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all my exes live in texas like i'm george strait

Well, I thought I'd seen Beauty in Faraway Places,'Till I looked upon those Dallas faces.Spent Hollywood nights up in Beverly Hills,But they weren't nothin' like one night down in BROWNSVILLE. The lights In the harborDon't shine for meI'm like a lost ship adrift on the seaSea of heartbreakLost love and lonelinessMemories of your caressSo divine I wish you were mineAgain my dearI am on this sea of tearsSea of heartbreak, How did I lose youOh where did I failWhy did you leave meAlways to sail, Oh what I'd give to sail back to shoreBack to your arms once more, Come to my rescueCome here to meTake me and keep meAway from the sea, Say if you're South of Oklahoma, east of New Mexico,West of Louisiana, where Papa Charles always goWe gotta a little place called TexasWhere the women grow on treesThere right there for the pickin' good buddyJust as easy as a man could please, [Chorus]Run take a holdYou're gonna get young 'fore ya get oldThose Texas ladies are Texas goldKisses that are sweeter than cactusTake no practice to love yeah, Now there east of Amarillo, a little south of old Dime BoxYou can find a CinderellaOr a genuine GoldilocksAnd if ya don't like no love attachments,If your taste in women gets strangeYou could probably find some things to live on,Down in old La Grange, You better run tell the worldYou gotta have a Lone Star girlWith her cast iron curlsHer aluminum dimplesCause she's so simple to love, Now she's probably in Dallas, maybe down in old CowtownI've heard em tell Texas womenBeat the others lyin' downI just thought I might tell youIn case you were unaware'Bout those northeast Texas womenWith their cotton candy hair, You run dig a hole,You gonna get young before you get oldNow Texas women are Texas goldAh there sweeter than cactus, Easy to love, yeah, easy to loveEasy to love, You run tell the world,How you'll get Lone star girlsWith their cast iron curls,She's sweeter than cactusAnd easy to love, It's time for a changeI'm tired of that same ol sameThe same ol words the same ol linesThe same ol tricks and the same ol rhymes, Days precious daysRoll in and out like wavesI got boards to bendI got planks to nailI got charts to makeI got seas to sail, I'm gonna build me a boatWith these two handsIt'll be a fair curveFrom a noble plan, Let the chips fall where they will'Cause I've got boats to buildSails are just like wingsThe wind can make em singSongs of life songs of hopeSongs to keep your dreams afloat, Let the chips fall where they willCause I've got boats to buildShores distant shores, There's where I'm headed forGot the stars to guide my waySail into the light of dayI'm gonna build me a boat, With these two handsIt'll be a fair curveFrom a noble planLet the chips fall where they willCause I've got boats to build, Nibblin' on sponge cakeWatchin' the sun bakeAll of those tourists covered in oilStrummin' my six-stringOn my front porch swingSmell those shrimp hey they're beginnin' to boil, Wasted away again in MargaritavilleSearching for my lost shaker of saltSome people claim that there's a woman to blameBut I know it's nobody's fault, I don't know the reasonI stayed here all seasonNothin' to show but this brand new tattooBut it's a real beautyA Mexican cutieHow it got here I haven't a clue, Wasted away again in MargaritavilleSearchin' for my lost shaker of saltSome people claim that there's a woman to blameNow I thinkMust be Buffet's fault, I blew out my flip-flopStepped on a pop-topBroke my leg twice I had to limp on back homeBut there's booze in the blenderAnd soon it will renderThat frozen concoction that helps me hang onHang on, Wasted away again in MargaritavilleSearching for my lost shaker of saltSome people claim that there's a woman to blameBut I know this is all Alan's faultYes and some people claim that there's a woman to blameAnd I know it's our own damn fault.

Before he started singing “The Cowboy Rides Away,” Strait admitted, “I almost hate to sing this number right here.”, Thanking the fans for more than three decades of support, he added a hint that we haven’t seen the last of this cowboy: “As Arnold Schwarzenegger says, ‘I’ll be back.’ ”.

), Strolling toward the circular, rotating stage to the intro to “Here For a Good Time,” the singer known as King George reacted to the screaming masses by pumping his fist and beaming. THIS IS MY STORY AND THANK YOU FOR READING. The format of the song is that of a list song. His certifications from the RIAA include 13 multi-platinum, 33 platinum, and 38 gold albums. One time, I was driving down Sam Houston Parkway.

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