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He really matured in this role and - I think - carried the entire drama. She stares at him.

Joon-jae and Chung make the scenic drive out along the coast, smiling happily at each other, and he narrates, “At last, our dream came true. Joon Jae was a personable character. But all this happened because of her love for HJJ so isn't that more important?

Lol, Stupid comment posted too soon (fat fingers on mobile).

Wouldn’t there have been any photos from her birthday too? @louise, mee too! but why did she end up leaving and why was her heart in bad condition..? I mean no one wants to be forgotten but if you have that ability and love someone more than your life, the decision changes.

He notices the jade bracelet. At the house, we learn that Tae O is paid by companies to try and hack their computer systems. Though overall I really enjoyed the show and this last episode, I wish that memory-wipe part hadn't happened.

Welcome Claudia! i felt the same way. “That’s important,” the prosecutor informs him, “but there’s something that’s more important. He jokes that what’s in his heart can’t be erased. Sim Chung asks a girl which sea she is from. The Legend of the Blue Sea, while enjoying great ratings during its run, is not a perfect K-drama in any way. Due to the nature of the Episode 20 teaser, numerous viewers were speculating that the K-drama would be ending on a tragic or, at least, a melancholic note. He thanks her for returning to him. }); Sim Chung erased memories often in this series. Seul-gi asks if Chung ever met a man who returned her feelings, and Chung affirms that she did, and that his love kept her heart beating. But the ending was wistfully good, it made me realize I was invested in this relationship after all. it was actually painful to watch people like HJJ's mom and Jo Nam Doo not know who SC was. As a viewer you’d like to believe that if you sense respect between two actors it’s real. Didn't notice from the screen shots.

cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access Probably Sic duplicate might have liked your name. JJ not being able to hear Chung when she returned surprised me.

The Legend Of The Blue Sea – Dream Come True, Follow Pull back this veil on ( Log Out /  hahahI mean, YES I was salty at first because Sic is the usual handle I use, well less salty than confused to be honest hahahaha but I don't mind, truly.
Dear LOTBS, window.fbAsyncInit = function() { LOL. Believe it or not I think LMH might have redeemed any issues with this drama with the 2-second use of his tongue. In spite of the above, I still think the show was a worthwhile watch because it was mostly entertaining. Just love this drama! And when she returned, I saw comments asking well why come back if you erased his memories...for the same reason we sneak a peak at Kdramas/dramabeans at work or wherever else that would seem unreasonable...LOVE. Tapi jadinya bagus juga, lebih mudah rasanya untuk menerima sajian akhir The Legend of Blue Sea dengan penuh kerelaan. His narration continues: “We live, crying and laughing and being happy and sad over insignificant things, calmly watching every day, every hour, every minute and every second passing by. Chung tells Shi-ah to delete them, and Shi-ah retorts that she already did, ha. What a feel good episode and great emotional payoff. It might not be flawless, but it nevertheless stands as one of the finest and most satisfying K-dramas in recent years. Same... it would've been bloody adorable. - Dalam episode terakhir The Legend of The Blue Sea, Lee Min Ho dan Jun Ji Hyun membuat pemirsa penasaran bagaimana ending dari dua bintang utama tersebut. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Did they read viewers comment and granted our wish? Sim Chung wonders if her return is pointless. Tbf, I should probably just the full title of my tag, that is, Sicarius, to avoid confusion from here on out. Ha, was he always a klepto, or is that just a side effect of going straight?

Now I'm gonna think of them as the Lost Boys. Si A arrives and calls to Joon Jae’s mother. Lee Min Ho looks good with tears! Legend of the Blue Sea: a different kind of ending; episode 19 recap I n a sudden turn of events, the triumphant moment when Jeon Jae and his team successfully apprehended his step mother. BUT. This drama is generally breezy and feel-good, with many giggly fairytale moments.

Tags: Episode 20, featured, Jeon Ji-hyun, Lee Min-ho, Legend of the Blue Sea, Your email address will not be published. Sim Chung repeats her question to Si A who is startled Sim Chung knows her name when she didn’t supply it. or if modern day Yoo Na had actual mermaid heritage she was no aware of. There was a bit of an Aha! Ultimately, he leaves the choice with her, and after she decides, she kisses him.

She wants to study. At the end, it felt as if the world was only for Jun Jae and Chung. And yes, again, I really loved the supporting characters, I thought that did a splendiferous roll of their parts, if only some of them had had a LEETLE more screen time and usage... (e.g. LOL. Not too cheesy but talented with comedic timing! Actors were on-point. Chung asks why he did all that when there was no guarantee of her return. Jeon Ji Hyun was her stellar self, and Lee Min Ho shined as a fool in love. She says that she and Mom must have been sisters in a past life, which is hilarious since we know she was her servant.

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