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all that season 11

Performance by: PUBLIC, Nathan cancels Valentine's Day candy, T@$#!eigh and Tevin meet at the movies, a contestant on a baking show has to defend his "cake", and an important date gets interrupted by extreme weather at the Weather Café.

To make things worse when he addresses her, she accidentally spills her soup on Nathan's BLT sandwich which his mother made him.

In the fall of 2018, it was announced by the show's co-creator Brian Robbins that he had became the President of Nickelodeon. Now in charge of the channel's programming unit, he expressed interest in doing a revival for the show. Good Burger - Ed (Kel Mitchell) helps a new trainee (Ryan), learn how to deal with a customer losing their phone. Performance by: HRVY, Frankie Grande stops by Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, T@$Hle!gh goes to the school pep rally, All That presents a new way to cool lasagna with the Lasagna Cooler, and Aria finds a new "thing". Performance by Ciara. A bear (depicted as a man in a bear suit) helps Aria and Chinguun introduce blackbear, who performs "Me and Your Ghost". Positive Poppi #3 - Poppi (now with more injuries) tells the audience that they miss 100% of the shots they don't take before she throws a basketball and ends up getting hit in the head with it.

Cancelled with Nathan - Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Nathan announces that he's cancelling this hardware, as wearing a pair ended up making him miss out on tickets to an Ariana Grande concert.

Jonas Brothers perform. Performance by Asher Angel, All That parodies the Song of the Year with "Bad Guys", the Fart Fixer advertises a new way to relieve embarrassment, Bed Bath and Beyoncé returns, and some familiar faces appear to be saved from their island. The first season of the American sketch comedy-variety show All That ran on April 16, 1994, as a special preview, but officially ran from December 24, 1994, to April 1, 1995.

Created by Brian Robbins, Michael Tollin. [5] Now in charge of the company's programming unit, he expressed interest in a revival of the show. "Cancelled With Nathan": Nathan mentions his pet peeve about soup where a friend of his brought it for her lunch and was slurping it.

Gabrielle and Aria introduce Why Don't We, who performs "Tell Me".

Green Room: Nathan traps Reece, Chinguun, and Gabrielle in his "Escape Room of Doom". A science project contest featuring a student (Lex) who claims to have time traveled, leaving his fellow students (Kate and Chinguun) and his teacher (Josh) skeptical. The rebooted series premiered on June 15, 2019.

A commercial for a dating app for monsters only. Brie (Kate) gives beauty tips after going to the dentist. "Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee": Alisha makes coffees for Tyga and his entourage while frustrating the roadie (Nathan) who was sent to pick up the drinks.

"Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee": Alisha (Gabrielle) serves up a ", Green Room: Aria takes up art and shows off her talents to Ryan and Lex, The Bros (Kate and Gabrielle) and Chiguun introduce Monsta X, who performs "Middle of the Night". Official YouTube channel, All New All That Theme Song!

Jamie Lynn Spears returns with the cast of Zoey 101, Alex hits 'em with a new Spanish lesson, auditions for a new school mascot are held, Penny chooses a character for her new game, and Kate attempts the world's most difficult trick shot. [10][11], On November 21, 2019, it was revealed that Jamie Lynn Spears and the cast of Zoey 101 would be reuniting in a Thelma Stump sketch, in an episode aired on July 11, 2020, which also doubled as All That's 200th episode. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee - Customers have trouble dealing with a hyper barista (Gabrielle) at a coffee shop.

Due to the duration of this episode, it leaked into, "It's the truth!! On February 19, 2020, it was announced that Nickelodeon had ordered an additional 10 episodes for the season, bringing the total to 36 episodes.

‘All That’ Reboot Gets 13 More Episodes From Nickelodeon,

[3] Like the first 10 seasons, this season is shot before a live audience.[4]. [9], On October 16, 2019, it was announced that Nickelodeon had ordered 13 additional episodes for the season, bringing the total to 26 episodes. Coach Kreeton stops by Beyonce's session to play the trumpet, Nathan cancels bounce houses, the Toilet Genie arrives to grant wishes, Ariana reads bed time stories, Detective Ann, Dan, and Stan investigate at a restaurant.

Marie Kiddo (Kate) destroys Chad (Ryan) and Randy's (Lex) boy-only Treehouse, "We Need a Dog" Music Video: A music video where two siblings (Lex and Gabrielle) explain to their parents (, Girl Scouts are out to collect badges, with, "Pranklers" returns to prank Dullmont Junior High students in a locker room, "Cancelled With Nathan": Nathan has a pet peeve about reboots and revivals, only have it "uncancelled" when Lex reminded him that.

Season 11 is the eleventh season of the sketch-comedy series All That on Nickelodeon. United States "So You Can Think You Can Dance While Performing Surgery": Cat Litter (Gabrielle) and her judges (Nathan, Lex, and Kate) have the final say on a contestant's (Reece) performance and surgery on a patient (Chinguun).

The 11th season of All That stars new cast members: Genevieve Hannelius, Denyse Tontz, Bailee Madison, Blake Michael, Ava Acres, Zachary Gordon, Robert Capron, Amber Montana, Teala Dunn and Liam Hemsworth. Detective Dan (Josh), Detective Ann (Kate), along with "Detective Stan" (their pet dog), try to solve a couple's "missing" dinner, which was being placed in a to go bag by the waitress (Reece) for the couple (Chinguun and Gabrielle).

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