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aerospace law

Visit the Coronavirus update website for more information. Mendes de Leon, An Introduction to Air Law (Kluwer, 10th ed., 2017), T. Masson-Zwaan & M. Hofmann, Introduction to Space Law (Kluwer 4th ed., 2019). Noting that education is the spice of life, he expressed hope that the contest will allow students to dig deeper into a fascinating issues of aviation finance and leasing, which needs professionals able to approach this ever-evolving field of law with creativity and innovative ideas. Despite having to postpone a scheduled rule-drafting and consensus-forming workshop in the US State of Mississippi at the end of April, the distinguished members of the MILAMOS Group of Experts have renewed their commitments to ensuring the completion of the McGill Manual in 2020. Nitin has inherited his father’s commitment to social responsibility including a strong belief, shared with his father, that lawyers should be committed to the training of law students. There is therefore hope that the international community and a different President in the White House may eventually prefer multilateral efforts in the governance of exploitation of space resources, which by any stretch of imagination will not become commercially feasible at least for the next 20 years. Publications of the Centre, including the Annals of Air and Space, the Monograph Series, are available for purchase through HeinOnline. The McGill Institute of Air and Space Law is delighted to announce plans for an objectively curated online resource on international space law.

. Mr. Gabriel Swiney, Attorney Adviser at the United States Department of State, discussed the origins of the Artemis Accords and how they relate to and will articulate the Outer Space Treaty. class as an Erin J.C. Arsenault Fellow in Space Governance. The Vanier Scholarship is named after the first francophone Governor General of Canada, Major-General Georges P. Vanier, and selectively awarded to highly qualified doctoral students. Since the announcement of the Artemis Accords by NASA in May this year, there has been much discussion about what principles would guide the United States and partner nations in the return to the Moon. Under the banner of “Space Security through the Rule of Law and Sustainable Space Development”, the sponsorship was secured with the objective of enhancing capacity-building in space law, as well as generating and disseminating knowledge related to space law and governance. Among the several user-friendly features is an interactive map of the world, which allows users to click on a country to quickly access information on restrictions on air travel and quarantine measures in effect. The McGill Encyclopedia will enjoy endorsement of and contributions from highly publicised practitioners and experts in the international law community. The Bunker tradition is now carried on by his student, McGill Adjunct Professor Dr. Donal Hanley, who holds the world’s first doctorate in aviation finance law. “The signing of this [Executive Order] is a culmination of the current US administration’s space policy on space resources”, Professor Jakhu said.

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