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bebe lyrics in english and spanish

Enjoyed everywhere, Haciendo el amor, a la misma vez tú te toca' (Te toca'), Making love, at the same time you touch yourself (touch yourself), Bebé, no te pasa nada, vuélvete loca (Lo-loca-loca), Baby, it's okay, you go crazy (crazy - crazy), Y tu novio te trata mal, él no te controla (No, no, no, no), And your boyfriend treats you bad, he doesn't control you (no, no, no, no), Ella se pone pornográfica en la intimidad (Baby), She gets pornographic when intimate (baby), Y su marido no la valora y la deja sola (La deja sola), And her husband does not value her and he leaves her alone (leaves her alone), Y yo siempre lo estoy esperando con mi pistola, And I'm always waiting for him with my gun, Tu hombre te ama pero tú le ere' infiel (Bebé), Your man loves you but you are unfaithful (baby), Porque tú ere' una diabla dentro de una mujer (Oh-oh, oh-oh), Because you are a devil within a woman (oh-oh, oh-oh), Y cuando se esconde el sol tú quiere' beber, And when the sun hides, you feel like drinking, Tu hombre te ama pero tú le ere' infiel (¿Por qué-é-é? LT → Spanish → Bebe → Ella → English. Inside: Popular bilingual Spanish nursery rhymes on YouTube, with lyrics. Ella (English translation) Artist: Bebe (María Nieves Rebolledo Vila) Song: Ella 5 translations; Translations: Croatian, English, French, Greek, Italian English translation English. my strong opinion: It's all ... Голубой это цвет неба, желтый - пшеничное поле. Today you're gonna be happy even though the winter is cold and long, and long. I was so glad to finally have my baby in my arms, and my mother-instincts kicked in: I wanted to sing to him. Translate millions of words and phrases for free on SpanishDict, the world's largest Spanish-English dictionary and translation website. In this list you can see all Bebe lyrics in English and other languages. Anuel AA, Writer(s): Emmanuel Gazmey, Ronald Spence Jr., Daniel Hernandez, You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial, Made with love & passion in Italy. Deutsche Übersetzung des Songtexts für BEBE by 6ix9ine feat. Some things like "going to" are written "gonna" because it sounds more natural. Nope. Today you're gonna be the woman that you wanted to be. ), Porque tú eres una diabla dentro de una mujer, Because you're a he of a woman in a woman, Ella se pone pornográfica, no es tímida (Mírame, mami), She gets por, she's not shy (look at me, mommy), Y su hombre no la valora, la deja sola (La deja sola, sola), And her man does not value her, leaves her alone (leaves her alone, alone), Y siempre lo estoy esperando con mi pistola (Ra-pa-pa-pa), And I'm always waiting for him with my gun (ra-pa-pa-pa). She (Ella) She's tired of throwing in the towel. Yeah, woo, woo, woo. ), Porque tú ere' una diabla dentro de una mujer (Mujer), Because you're a Devils inside a woman (Mujer), Y cuando se esconde el sol, tú quieres beber, And when the sun goes down, you want to drink, Baby, do' tiro', lo voa' matar (Pa' afuera), You are my little devil and I'm your demon, And I'll break you to secretly, Illuminati, Y ella se baja conmigo en la disco en el Ferrari, And she gets off with me on the disc at Ferrari, Y chingamos y siempre nos venimos a la vez, I make love to you and get entangled in your skin, And my bug in your little tot I tattooed you, Y rebota esas nalgas bailándome Reggaetón, And bounce those cheeks dancing me in reggaeton, Tu hombre te ama pero tú le ere' infiel (Yeh-eh), Your man loves you but you are unfaithful (yeh-eh), Porque tú eres una diabla dentro de una mujer (Oh-oh, oh-oh), Tu hombre te ama pero tú le ere' infiel (¿Por qué? ), Your man loves you,why are you 'unfaithful'(why? Song Lyrics translated into english, spanish, french and other languages. that no one can hurt you, no one can hurt you. Bebe lyrics. Today the perfect woman they were waiting for has been born. Translation of 'Say My Name' by David Guetta from English, Spanish to English ... J Balvin & Bebe Rexha] Yeah, yeah.

For the "beat your legs" ..., Opening / Ending Themes of Mexican Telenovelas Vol. Thanks for the help! ), Your man loves you, why are you unfaithful (why-y-y? I don't do this very often, so this is my quick and rough interpretation. You're too hot to handle. It should be "Hoy no has sido la mujer perfecta que esperaban". Today you'll discover that the world is all yours. Anuel AA. Today you're gonna conquer the heavens without looking how high up you are. Let me hear you . She hasn't slept tonight. I rocked my roly-poly half-Peruvian son, back and forth.

"Hoy ha nacio la mujer perfecta que esperaban" is incorrect.
Translate Bebe. English translation of lyrics for BEBE by 6ix9ine feat. today she's a woman that's realized her soul. today you're gonna love yourself like no one has known how. Today she's wearing heels to make her steps heard.

Song meanings, Translation of lyrics. she's taking down spider webs bit by bit. “Y cuando se esconde el sol tú quiere' beber— 6ix9ine feat. By default you will always see the translated song in English or Spanish, but there you can select another language if you want. Today you'll look ahead at what's behind you that hurt you so. For my only babe [Verse 3: J Balvin with Bebe Rexha] (J Balvin, men, leggo, come on, wuh) Listen as I say your name (Rra) From Medellin to London. The thing is, we’d decided to raise our kids in Spanish. today she likes her smile, she doesn't feel a stranger. The corresponding English translation should be "Today you haven't been the perfect woman they were waiting for". Anuel AA. Let me hear you. today she dreams what she wants, without a worry. One of the most popular Christmas carols written in Spanish is Los peces en el río, although it is little known outside of Spain and Latin America.It draws a contrast between between the fishes in the river, who are excited about the birth of the baby Jesus, and the Virgin Mary, who goes about doing the chores of daily life. I remember this clearly: we’d just brought our first baby home, after a marathon birth.

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