and caused moon shards to rain down on the earth. Reset the Cooldown of Lunar Leap after dropping to or below 45% Health. Project an ethereal manifestation of Luna and carry away enemies in its path, removing them from your Realm and dealing 800 damage to them if they collide with a wall. (, The Eight Oceans skin's color scheme may be a reference to, These skins' are based on Magical Girl anime, particularly, These skins' personality is a reference to a stereotypical anime protagonist, as a result, also making many references to the, The joke "The enemy captured the objective during my transformation sequence last game!

Reset the Cooldown of Lunar Leap after dropping to or below 30% Health.

Try different builds and see how they affect your champion. Regenerate 3% Moonlight every 1s while not using Moonlight. Needs to be aimed to activate. Regenerate 8% Moonlight every 1s while within 30 units of Luna. The Elder Scrolls 5 – Skyrim : Blast From The Past, Euro Truck Simulator 2: Everything you need to know about right now. With F you catapult yourself several units backwards with one jump.

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