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boeing 737 max crash

"It's highly suspicious," said Mary Schiavo, a CNN aviation analyst and the former Inspector General of the U.S. Transportation Department. On Monday, China's Civil Aviation Administration said in a statement that it would be. All 157 people on board the Ethiopian Airlines flight from Addis Ababa that, The tragedy follows the Lion Air flight that. "It's an outstanding aeroplane," Jeffrey Thomas, editor-in-chief of Airline Ratings, told CNN. What is known, however, is that both flights took place on the Boeing 737 MAX 8 -- a new model recently unveiled to great fanfare by the US aviation giant, that saw its first flight less than two years ago. She previously wrote an M&A column for Bloomberg News. "We will not get a final determination for two or three years, but we will get information from the flight recorders -- which I'm guessing will be fairly easy to retrieve -- in a matter of weeks," said CNN anchor Richard Quest, who specializes in aviation. "But I'm guaranteeing to you that the authorities will be examining just how close a coincidence, and whether there are common circumstances between the two," he said. "Out of an abundance of caution, we decided to temporarily suspend MAX flights. Demand for those planes is likely to recover faster than that for the hulking twin-aisle models used for long-range journeys. It added that a "Boeing technical team is prepared to provide technical assistance at the request and under the direction of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board.

The MAX versions of the 737s are touted for their LEAP jet engines which Boeing says "redefine the future of efficient and environmentally friendly air travel." "The 737 is the most widely used aeroplane in the world -- there's over 7,000 of them flying at the moment... it's the workhorse of the world.". There is no suggestion yet as to what caused the latest disaster, and no evidence that the two incidents are linked in causality. With the second one, I don't think everybody's going to forget. But Southwest doesn’t see the jet flying as part of its fleet until the second quarter of next year. That rings alarm bells in the aviation industry, because that just doesn't happen.".

"At the moment, it seems a coincidence" that both disasters occurred on the same aircraft, Quest said. Airlines with MAX 8 aircraft in their fleet -- and those with outstanding MAX 8 orders -- are likely to be watching developments closely in the coming days and weeks. When it comes to Boeing Co.’s 737 Max, things can always get worse.

There are now 3,357 Max jets on order before accounting for any potential future cuts on the part of Southwest and other carriers. Even if Boeing wanted to start over, it’s stuck with the Max. "Ethiopian is a very, very well-run airline. And while the Ethiopian Airlines did not see the wild fluctuations in altitude that the Lion Air flight saw, it did dip and then regain altitude before it crashed. Both were operated by well-known airlines with strong safety records -- but the Lion Air flight went down 13 minutes after take off, while Sunday's Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed just six minutes into its journey. A Boeing 737 MAX 8 airliner lifts off for its first flight on January 29, 2016 in Renton, Washington. It’s not just Boeing: Rival Airbus SE is also facing order revisions in the wake of the pandemic and a slower-than-expected recovery in air travel. To contact the author of this story:Brooke Sutherland at, To contact the editor responsible for this story:Beth Williams at American said it had delayed some deliveries from the European planemaker, and Delta Air Lines Inc. said last week that it had pushed out the handoff of $5 billion worth of Airbus jets until after 2022. Brooke Sutherland is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering deals and industrial companies. Boeing has argued that pilots should have identified the system was in operation, and turned it off. “In this world that we’re living in, we’re talking to them about everything. Jewell also stressed that no problems related to the part were seen in the more than 2,000 hours of test flights for the 737 Max. Boeing's 737 Max Gets Double Dose of Bad News Even as the jet prepares to fly again, there will be few takers. The step is consistent with our priority focus on safety for all who use and fly our products," the plane maker said in a 2017 statement. “We’re looking at the pricing in a whole new environment and obviously we need certainty around the Max, period.”. In 2017, Boeing temporarily grounded all 737 MAX planes over concerns about a manufacturing quality issue inside its new engines. "The similarities with Lion Air are too great not to be concerned," Schiavo said. The U.S. and Europe Still Don’t See Eye to Eye on Big Tech, Covid-19’s Second Wave Is Battering Hospitals, Germany Is Ready to Offer America a New Deal, Trump Was Great for Mexicans, Terrible for Coal. ", Everything we know about the Ethiopian plane crash, Protesters disrupt mass to object to abortion ban, Victoria Premier announces relaxation of restrictions in Melbourne, France recalls ambassador to Turkey over Erdogan's comments, Chinese leaders meet to chart economic course, Witnesses say Nigerian forces opened fire on protesters, Severe floods leave more than 100 dead in Vietnam, India sees increase in child trafficking amid pandemic, Image-based abuse has soared during the pandemic, Bizarre Egyptian police cadet graduation goes viral, Mexico's femicide rates have increased as government denies problem, Nigerian governor urges calm as witnesses say soldiers fired on protesters, Former Trump associate says this is Trump's greatest con, Tougher Covid-19 restrictions are once again the norm in Europe, This area was already in isolation. It is too early for conclusions to be drawn as to whether the same issue occurred on the Ethiopian Airlines flight -- but a clue could come sooner rather than later. over how parts of the 737 Max was designed and certified.

"They put out the emergency warning about training, and the industry went on. An amazing safety records," he added, referring to the 737 aircraft in general. The logic of this has only become stronger with the pandemic, but Boeing’s balance sheet has also gotten much more stressed. "All pilots should have been trained on that function after Lion Air," Schiavo added.

Final assembly takes place on the Boeing 737 MAX 8 in Seattle in 2015. No survivors in Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 crash near Addis Ababa What is known, however, is that both flights took place on the Boeing 737 MAX 8 -- … Adding to concerns are some similarities between the two flights. Selling his Nevada casinos would mean doubling down on an uncertain future in Asia. "It has an extraordinary record over the decades.

There is no safety issue on Ethiopian Airlines.". The biggest cost of the U.S.-China trade war is the lack of cooperation against Covid-19. Both the schedule of new deliveries and the pricing of Southwest’s order are on the table, CEO Gary Kelly said in an interview with Bloomberg Television. Key customers American Airlines and Southwest are the latest to signal a rejiggering of orders. ", The MAX 8 could be grounded if a link is found -- either by the company itself, or by governments, though the former is more likely to come first, Schiavo says. (CNN)For the second time in less than six months, a brand-new Boeing aircraft has crashed just minutes into a flight. But the Max’s prolonged grounding has made the plane particularly vulnerable.

The pilots subsequently engaged in a futile tug-of-war with the plane's automatic systems, trying to reverse a nosedive that should not be triggered so soon after takeoff.

Boeing says the 737 MAX jets are 10% to 12% more efficient that their predecessors. "This is one of the things that should never be happening after takeoff," Schiavo said. "Two brand new planes have crashed from two respected airlines," Quest added.

Have a confidential tip for our reporters? Together, they mark the latest versions of a jet that was first introduced in 1967. Even as the jet prepares to fly again, there will be few takers.

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